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Fundraising Event

Meet and Greet


(Philippine Animal Welfare Society)

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. Im Louise Banta. Im a regular listener of Yes
Diaries and Yes FM. I may not be an official volunteer of PAWS (Philippine Animals Welfare
Society), I can confidently say Im one of the many advocates of the said organization.
As we all know, Yes FM DJs are close to dogs; considered as animal lovers. It was
during the program Gabi Na, Gising Na (prank calls) that I thought of this idea; this fundraising
I know this would need a lot of planning and execution but please, dont turn me down
yet. I hope you would take the chance to read through this simple proposal and let me know
what you think of it.

About the Beneficiary

Philippine Animal Welfare Society, as we all know and as stated in their website, is a
registered non-profit organization which is dedicated to the protection and the promotion of
humane treatment of all animals. It runs an animal shelter called PARC (PAWS Animal
Rehabilitation Center) located in Quezon City that currently houses 49 dogs and 227 cats
rescued from cruelty or neglect. This animal shelter serves as their temporary home until the
volunteers find them a new home/owner to stay in/with.
PAWS not only shelter these dogs. They feed and treat them especially the abused
ones. Some terribly abused dogs or cats are usually posted in their Facebook page and they
seek for donations to help these animals since their funds are limited.
This is the reason why I thought it would be great to have them as a beneficiary. All
proceeds from the event will be given to them to attend the urgent needs of those animals that
are suffering from sickness or abused wounds.
Some might raise their brows and say, Bakit yung mga hayop pa. Mas maraming taong
nagugutom Honestly, I have plans for them too. I just believe that there are already some
organizations that cater for humans; most of the big companies target people in need. Theres
only a few number of groups or company who take Animal Welfare groups as their beneficiary.
And as Ive said, I also have plans in helping them too. Well get there; one step at a time.

About the Event

The event I have in mind is a fundraising meet and greet event of the Yes FM and Love
Radio DJs wherein each one would be able to interact with their regular listeners. DJs will have
their time schedules which is the time most convenient to them.

I had different thoughts of how to raise funds for this event and initially, I thought of
earning it through entrance fees and merchandise. However, it is something I still have to
consult with the radio station management whether the team who will be behind this event
would have the authority to come up with a few merchandise to sell and the proceeds will be
given to the beneficiary.
I believe, this way, DJs and the radio station itself would be closer to their target
markets and avid listeners which will somehow establish good relationships. Not only that, it
could serve as a corporate social responsibility of the radio stations which will increase the
already good image of the company.

Event Proposal
Beneficiary: Philippine Animal Welfare Society
1) Raise funds to help the beneficiary feed and treat the animals in need.
2) Raise awareness about PAWS advocacies.
3) Give chance to the avid listeners to meet and connect with their favourite DJs

Fundraisers: Yes FM and Love Radio DJs or at least Chico Loco and Papa Jack for they are
really influential to both teenagers and young adults who are more likely to save some time to
meet them.
Location, Date and Time: Still to be discussed and agreed depending on the schedules and
accessible location for the attendees.
Fundraising plan: Ive thought of these ways on how to raise funds to be given to the
1) Event:
a) Entrance fee + merchandise
I was thinking of an entrance fee ranging from 50-100 pesos.
Merchandise will be sold separately.
b) Entrance fee inclusive of a merchandise as souvenir
Same as above but this time, entrance fee comes with a merchandise.
This is a way to attract. It would seem as a freebie.
c) Donation
If there would be attendees who are willing to donate a few more coins or
bills for the beneficiary, there would be a place for them there.

d) Photo booth with their favourite DJ

I was thinking, yes, fans would have a camera with them and some might
not have one good camera or phone to capture the moment. So there would
be a photo booth available for them to take photos with their chosen DJ. The
cost must first be known before deciding the price for a single copy (with 3-4
2) Merchandise:
a) During the event
Selling of the merchandise in the event would help raise funds. Im pretty
sure the fans would want to have something to keep as souvenir.
b) Online
If the management of the radio stations approves the team to create
some merchandise for this event, I plan and suggest having it sold through
online too. Im also aware that some of those who would go to the event
might not have enough money to purchase the merchandise. Some may
need a few more weeks to earn and save to buy one. This is the purpose of
offering it online.
Merchandise would have limited stocks unless the broadcasting company
would like to adopt the idea for their future CSR projects.


The most common merchandise we can offer. The designs I have in mind are the
sayings or the usual jokes/taglines the DJs use. Like for example, Tutans Hotdog, etc.
As for the sayings, we will be choosing a short quote from the DJs and would be
designed artistically for the t-shirts; or at least a design promoting the welfare of animals.
In time, if the radio station decides to adopt this idea and use it for their future
projects, they could run a contest for the next t-shirt design or simply continue selling it.

Ballers, Lanyards or Dog tags

These are the other merchandise I have in mind. These are some of those items
that are not as costly as the t-shirt.

You might be wondering now how we will pay the expenses for the venue, sound
system, and other possible expenses for this event. Well, well find sponsors.

I was thinking of asking the brands or companies being endorsed or advertised during
the programs. Like for example, Talk N Text. We will be writing them a letter asking them if they
would like to be a sponsor. They would be giving us cash to pay for, lets say, the venue. In
return, instead of having an entrance fee for the event, we would be requiring the participants to
any of the following: 1) buy a Talk N Text Sim Card 2) If they already have a sim card, register
with the unli promo being promoted 3) show the text message from Talk N Text that they have
registered 2 times with unli promo being promoted. This would all depend upon the agreement
of the fundraising team with the sponsors.

Survey and Suggestions

I would be conducting a survey as soon as you would agree with this proposal. The
purpose of the survey would be to know which of the locations would be great to hold the event;
which place would be accessible for our target publics.
Most importantly, we will have to research and study if this event would be successful.
If you have any suggestions (or even reactions) you would like to say, please feel free to
let me know. If you think this is a great idea and you would like to be apart, please do let me
know. It would help me become more motivated. But if you really think this wont work, please
be honest with me too just so I know.

Contact Details
Thank you for reaching the end of my proposal. A more proper proposal would be done
if all parties agree. You can reach me through the following details if you have any inquiries or
would like to discuss this further. Thank you again for taking the time to go through this. It
means a lot.
By the way, if youre wondering who would be in the team, I plan to talk to the different
avid listeners of the radio station once the parties involved in this would agree to this proposal.

Louise Banta
0927-283-9183 (globe) / 0930-749-1320 (talk n text)
Facebook: (dont worry, my inbox is open to public so
you can just message me there to discuss this; no need to add whatsoever)