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Zionsville, Indiana 46077


Operations Executive with Fortune 500 experience building world-class organizations. Generates dynamic profit,
revenue and efficiency gains through logistics, facilities management and safety expertise. Enhances
relationships with both union and non-union associates by collaborating across all functional areas to surpass
corporate goals. Can contribute immediately by managing turnarounds, streamlining warehouse and distribution
operations, increasing efficiencies, implementing new systems/controls and enhancing morale to reduce costs
and improve profitability.

Process Reengineering
Supply Chain
Change Management

Project Management
Cost Control
Transportation & Logistics

Uni-Select Auto Parts; Indianapolis, Indiana


Operations Manager
Full P&L responsibility for $1.5M facility to include customer service, returns and distribution
operations, strategic and tactical planning serving Midwest region.

Improved e-commerce operating efficiencies increasing sales 15%

Increased sales $300,000 over a 6 month period through quality and service
Implemented Inventory processes, reengineered shipping and receiving layout and
design, deployed new layout for e-commerce.

PLZ Aero-Science; Pacific, Missouri

Director Logistics and Transportation


Planned consolidation of three remote distribution centers. PLZ Aero-Science needed to

reduce warehousing and distribution costs. Developed strategies for consolidating remote
distribution centers in Florida, Illinois and California into centralized Missouri facility. Anticipate
savings of nearly $1M annually at project completion.

Summit Distributing; Saint Louis, Missouri

Operations Manager

04/2001 11/2012

Reorganized warehouse to cut costs and improve service. Summit Distributing warehouse
operations were disorganized and costly. Completely redesigned warehouse including layout,
workflow, racking and expansion of cold storage. Cut labor costs 10% and improved overall
efficiency and customer service levels.

Developed highly-successful incentive compensation program. Weak performance of Summit

pick-pack operations was source of excess labor costs other problems. Designed and implemented
unique compensation incentive plan to improve productivity and eliminate overtime. Improved both
team morale and customer service.

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Installed voice pick systems to reduce errors 75%. 80,000 sq. ft. Summit Distributing
warehouse had a history of excessive picking errors. Identified root cause. Sourced and evaluated
new voice pick systems to improve accuracy. Managed implementation to cut pick errors from an
average of 40 to less than 10 per day.


Bachelor of Science, Business Management
Illinois State University- Normal, Illinois