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What is Retreat & Recollection?

Why are you here? Do you have an idea why you are here and why are
we also here with you? Retreat and Recollection.

Retreat is the act of withdrawing (atras) while

Recollection is the act or power of recollecting or recalling to

Recollection comes from the combination of the prefix Re meaning
back/again and the root word Collect meaning to gather together.
Therefore, recollection is a gathering again. What do we gather? We gather
again or recall our past experiences to be pondered upon. It is a time to look
back or to reflect on ones life. So that by looking back, we may look forward.
We may get ready and continue motivated for the next stage of life.
The facilitators may use one of the following acronyms:
R ecollection
E ncounter with
T - ruthfulness
R econcile with
Self, Others, and
E xamination of
A ttentive to God
T hank God

R est
E xperience
C onversion
O pportunity
L isten
L et go
E xamination
C ommitment
T oday
I nvolvement
O penness
N orms

T - rust
O - penness
D - ialogue
A - cceptance
Y - ou
S ilence

It is a time to:
S ilence
T rust
O pen
P ray

The focus and heart of Retreat and Recollection is God. It is an

opportunity for you to encounter Him. Truthfulness is a very important
element in this R&R. We need to accept who we are and what we are. We
need to appreciate all the goodness in us even our weaknesses. Truth can set
us free. R&R is a chance to examine our life. As Socrates said an
unexamined life is a life not worth living. It is a moment to learn from the
past and hopefully avoid the same mistakes in the future.
Trust can lead us to unveil ourselves, to let go some unnecessary
things in our lives and to let God fills reign in our hearts. The success of this
experience depends on your Openness. The Lord speaks in many ways if we
are open to His leadings. R & R is a way of Dialogue. There is a time for you

to speak but there is also a time for you to listen because it is a dialogue
between you and God. Accept the Lord in your heart. Open it and explore
the life being with God. Try to listen in silence because it is in there that you
will find God for He speaks in silence.
This 3-day R & R, let go of some concerns in your life as students like
doing your assignments or projects, etc. Let go of some concerns in your
house like doing your laundry or washing dishes. Today is a time to rest and
forego with your daily routine in life and concentrate to what will happen
today. At this point of time in your life as Grade 10 students, R & R becomes
a sacred gift to you before shifting on to the other level of your life. By any
good means it will help you to see more your dreams and the means of
achieving it.
R & R is a sacred call to listen, to welcome and to be open to what our
Lord commands us. This may only happen once in your lifetime. Remember
then that, "everything that happens once can never happen again."
Therefore, let us all give our best today and let us make this R & R a
memorable one for everyone.