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(Hint: It was me)
(ALSO, a brief disclaimer- Pretty much all chapters one through twenty-five are
unedited, and I beg of you to have mercy on my past self for mistakes made in co
ntinuity or grammar. I'm trying to my best to go back and edit when I can!)
Chapter 1
I flopped down onto my bed with my book, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoe
nix'. I was re-reading the story, after finishing the series a month ago. It had
been one of my favorites, and after having just finished the previous book I wa
s now able to open it up once more and dive right in. I was flipping through the
pages, trying to find where I had placed my bookmark when I noticed the flap of
thick yellow paper that was caught under the jacket of the book.
Sliding it out, I studied it meticulously, frowning. Rarely did I ever get mail,
and even more rarely from a book. I sat up, glancing over my shoulder towards t
he empty doorway.
"Caiden! What's this is in my book?" My voice echoed down the halls, and a few s
econds later the sound of my little brother reached me, his bare feet padding so
ftly on the hardwood floor as he walked into my room. Caiden was the usual seven
year old, with a missing tooth and a love for all things having to do with tech
nology. He also, after receiving a prank book from a friend for his birthday, ha
d taken a liking to pranking me at every corner.
As he came to sit at the foot on my bed, I held the package up for him to study.
He frowned, eyes narrowing as he looked at it before he shook his head.
"Never seen it before. Can I go now?" He asked, obviously eager to get back to w
hatever tv show he had been watching previously. I shook my head, pressing the e
nvelope closer to him.
"Seriously, Caiden. Do you know what this is?" I pushed, but Caiden shook his he
ad, his lips pulling themselves into a small pout.
"I told you I didn't! What is it, anyways?" He asked, scooting closer to me on t
he bed. I flipped it over, glancing at the black ink that shimmered slightly in
the light.
"Ms. Lily Potter and Mr. Caiden Likion-Potter." I read, keeping my voice soft bu
t loud enough so Caiden could hear me. Caiden perked up slightly, looking please

"They called my Mr!" He said happily, and with a soft laugh I nodded, giving him
a small poke in his ribs and smiling when he giggled.
"Doesn't matter. You still sound like a Miss to me." I teased, rolling my eyes a
s the pout returned, his little arms crossed over his chest.
"That's mean!" Caiden complained, and tipping my head to the side I smiled, lift
ing a hand to ruffle his sandy-blonde hair good naturedly.
"Alright, little man. If you say so." I said, giving him one last smile before I
turned my attention back to the envelope. I opened it slowly, trying not to tea
r too much of it. Inside was a piece of white paper, small enough that it fit in
the envelope without being folded. The handwriting was a loopy cursive, but lar
ge enough that it wasn't a pain to try and read.
'To Lily Potter,
Do well, for we depend on you.
"What's it say?" Caiden asked curiously, glancing at it over my shoulder. I read
it to him quickly, my frown only deepening as I went over the words again. The
initials were familiar, but not something I could place. Sighing, I slid the let
ter back into the envelope. Perhaps my parents would have answers.
"Where'd mom and dad go?" I asked, glancing at my younger brother over my should
er. Caiden thought for a moment, tapping his chin lightly with his index finger
comically before he answered.
"They left to go take Lucy on a walk. Why?"
"I want to talk to them- See if they put this here, or something." I mumbled, si
ghing as I placed the envelope back into the book, using as a bookmark. At least
that way, I wouldn't forget I had put it there.
"I don't know if t-" My words were cut short, though, when the house seemed to g
roan, the floorboards creaking as it started to tremble. Earthquakes weren't com
mon, where I lived, but they did happen. And that is what I suspected was happen
ing now.
"Lily! What's going on?" Caiden's voice was panicked, his fingers grabbing onto
the cloth of my shirt as I tried to pull away to stand up, jumping when the glas
s of water I had gotten slid of the bedside table, shattering when it hit the fl
oor. Turning around I picked Caiden up, hurrying over to the doorway and setting
him down there. Doorways were supposed to earthquake-proof, right? I could feel t
he floor shifting beneath my feet, an uneasy feeling swelling inside me.

