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Minutes of Durga Puja preparatory meeting conducted by Sub Divisional

Officer, Raiganj on 29/09/2015

One representative of a Puja Committee proposed setting up of a medical camp near
Raiganj railway Station.
Vice-Chairman Raiganj Municipality assured that 4 medical camps would be set up at 4
important junctions.
Ghat Sahayak to present at immersion ghat assured Vice Chairman of Raiganj
Municipality. One puja Committee member raised the issue of insufficient street light. Vice
Chairman of Raiganj Municipality replied that new vapour lamps have been installed. Tree
branches that might obstruct immersion may be trimmed observed one Puja Committee
members. Civil Defense volunteers to be deployed cost will be borne by Municipality.
Chief Medical Officer of Health said that instruction to all Govt. hospitals will be given
from his end for providing round the clock medical services during the Puja. He also requested
Puja Committees to maintained first aid teams at pandals training of such teams will be
organized by Chief Medical Officer of Health if necessary. His office will also circulate leaflets
on precautions to be followed during the Puja season.
Vice Chairman of Raiganj Municipality said adequate lighting arrangements will be
made. Puja Pandle areas will be cleared of overgrowing vegetation. He requested Puja
Committees to not block roads with pandle and gates.
WBSEDCL authority requested Puja Committees for submitting application forms at an
early date for obtaining quotation & NOC. Decorating lights to be switched off from Dashami.
Terns formers set up for specific Puja Committees will how to be paid for by that Puja
Fire Department said they will put up flexes (4 nos.) regarding fire safety during the Puja.
Brochures on fire safety will also the distributed. Fire extinguisher and buckets of sand to be kept
at the Puja Pandles and specific volunteers will be designated to operate them. The Department
also urged to keep enough space for fire engine to be driven.
DSP Head Quarter called for fire extinguisher training of volunteers of Puja Committees.
Roads to be kept open. No immersion on 23rd & 24th October. Police control room to be set up at
immersion ghat.
Raiganj Merchants Association said they will set up drinking water facilities at 3 (Three)
places. It also proposed a Puja Parikrama and selection of 3 top Pujas of Raiganj. It raised the
issue of collection of subscription by Puja Committee on specific dates.
It was agreed by all that DJs will be banned during the Puja and immersion procession.
Violation of this will incur strict action even leading to cancellation of permission for next year.

Minutes of the meeting for peaceful celebration of ensuing Durga Puja Festival2015
VenueMultipurpose Meeting Hall(1st Floor), Karnajora,
Date : 29-09-2015

Time : 10.30 a.m.

List of Officers attending the meeting :

1. Sri T.N.Sherpa, WBCS (EXE.), SDO, Raiganj.
2. Sri Ranaj Kumar Das, Vice Chairman, Raiganj Municipality.
3. Sri Arun De Sarkar, Chairman, Kaliyaganj Municipality.
4. Dr. Ranjan Majumder, C.M.O.H., Uttar Dinajpur.
5. Sri Subhendu Mandal, Dy. S.P. (HQ), Uttar Dinajpur.
6. Sri S. Roychowdhury, B.D.O.Raiganj.
7. Sri S. Thatal, B.D.O.Hemtabad.
8. Smt. Smt. P.C.Tshering, B.D.O.Itahar.
9. Md. Zakaria, B.D.O., Kaliyaganj.
10. Sri Nirupan Phouzdar, TSI, Representative of I.C., Raiganj Police Station.
11. Sri S.Mukherjee, Officer-In-Charge,Raiganj Fire Station.
12. Sri Dipankar Pal, Sr. S.O.I, Civil Defence, Raiganj.
13. Sri G.C. Chanda, Sr.S.O.I. Civil Defence, CTI, Uttar Dinajpur.
14. Sri A.B. Lahiri, Secretary, Raiganj Merchant Association.
15. Sri Sunil Kumar, D.E. (Tech), W.B.S.E.D.C.L., Uttar Dinajpur.
16. Sri S. Sarkar, Secretary, Red Cross Society. Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur.
17. Representatives of 37 nos. Durga Puja Committee.
Sri T.N.Sherpa, WBCS (EXE.), SDO, Raiganj, took the chair & initiated
discussion. At the outset of the meeting the SDO, Raiganj welcomed different Club
members present in the meeting.
The following discussion took place and accepted by all:1. Introduction of a Prescribed Application Format was explained in details to all
present and same was accepted and appreciated by all.
2. Documents required for obtaining permission:
a) The photo copy of last years Durga Puja permission.
b) No objection certificate from the land owner (Private/Government/Semi Government
etc.) mentioning land schedule of the plot.
c) No objection certificate from Fire Station.
d) No objection certificate from W.B.S.E.D.C.Ltd. regarding use of electricity.
e) No objection certificate from Chairman, Municipality.
f) The budget of the Puja with detailed break-up.
g) List of the members of Puja Committee mentioning name, fathers name and contact
number of members.
h) No objection certificate from local police station.
i) Sketch map of the Pandal clearly mentioning the nature of adjoining plots.
j) List of volunteers of the Puja Committee.
k) Specimen Collection Bill / Booklet and other details.
l) CL no. of Registered Electricians.
3. Like previous year, this year also there will be a single window system for submitting
the required documents and N.O.C. from all concerned authorities (Like Land Owner,
Municipality, W.B.S.E.D.C.L., Fire, Police) in the office of the Chairman, Raiganj
Municipality (For holding pujas within Raiganj Municipal Areas) and in the Kaliyaganj
Block Office (Both for Municipal and Block area) on 6 th to 9th & 13th to 14th October,
After due processing of the applications, the final permission from S.D.O.s end for
Raiganj Municipal Area will be issued from the office of the Sub-Divisional Officer,
Raiganj, Administrative Building, Karnajora on and from 7th to 16th October, 2015. The
B.D.O. s accordingly would give final permission in their respective area of
jurisdiction. The Block Development Officer, Kaliyaganj will look after the Pujas of
both Municipal and Rural area in Kaliyaganj.

