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Vampyrian TempleUVUP in the Modern

Vampyrian TempleUVUP was founded December 18, 2003 and I, Rev. JP, Vanir
wrote his Vampyrian Shadow Books from 2007 to 2009. It is time for an update of
the modern Vampyrian TempleUVUP. During the time of yahoo groups and ning we
had over 600 to thousands of members during the time of ning @ but we now have almost 600 members in the facebook group
but not so many on our new official spruz site Rev. JP
Vanir has been ordained since July of 2002 and has been studying the vampyrian
belief since 2004 but has been studying theology since 2001. When TempleUVUP
first started we were very eclectic and Unitarian as well as Pagan but our
Spirituality evolved to become Vampyrian while writing my first book TempleUVUP
book one which became the first actual Vampyrian Shadow Book. My belief is
constantly changing as I learn and my Spirituality awakens more.

Human Vampyre Beginnings: Human

Vampyre and their Mothers the Laylims
Vampyrianism shows us that Layla (Lilith) was the first Human Vampyre who was
created by the Christian God as was the first human (Adam) and they both were
created to be like him and live forever until there disobedience of eating of the
tree of Knowledge (He prefered ignorance) and found God left them naked and
ignorant as he did not want them to learn the truth of the Christian God and his
self serving ways. Both were created like God but only Layla evolved by taking
Energy, Life force, and Blood became more Vampyric into a Goddess. Adam did not
embrace this path and wanted to please his creator by remaining ignorant creating
more regular humans with eve while Layla created vampyres by mating with demons
and Gods. In the recent era Human Vampyres are more common as Layla continues
to have children even as a Goddess and they possess human babys by her doing
still. However the male counterpart is never the same person though she does
continues to have relations with the same lovers as well as new lovers she just
continues to repeat relations with her old partners as well as new ones. She even
has human lovers as well as demons, spirits, and gods.

In her earlier days her children were hunted down but now they are protected by
Vampyre Spirits and Gods as she has an agreement with them. We are always
protected by our Vampyre Spiritual Mothers and other Vampyre Spirits. Laylas
evolved children also evolved into spirits once they reached that point through
taking the energy needed for such a task and Spiritual Awakening as well. Once a
Vampyre Spirit evolves beyond a Spiritual point as a Spiritual Mother they can give
birth to Vampyre Children but there are not a lot of Spiritual Vampyre Mothers.
Only Laylas Spiritual Mothers can give birth to Vampyre Humans though there are
not a lot of these Laylims or Vampyre Spiritual Mothers.

The Vampyre Condition:

As stated in my Vampyrian Shadow Book always remember:
Vampyrism is a condition of the soul. In each of your reincarnated lives, you always
return a Vampyre. I have had a couple past life regressions, with the help of
Michelle Belanger. My earliest was ancient Egypt as a priest under SET, so I know
I am a very old soul, as well as a direct descendant of Layla and him. The age of a
persons soul is unsure. In fact, perhaps all souls have been around since the
beginning, and perhaps we all continually go on since energy does not die but
continues. If this is not so, then it really does not matter. Vampyr souls do not ever
die, being that we are from an old family indeed. The human, animal, or plant spirit
(soul) is a form of energy that goes on and on until it is time for the Underworld to
take the soul to the Other Realm. The soul is an energy based Spirit and we can
literally feed on the soul. We however do not like or often can not take the energy
emanating from the Light (Holy light or from the sun). So, we have to feed on the
lower energies available in the human soul. However, Vampyres are not of this
world. Since we are Demons/Goddesses/Gods, as well as part human, our soul can
never die. We can visit the other realms through astral projection however.
Goddesses and Gods do not die, most true gods were never human, and humans
eventually end up in the underworld, so how can our soul end up there?

Many of us were born from the genes of the Fallen Ones, Demons who were
Vampyres. Not all humans are just human. Those with Psychic abilities are likely
more than human as well. They are probably: Vampyr, Therian, Changeling, Fae or
Otherkin. I have my own Theory that most Gods are Vampyric, though they may
also be Otherkin as well. When is human form, and their power relies on there
admirers or worshipers and if the lost them they would lose their power. In recent
years many people seem to believe the Christian God (Yahweh) is dead and left his
people to suffer; that is why his power over them has decreased and by believing
so they cause themselves the real harm as if they are trying to kill him. However
Gods cant die but they can lose power and that is almost as bad as death itself.
We therefore are Immortal (our soul not our body) and after out human body dies
we reincarnate into another human body

Founding Father J P Vanir