"Stay there, alright Caiden? Do not move." My voice sounded a lot a meaner than
I had meant it, but if it meant he would stay put then I didn't care. A hypocrit
e I may be, but I ducked out from under the doorway, going to the one across the
hall. My path was blocked though when the shelves collapsed, spilling books and
pictures onto the ground, glass shattering.
I swore, diverting my course into the bathroom and slid into the bath, crouching
low. It was still wet from the shower I had taken previously, the water soaking
through my shorts, but however uncomfortable it was it was safer than standing
out in the hallway. Closing my eyes, I willed this to stop. I wanted it to stop.
But it kept rumbling, and it wasn't till minutes later that everything seemed to
settle, though the smell of dust clouded the air, along with dirt from one of t
he flower vases that had dropped. I let out a sigh of relief, carefully moving u
p from my crouch when my brother's voice echoed down the hall.
"Lily! Lily! Lily where are you!?" My brother's voiced was panicked, but otherwi
se he seemed unharmed. Sighing in relief, I stepped out of the tub, carefully no
t to step on pieces of glass as I made my way down the hall.
"Caiden! I'm over here!" I yelled back, turning the corner to see him. He was st
ill standing in the doorway, his glasses askew on his face as he blinked up at m
e, looking dazed.
"What was that?"
"Earthquake, I think." I said, stepping over a shelf before I reached him. Heavi
ng him into my arms, I managed to slide some tennis shoes on before I maneuvered
us both out of the main destruction zone, only setting him down in the living r
oom once I had seen the floor was glass-free. The tv was ruined though. The cabi
net that had held all our movies had tipped over, landing on- and crushing- the
television. Caiden stared at it with an open mouth.
"We can always get a new one." I said before he could start crying about it. He
shut his mouth, giving a small nod though his lips seemed to be trembling slight
ly. Shuffling over to the window, I pushed aside a couple of pictures that had f
allen before I managed to pull back the blinds. What was outside though, was som
ething I had not seen before. It was an odd thing, looking out my window and see
ing what was obviously not my neighborhood. Streetlamps were stamped down the si
dewalk, and Mrs. Thatcher's house from across the street, with its red poppies s
pattered in the ground next to her windowsill, had changed into a small brown ho
use with an old fence bordering the corners of the lawn.
I stepped away, letting the blinds slide back into place. Turning around I saw m
y brother, now curled up on the couch and crying silently. He glanced up at me w
ith doleful eyes, saying mournfully, "I want mom and dad." I wanted them too. Bu
t something was horribly, horribly wrong here and now was not the time to cry.
"Caiden, come on, we can do this. It's okay, I'll just call them." The attempt a
t positivity was ruined however when I pulled out my cellphone. It was dripping

wet with tub water, and I let out a small groan of frustration as it refused to
light up.
"Damnit! Okay, never mind. Maybe the home phone is okay." I muttered. I felt lik
e crying myself, but I not dare do so with Caiden next to me. I was about to sug
gest something else- When I realized there was nothing to suggest. I closed my m
outh silently, mind running at a mile a minute when I heard the front door swing
open, followed by a soft, "Hello?"
Both Caiden and I froze, staring at each other in surprise. I moved first, grabb
ing a piece of wood that had splintered off from one of the shelves, meanwhile u
shering Caiden to hide behind the couch. He did so without protest, watching me
with wide eyes.
Stepping carefully away, I pushed the door open as quietly as possible, peeking
into the hallway. Two people stood there, both clad in some of the oddest clothe
s I had seen.
The one that caught my eye was the young woman, her vibrant pink hair cut short.
Her clothes were actually fairly normal, if it wasn't for the long robe she was
wearing. Beside her was a man, and he, I decided, was definitely the more intim
idating of the two. His back was turned to me, but I could easily tell he was a
good foot or so taller. He stood stiffly, muttering something to the woman I cou
ldn't quite make out. I had stepped back, planning to make it back to Caiden and
leave through the window- Whether we recognized the neighborhood or not, I felt
it would be safer than in here with strangers. I hadn't gotten the chance to tu
rn around when I felt a hand on my shoulder, too big to be my brother's. Hell, m
y brother couldn't even reach my shoulder!
I swung around, brandishing the spare piece of wood in front of me as I jumped b
ack. The man behind me had light brown hair, speckled with gray and a kind face
that I decided to ignore. He held a piece of wood in his hand, too, but it was n
o match for mine.
The man raised his hands in a surrendering gesture, but I had already been found
, the door swinging open behind me and a hand grabbing me by my neck, lifting me
"Well, who do we have here?" The man- the scary one- asked. I made a small sound
of protest, swinging my elbow back. Apparently I hit him in the face, because h
e let out a sound of pain and dropped me. I reached for my piece of wood, grabbi
ng it before I backed myself into a corner, staring at the trio with wide eyes.
They stared back at me with surprised expression, as if they were more surprised
to see me than I them.
"Who are you?" The girl asked. Her voice was kind enough, but I had seen enough
horror movies to know you never trust the ones that sound kind. Ever.
"Why should I tell you?" I asked, trying to keep my voice from shaking. The tall
er man- He had an eyepatch as well, which really only helped the scary appearanc
e- rolled his eye at me, while the one that had caught me first spoke up.

