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TO: Team International Week Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

FROM : zge Levent & Lisa Braat

DATE : 31 January 2015
SUBJECT: Student ambassadors International Week

Internationalization is becoming a more and more important aspect in daily life

and thus in education. Through the internet borders have disappeared and as a
result we are living in a global village.
During the international week, the students will learn what possibilities there are
for studying abroad. Guests have been invited from different countries to share
their experiences with the students in form of a presentation. Lectures will be
held by international teachers who have a partnership with the Rotterdam
University of Applied Sciences. This will be a great opportunity for the students to
expand their knowledge on professional international communication.
As a part of the upcoming International Week, a group of HR students have been
selected to serve as student ambassadors to receive guests and give them a
short orientation around HR facilities as well as a few tourist highlights in the
immediate vicinity of Wijnhaven.
All the students ambassadors are looking forward to the International Week. The
students want to come across as capable and professional communication
students. But a few students have indicated that they have problems with the
English language. For some of the ambassadors this may be the first time they
have had to interact in a professional capacity with people from outside of the
Netherlands. The students not only have problems with the English language but
also have been getting very anxious of guiding the international guests because
of this reason.
Despite of the international character of the metropolis Rotterdam, the English
skills from a few student ambassadors are on a level that does not match with
the international standards. Because of this the students are demotivated to be
ambassadors for the International Week. Also this problem can be dangerous for
the image of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences it might create a negative
image of the quality of the English courses on our schools. This problem asks for
measurements. This short report will give several solutions to this problem and
an action plan we strongly recommend.
For Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences the International Week can be a
great opportunity to promote our school and the students. We want to create a
good image and increase our international collaborations.
A survey has been held among 10 student ambassadors this was a mix of
ambassadors from this year and last year. They have been asked to give tips for
the preparation of the International Week and what could have been better
organized last year (if it were the ambassadors from last year).
Based on the survey that has been held among 10 student ambassadors a few
solutions have come up that can be an opportunity for the Rotterdam University;

A course Business English;

The students will be getting an English course. During this course the students
will learn business English. This will motivate the students to speak English on an
advanced level. For example; How can they speak with the guests? Which words
can they use the best? And what information is relevant to communicate with the
Presentations by student ambassadors of last year;
The students will be given presentations by student ambassadors of last year.
They can give tips and tops about the International Week. The students will have
a better image of the tasks they have to fulfil and what they can expect during
the International week.
A 4-day trip to England;
The students will be travelling to England to learn more about international
cultures and languages. They will be visiting English Universities and some
cultural highlights. The main language there is English so this offers a good
opportunity to practice their English speaking with their new vocabulary. This trip
will provide the students with a better vocabulary and the students will be getting
used to speaking English. This will ensure a better result of the student
ambassadors during the International week in Rotterdam.
Considering the amount of time there is left and the possible solutions the
ambassadors proposed we made an action plan that is feasible for the time that
is still left. Because the solutions have been provided by the student
ambassadors themselves the solutions are well fitted to solve the problem. The
action plan is the best solution and course of action to follow to get the students
proper abilities and experiences they need to prepare themselves for the
International Week.

1ST Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

The student ambassadors

of last year will be asked
to prepare a presentation.
The student ambassadors
of last year will present
their presentations and
give tips and tops to the
students ambassadors of
this year.
Find a professional to give
the Business English

The students will be

getting a Business
English course and will
be prepared for the trip.

The students will be

travelling to England
for a cultural city trip
and a practice for their
English speaking.
The students will be
getting the last
information about their
tasks during the
International Week and
evaluate the city trip
and what they have