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FORUM: Disarmament Committee

QUESTION OF: Outlawing mercenaries: establishing ethical norms for military contractors

The Disarmament Committee,

Affirming that they should be used by the governments only in the highest case of
emergency as a negotiation for democracy and unity maintaining expedient,
Fully alarmed that PMSC are growing into tools that can heavily influence global
conflicts more and more intermittently,
Bearing in mind that they are becoming more accessible for power groups or individuals
- without any authorization to do so.
Convinced there is an obligation of abrogating suspicious action of these organizations,
Having considered that focusing on this issue is key in order to not only solve Brazil
concerns, but on other conflicts in the world as well, such as fighting ISIS in Syria or the
takeover of Crimea and its aftermath,

1. Endorses efforts of the others trying to reduce the circle of influence of PMCS,
because we are aware of other country suffering from military attacks of power
groups or individuals, and we are clear on why the others fear the PMCS;
2. Recommends that all countries should start solving and preventing this issue as a
whole, as it is not a threat to only the countries needing to deal with it in the
3. Asserts its belief that the actions taken by the PMSC should be coordinated by an
international group in order to minimalize the possibility of these organizations or
companies becoming a tool of power groups or individuals trying to eradicate the
governments power;
4. Notes with approval PMSCs as an available danger to the world as its troops are
to be hired to battle against us, alarming the lives of our civilians and democracy
as a whole;
5. Urges that these backup powers should be used in cases of emergency - only by the government.
6. Encourages the effort and understanding of the problem as it helps to common
welfare of our world and a democracy-keeping device;
7. Supports the restrictions being done in the rights of organizations and
governments in order to prevent unwanted attacks trying to seize control over the
give country;
8. Reaffirms its belief that zealot (fanatic) groups and individuals can strike
anywhere, making every single country vulnerable to their attack since leaving
them the possibility of the use of PMCS would be an abhorrent mistake;
9. Welcomes taking action by all countries to make PMSCs only available as
supplements or replacements of particular troops to particular countries only;

FORUM: Disarmament Committee
QUESTION OF: Advancing upon the Non-Proliferation Treaty in Reducing the Numbers of
Nuclear Warheads Worldwide

The Disarmament Committee,

Affirming that we are the members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and are aware of the
possible danger out coming from hazarding with such substances, however we remain in
possess of key technologies needed to produce nuclear weapons strictly for peaceful uses
of nuclear energy as a whole,
Deeply convinced that gambling with nuclear energy us such is incredibly threating and
could cause fatal and unpredictable aftermath,
Taking into consideration how catastrophic the results of the deployment of the first
atom bomb in July 1945 were, we believe it is only in the hands of every of us - to make
sure that anything alike never occur again.
Recognizing the threats of nuclear weapons we believe in it is in our duty to eliminate
the amount of nuclear warheads to the minimal amount and convince the main nine
nuclear weapon states to proceed simultaneously.
1. Endorses the decisions made at the United Nations Disarmament Committee
2. Recommends reducing the amount of nuclear warheads to the minimal amount,
coupled with the and I quote: balanced reduction of armed forces and
conventional armaments, based on the principle of undiminished security of the
parties with a view to promoting or enhancing stability at a lower military level,
taking into account the need of all States to protect their security. (UN General
Assembly, Final Document of the First Special Session on Disarmament, para.) ;
3. Trusts that the main nuclear countries will be more ambitious in reducing the
amount of nuclear weapons that they are in possession of;
4. Accepting the strength of the main nine nuclear weapon states, however it is in
our belief that these weapons should be eliminated the weapons of mass
destruction, such as nuclear arms;
5. Supports the increase of awareness concerning this issue since it is an issue of
such dimension;
6. Notes that the current spread and use of nuclear weapon is to this day a
fundamental threat to the security of all peoples and nations;
7. Proclaims this as an on-going matter, therefore it is considerable to solve this
problem immediately by applying restrictions and regulations in this matter;
8. Welcomes every country to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty to secure a better
future the human kind as such;

9. Further requests an effective solution, bearing in mind the words of J. F. Kennedy

and I quote: In the final analysis our most common link is that we all inhabit this
small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our childrens future. And
we are all mortal.