"We can help you, but you need to tell us who you are." His voice was calm, fill
ed with what sounded like genuine concern. It unnerved me, but gut feeling said
I could trust them. But gut feeling also said that Joe Murdock would be a good d
ate to homecoming, and that ended horribly.
But this time, I once again decided to go with gut feeling, though I kept my pie
ce of wood tightly in my hands, unwilling to let go my one ability at defended m
"My name's Lily- Lily Potter." I said warily, wondering if I should be telling t
hem this. Should I have included my last name? Maybe not. It was too late now, t
hough. The scarred-man looked at me suspiciously
"You said your last name was Potter?" The woman asked, and I resisted the urge t
o give the infamous teenage-girl reply of 'Duh.'
"Yes, why?"
"Oh, just wondering. What do you think, Remus?" The girl asked, and I blinked. R
emus? Who names their kid Remus? I mean, there was the occasional massive Harry
Potter fan who named their kids after the characters, but uh.. He looked a littl
e too old for that.
"She's not lying." The man with brown-grayish hair responded, and I closed my ey
es, thinking. Ok, so I was with a Remus, a girl with short and spiky pink hair,
and a scarred up man that possibly had a fake leg. I had my head screwed pretty
tightly on my shoulders, so I knew this meant one of two things: 1, I was dreami
ng, or 2, I was on a very poor episode of some television show. that likes to ha
rass people. Probably something from MTV.
I was about to respond, to tell the man- 'Remus'- That of course I wasn't lying.
Who would lie about their name? But before I could answer, someone else caught
my attention.
"Lily? What's going on?" A small voice asked, and I groaned quietly. Great.
"Caiden. Don't move." I ordered, watching as the man with brown-grayish hair mad
e to move towards the living room, and where my brother was. I pointed the piece
of wood at him, probably feeling more intimidating than I looked.
"You hurt my brother, I kick your ass." I informed him, and the man nodded, goin
g back to his comrades slowly. I looked at them suspiciously, not quite knowing
what to do.
"Look, we're not here to hurt you. My name's Tonks, we're here to help." The wom
an said, and I could feel my face pale. You have got to be kidding me.