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4. New Durga Puja permission will not be given.
5. All the puja Committees will have to procure NOC from concerned authority (like
Electricity, Fire, Municipality, Police etc) after deposition of fees separately as
necessary. Final permission will be issued after verifying all NOC and challans /
deposit slip of requisite fees.
6. The puja Committees will not create pressure on anybody for donation. If any
complaint is received, the matter will be dealt with seriously.
7. The Puja Committees are requested to abide by all guidelines given by the concerned
Fire Station regarding erection of pandal, exit entrance for avoiding any untoward
8. Loud speaker can be played from 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM within 65 decibel.
9. Cracker will not be allowed in public place.
10.DJ is strictly prohibited. It was agreed by all that DJs will be banned during the Puja
and immersion procession. Violation of this will incur strict action even leading to
cancellation of permission for next year.
11.Route permission for procession during immersion is to be taken by the Puja
Committee directly from the concerned Police authorities.
12.List of volunteers of each committee is to be submitted to the respective police
station. Who will be guarding the Pandal 24 X 7.
13.Collection of donations strictly prohibited on National & State Highways.
14.Collection of donations by disrupting traffic strictly prohibited.
15.WBSEDCL authority requested Puja Committees for submitting application forms at
an early date for obtaining quotation & NOC. Decorating lights to be switched off
from Dashami and assured that representatives will be present at all important points
like Bidrohi more, Siliguri more, Asokepally more etc. to meet all emergencies (for
providing uninterrupted power supply).
16. Civil Defence volunteers to be deployed in the ghats on the day of immersion. Duty
Allowance of the above volunteers will be borne by Raiganj Municipality.
17.Officer-in-Charge, Raiganj / Kaliyaganj fire station will look after the area under their
jurisdiction as was done last year. They are also requested to visit all puja pandals so
as to ensure that there is space for entry and free movement of vehicles. Fire
Department will put up 4 (four) nos. of flexes regarding fire safety during the puja.
They will also distribute Brochures on fire safety.
18. One Speed boat at each of the two Ghats should be provided during dates of
19.The Vice Chairman, Raiganj Municipality is requested for making arrangements for
sufficient light, drinking water, emergency health service, sanitation, temporary
camp in both the immersion ghats of Raiganj and provide sufficient nos. of bins for
storage of used flowers and other organic materials like fruits, leaves etc. The Vice Chairman Raiganj Municipality assured all kinds of co-operation during puja festival
including setting up 04(four) nos. of medical camp at 04 (four) important junctions.
The Chairman, Kaliyaganj Municipality is also requested to make necessary
arrangements for the same at the immersion ghat at Kaliyaganj.
20.Raiganj Merchants Association said they will set up drinking water facilities at 3
(Three) places.
21. Request for use of CCTV Camera in big budget Pujas and use of coconut ropes
instead of wire/plastic ropes for erection purposes.
As in previous years, ambulances would be placed at vital places like Siliguri
More, Municipality Bus Stand etc. from Raiganj Municipality, St. John Ambulance, and
Red Cross.
23.No immersion on 23rd & 24th October, 2015.
As there was no other issue for discussion, the meeting ended with vote of thanks to and
from the chair.

Sub-Divisional Officer
Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur.
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Memo. No.

(23) /SDO


Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to :

1. The District Magistrate, Uttar Dinajpur.
2. The Superintendent of Police,Uttar Dinajpur
3. Additional District Magistrate (Genl.), Uttar Dinajpur.
4- 5. The Chairman, Raiganj/Kaliyaganj Municipality.
The C.M.O.H. Uttar Dinajpur
7 10. The Block DevelopmentOfficer, Raiganj/Kaliyaganj/Itahar/Hemtabad, Uttar Dinajpur.
11 12.
The Inspector-In-Charge, Kaliyaganj/Raiganj Police Station.
13 14.
The Officer-In-Charge, Itahar/Hemtabad Police Station.
The Divisional Fire Officer, Raiganj.
16 17.
The Officer In Charge, Raiganj/Kaliyaganj Fire Station.
The Sr,S.O.I. Civil Defence, Raiganj, Karnajora, Uttar Dinajpur.
The Divn. Engineer & Divn. Manager, WBSEDC Ltd. Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur.
20 21.
The President/Genl.Secretary W.D. Chamber of Commerce/Raiganj Merchant
22 23.
The Secretary, Red Cross Society / St. Johns Ambulance, Raiganj.

Sub-Divisional Officer
Raiganj, Uttar