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Egyptologist's drawing of a bronze cylinder seal of Shepseskare

Egyptologist's drawing of a bronze cylinder seal of Shepseskare
Shepseskare (Egyptian for "Noble is the Soul of Ra") was an Ancient Egyptian pha
raoh, the fourth or fifth ruler of the Fifth Dynasty (2494 2345 BC) during the Old
Kingdom period. He lived in the mid-25th century BC, and was probably the owner
of an unfinished pyramid platform in Abusir that was abandoned after a few week
s of work in the earliest stages of its construction. Very few artefacts are att
ributable to this most obscure ruler of the dynasty, and historians disagree on
whether he reigned for a few months or for as long as seven years, between the r
eigns of Neferirkare Kakai and Neferefre. Shepseskare's relations to his predece
ssor and successor are not known for certain. The Egyptologist Miroslav Verner,
who favours the shorter reign, has proposed that he was a son of Sahure and a br
other to Neferirkare Kakai, who briefly seized the throne following the prematur
e death of his predecessor and probable nephew, Neferefre. Shepseskare may himse
lf have died unexpectedly or he may have lost the throne to another of his nephe
ws, the future pharaoh Nyuserre Ini. (Full article...)
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Did you know...
No. 1 Elementary Flying Training School pupil in a DH.60 Moth, c. 1940
No. 1 Elementary Flying Training School pupil in a DH.60 Moth, c. 1940
... that lack of parachutes cut flying at No. 1 Elementary Flying Training Schoo
l RAAF (pupil pictured) before "permission was granted to continue training with
out them until supplies were forthcoming"?
... that American artist Katherine Schmidt made paintings with a realism that on
e critic called "mysterious" and another "magical"?
... that the silver mylossoma, an Amazon basin fish, feeds on fruit and seeds?
... after the death of Bajirao I, his first wife, Kashibai made arrangements to
train his son from another marriage in weaponry?
... that armed groups have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge since J
anuary 2, 2016?
... that the Dahomeyan post and telegraph workers leader Paul Kpoffon went on to
become a government minister and ambassador?
... that in the 1819 Rann of Kutch earthquake, the Shiva Temple, Kera, was subst
antially damaged, leaving only the main spire and inner sanctum in a good condit
... that Cicely Blair discovered that people with albinism cannot get blackheads
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Satellite image of the U.S. winter storm on January 23
U.S. winter storm on January 23
A cold wave across East Asia results in more than 100 deaths, primarily in Taiwa
Several countries in the Americas warn women to postpone pregnancy due to a susp
ected link between Zika virus and microcephaly in newborn babies.
A winter storm (satellite image pictured) causes more than 50 deaths and paralyz
es travel across the Eastern United States.
Caltech researchers discover evidence of a hypothetical Planet Nine, about ten t
imes the mass of Earth, in the outer Solar System.
Gunmen open fire at Bacha Khan University in Pakistan, killing more than twenty
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January 28
Horace Walpole

Horace Walpole
King Charles VI of France was nearly killed when several dancers' costumes
caught fire during a masquerade ball.
1754 Horace Walpole (pictured) coined the word "serendipity" in a letter he wrot
e to a friend, saying that he derived the term from the Persian fairy tale The T
hree Princes of Serendip.
1933 Choudhry Rahmat Ali published a pamphlet entitled "Now or Never" in which h
e called for the creation of a Muslim state in northwest India that he termed "P
1958 The Danish toy company Lego Group patented their design of Lego bricks.
1984 Tropical Storm Domoina made landfall in southern Mozambique, causing some o
f the most severe flooding recorded in the region.
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Small tortoiseshell
The small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae L.) is a colourful Eurasian butterfly in
the family Nymphalidae. It is the National Butterfly of Denmark.
Photograph: Jrg Hempel
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