"Nymphadora. You're Nymphadora Tonks..." I trailed off without thinking, studyin

g the woman who I knew only to be fiction. But this piece of fiction paled, look
ing startled.
"How do you know that?"
"Lucky guess? Bye!" I ran for it, grabbing my brother as I ran past,pulling him
through the hallway and locking the door behind us once we came into my room. Ca
iden looked at me, then back towards where the three people had been.
"Who were they?" Caiden asked, glancing over towards the door as I sat him down.
It took me a moment to catch my breath, but eventually I shook my head.
"It doesn't matter- Help me open this window." I muttered, pulling myself up to
sit on my desk, while Caiden stood next to me. The window hadn't been opened in
years, due to the rust. No matter how hard we tried it wouldn't budge, and the o
nly other way out was the door.
"Great- Just fantastic. Now what?" I asked, glancing over at Caiden for help whe
n the whispers behind the door caught my attention.
"You probably scared her!" The woman's voice accused, sounding rather angry. It
was easy enough to imagine who she was talking to, and sure enough he replied.
"It could do her some good." The man with the eyepatch's voice responded. Jerk.
I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, instead trying to find something I could th
row if they managed to get in. Grabbing a lamp, I watched the door while Caiden
fumbled with the window, still trying to open it.
"Alohamora." A voice hissed, and I watched in amazement as the door unlocked, an
d the three adults walked in.
"Oh great, now she has a lamp!" The guy with the eyepatch grumbled. I grimaced,
positioning myself so I was in front of my brother. I was beyond confused, more
than a little scared, and definitely ready to hurt someone. Before I could throw
the lamp though, the nicer one- 'Remus'- spoke up.
"Look, we're not going to hurt you!" He spoke quietly, watching us with concern.
When he saw Caiden his frown deepened slightly. I could feel Caiden as he moved
to stand behind me, peeking over from behind my back.
"Yes, and I would listen to you why?" I inquired, and 'Remus' turned to the girl
with pink hair.

"Maybe they are muggles. I wouldn't think the Death Eaters would start attacking
them so soon, but.."
"Muggles! Oh for the love of God!" I cried, frustrated. The wizard world wasn't
real, this is all a dream, please be a dream..... I looked around the room and s
ighed. It's not a dream. Dreams- at least ones like this- Wouldn't be as unpleas
ant. The trio stared at us appraisingly, looking a combination of surprised and
"Now why are you here?" I asked, swallowing heavily.
"Your house was attacked by Death Eaters- However, the Ministry said there weren
't any survivors. So how are you here, missy?" The man with the eyepatch asked,
and I realized I was looking into the scarred face of Alastor Moody. His fake bl
ue eye whizzed around, while his real one stayed on my face. I hadn't noticed th
e eye before, and now I realized I wished I hadn't. It was slightly sickening, t
he way it moved so quickly, rolling around.
"I don't know. I thought it was an earthquake."
"Earthquake? How on earth did you think that was an earth quake? Do you know not
hing??" Moody scoffed, and I frowned at him. Fine. Mock my intelligence. My liki
ng towards him lessened considerably. Finally I decided to bite the bullet, grim
acing as I spoke.
"What year is it?" I
"1995- December 21st, to be exact." Remus answered me, and I sighed, giving a we
ak nod. So where had we passed in the book? The snake attack has happened, and e
veryone should be at Grimmauld Place... It was all fresh in my memory, and for t
hat I was most grateful.
"Oh. You mean it's not 2011?" My brother asked from behind me, and I had to resi
st the urge to hit him with something. I loved, him, but... come on. Sometimes.
"Yes, Caiden! It's not 2011. Obviously, I mean, that's in the future, don't be s
illy." I tried to laugh it off, crossing my arms and watching the three wizards
skeptically, before something popped into my head- Something Moody had said, som
ething that would mean very, very bad news for Caiden & I.
"You said no survivors?"
"Yeah- A man and a woman were found just outside." Moody said, watching me caref
ully. I could feel the dread building in my stomach as I managed a small nod, mo
ving to push past the trio and towards the front door, throwing it open.
"Those were my parents." I gaped, staring outside. Two bodies were lying out on
the pavement of our driveway. My mother's light hair was spread around her head

like a halo, her hands clasped together neatly. My father, on the other hand, wa
s in much more dissaray. I saw blood. But before I could see much else I felt a
hand on my shoulder, guiding me away from the door. Tonks's, I think, but I didn
't know. Shrugging it off, I walked back into the room to see my brother in the
arms of Remus, sobbing loudly. He already had to go through this once. It wasn't
fair I wasn't sure what to say, watching as Remus- a fictional character, nonet
heless- comfort my brother. He had pulled my brother onto his lap, rubbing his b
ack soothingly. I kneeled down next to both of them, but only speaking to Caiden
"Hey, we're gonna be ok. You have me now, I'll take care of you, come here." I w
hispered, pulling him into my arms and away from Remus, who smiled apologeticall
y. I settled Caiden onto the side of my hips, letting him loop his arms around h
is neck. Remus had come to stand next to us, watching with concern.
"I'm so sorry about your parents." He said, and I nodded mutely, while Caiden wr
apped his arms around me, his small body shaking. Tonks walked up a second later
, looking grim.
"I'm sorry about
a place to stay
fore agreeing. I
isn't the smart
to go.

