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Question under consideration Marriage life

In the Rasi chart, Thula lagna rising with lagna lord Venus in the 10 th. This generates a Raja Yoga called
Siddha yoga, which means a blessing of god with regard to accomplishments due to the natives own
efforts. The 10th lord is Moon who is placed in the 7th house along with the 5th lord Saturn. Hence there
is a link between 10th lord (Work) and 5th lord (gods blessings of the past karma and children). This link
generates a second powerful Raja yoga centered in the 7th house of Marriage. The only problem is the
5th lord Shani is retrograde and hence the Raja yoga will be delayed or denied. Completely delayed or
denied will depend on the 5th house. Hence the native should not go in the path of Shani. (Please
refer to this when you call me for further clarifications).
Marriage matters are seen in the 7th house primarily. As mentioned above, there is a potential raja yoga
waiting to function in the 7th house. This 7th house has an aspect of Rahu, Mars, Sun and ketu. While
Suns aspect on the 7th house is good (promotes long married life), the very same Sun can give very
authoritarian behavior as far as the spouse is concerned. 7th house having Shani also points to a spouse
who can be strict disciplinarian with not-so-flexible views. The aspect of Rahu, Ketu and Mars are NOT
good as far as marriage is concerned. Rahu can give the native ideas and thoughts which are
unconventional or those which society will not approve. Mars placed in the 2nd house and aspecting 7th

house generates a strong Kuja Dosha, not conducive for marriage as Mars gives a lot of arguments in
The divisional chart that is to be seen for Marriage is Navamsa. The 1st and 7th houses of Navamsa have
an axis of Rahu-Ketu. This indicates the native will be dragged into too many associations. Venus the
karaka for marriage is well placed in the Rasi chart (10 th house), but in the Navamsa, the same Venus is
debilitated. Since Venus is placed in the 10th house, Venus will have a say in not only marriage, but also
profession matters. Venus well placed in the Rasi chart (10th), but debilitated in Navamsa, shows that
this raja yoga has every chance of getting spoilt. Hence Sukra marriage is a must (remedy section later
in this document).
Upadesa Marriage house of the 7th house has mixed influences. There are 2 forces acting here. First
force is the powerful raja yoga waiting to fructify, but Shani is holding this back. The second force in
play is the malefic dristi of Rahu, Ketu and Mars.

The best remedy for a relatively happy married life is always fasting on the day ruled by the Upapada.
In this chart, the Upapada is Gemini and hence the native should fast from Sunrise to Sunset on
Wednesday. On every Wednesday, the fast should be from Sunrise to sunset with NO solid food.
Every Friday, the native should perform a Lakshmi puja, either at home or at a Lakshmi temple. This
will make Venus stronger and Shanis interference will gradually go away. This will enable a path to be
clear so that the Raja yoga can function. The current dasa in operation Mars-Ketu and this dasa is not
conducive for a good married life. It is advised that the remedies mentioned above need to be started
immediately. I have already given a few remedies on the phone and it is strongly advised that these
remedies need to be continued without fail.

Question under consideration When will the native start a hospital of his own
As mentioned earlier in this document, there is a very high raja yoga that is waiting to fructify, but is
being blocked by a retrograde Shani. Retrograde Graha always shows reversal and/or denial of fruits.
Having said this, I see this Raja yoga can be made to function since Venus is powerfully stationed in the
10th house.
The Dasamsa (D10) chart is to be seen for all matters of professions. Lord of the 10 th is Mars, showing a
surgeon, with moon and ketu in the 11th house. Chandra is exalted which shows a high level of
compassion of the healer. The native has a very high level of compassion and kindness. This Chandra
has an association of Ketu and this is where the problem starts. Ketu shows all aspects of impulsive
decision making that later the native will realize it was a mistake. The A7 in the Dasamsa chart shows
people who will associate with the native in his work place. This again is shown by Chandra and Ketu.
(Please refer to this point when you call me)
Upadesa Both matters of marriage happiness and profession have the effect of Shani retrograde.
Please do not wear any gemstones of mercury (Emerald) and Shani (Neelam). If any gemstone has to
be worn, then pearl (Moti) can be worn on the little finger of the right hand. No other gemstones are
The dasa of Mars-Venus will bring multiple things, both good and bad. This mars-Venus will start
2015-June to 2016-Aug. This period will put pressure on married life, but at the same time, matters
related to profession will be very good. I reiterate again that the remedies I have mentioned should
start as soon as possible.

Please note that this document from my side is only Part 1. I will be sending my analysis on the second
chart soon. The reason I am not sending the second chart is I need this document understood before
we proceed. Jyotish consultation is a step-by-step process, just like any other form of consultation.
Please read this document and email me. There is a reason why I have mentioned In this document
statement like please refer to this when you call/email me. If you are busy to call, please send me an
email after you have read this part 1.
Please also remember that Jyotish is a science of predictions and trends and only God almighty knows