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John 20:19-31 Its ok to doubt

Lets read John 20:19-31 and look at what Jesus five scars (nail holes
through both his hands and his feet and a big ol gash in his side)
meant to one of Jesus good friends and followers, Thomas. Thomas is
the guy was who was willing to die with Jesus, and encouraged the
other disciples to do the same (John 11:16). Even so, he was still very
shaken up because hed just witnessed the arrest, death and burial of
his greatest role model and teacher, and he was in danger of death
himself. Not only had Jesus just been killed, but also the local leaders
were on the hunt for any of His followers, Thomas included.
Thomas was pretty skeptical when the other disciples reported that
Jesus had risen from the dead and appeared to them in a locked room
(John 20:19). We hear him say, in verse 25, Unless I see in [Jesus]
hands the mark of the nails, and place my finger into the mark of the
nails, and place my hand into His side, I will never believe. Thankfully,
8 days later, Jesus appears to Thomas and the other disciples and
without skipping a beat, gives Thomas the opportunity to do the exact
3 things he said he needed to do before believing. The crazy thing is
that Jesus hadnt been in the room when Thomas made that list of 3
proofs! To Thomas, Jesus scars meant that he hadnt wasted the past
three years of his life following some crazy religious fanatic. Jesus
scars were proof that the man standing in front of Thomas was actually
the same man that had hung from a gnarled cross more than a week
ago, not some Jesus impersonator trying to hijack the ministry Hed
started. Scars meant that everything might just turn out all right. For
us, those blessed, who have not seen and yet have believed, (John
20:28) those scars are a sign of the ultimate, sacrificial, life changing,
sin shattering Love that Jesus Christ has for us.
People in the church often look down on Thomas for his doubting mind,
for questioning the validity of Christs resurrection. In the same way,
we look down on ourselves for our own doubting minds, for asking hard
questions, for wanting more proof that this whole Jesus thing isnt a
total sham. Jesus is not critiquing the desire to see Truth. Jesus came
so that we might be able to see - the sight is promised! Thomas didn't
want something that he wasnt supposed to have. For those with lots of
questions, Id encourage you to not mistake your good questions for
good arguments. Just because something doesnt make sense right
away doesnt mean that its automatically untrue. Not being able to
see God in your life doesnt mean He isnt there, or that youll never
see Him. On the other hand, some of us bury our questions, and allow
them to harm us from the inside. Ask your questions! There are
answers out there for you. Ask your questions to Jesus and let him
answer them, in His time, in His way. While youre waiting, ask the

people around you that you trust your counselor, your Bible study
leaders, your pastor. All these people have had doubts and may even
still have unanswered questions. Youre not alone!
Lord, we call out to You because Youve told us that You want a
relationship with us. You are the Answer were seeking. Please show us
the ways Youre working in our lives and how we can be more devoted
to You. Thank You for Your great love.