your parents, but if it makes you feel better, we can offer you
for the time being." She offered, and I thought for a moment be
know that leaving your house with fictional characters probably
thing to do, but this was a rare situation. We had nowhere else

"I just need a few days to get things settled... do you think fifteen is too you
ng an age to go to work? I hope not. As for Caiden..." I sighed, holding him clo
ser. What would I do with Caiden?
"We can get everything settled. Why not we get going? The ministry people will b
e here soon, and I don't think they'll let you off easily." Tonks smiled sadly a
s we walked outside. She and Moody, I assumed, had taken the moment I was with C
aiden to move our parent's bodies somewhere where we couldn't see them. I wasn't
sure whether I was grateful that Caiden had been spared that sight, or angry th
at they had disrupted by parent's bodies by moving them.
When a soft jingle came from the yard, I wasn't sure what to think. But as it go
t louder I couldn't help but smile through my tears as red fur bolted towards me
, nearly taking me down as she jumped up.
"Lucy!" I let out a choked laugh, pushing her down to keep myself from falling o
ver. "You're alive!"
Tonks, hearing the noise, came over, glancing at surprise with the dog before sh
e smiled, reaching down and scratching behind her ears kindly.
"Cute dog." She said, while Lucy turned her attention from to Tonks. She barked
at Tonks's wand before her tail started wagging again, and she accepted Tonks ea
sily, just happy another person was showing her affection.

"Will she be able to come with us?" I asked quietly, glancing over at Tonks with
concern. After losing.. After losing my parents, I don't think I could take muc
h else.
"I think that'll be ok. Come on, girl!" Tonks said encouragingly, and Lucy follo
wed after her happily, her tail held high in the air and wagging. Tonks grinned,
glancing over her shoulder.
"Hey, Mad-Eye, we have one more passenger." She called, and Moody, after turning
the corner, stared at the dog in disbelief.
"A dog, Nymphadora? A dog?" He asked, watching as Lucy trotted over to him, star
ing up at the older man with wide brown eyes that near impossible to resist. Moo
dy stared at her for a few moments, looking back over at Caiden and I before he
"Fine. Get in." Moody grumbled, opening a large trunk. With a few encouraging wo
rds, Lucy jumped into the trunk and lied down, panting contentedly.
"Well, all ready?" Moody asked, and I nodded, glancing back at the house with a
small frown.Our stuff was still in it, yes, but most of it I'm sure had been tip
ped over or destroyed. I had managed to grab a jacket for both Caiden and I befo
re we left, though, the objects swung over my shoulder. I had intended to leave
the rest behind, but to my surprise Tonks appeared with two suitcases, fitting t
hem into the trunk next to Lucy.
"We're ready." I replied after a moment, and Moody handed me a broom. I frowned
at the gesture, raising an eyebrow.
"I- I don't know how to fly." I stuttered, trying to hand it back to him, but Mo
ody just shrugged.
"Well, we'll find out if your a witch or not. Your brother will be riding with L
upin." Moody grumbled, and with that I did set Caiden down, allowing him to run
over to Remus who smiled kindly. Turning my attention back to the broom, I studi
ed it carefully. It was nothing like a regular broom. Instead of a plastic yello
w handle, this was all made of fine wood of a rick dark brown colour, while the
handle had a small curve in it. The broom part curved together at the end like a
"Ok. Cool. I got this." My pep-talk had little enthusiasm, but it was all I coul
d manage now as I set the broom down. Tonks was standing next to me, her broom i
n her hands while Remus was in the front with my brother holding on to his back.
Before they took off, I took my brother's hand into my own, watching him with a
small smile.
"Do not let go of Mr. Lupin, or you'll get hurt. Be safe." I sighed quietly, and
Lupin smiled reassuringly, giving a small nod.

"He can't fall off, he has a spell on him. He's safer then I am."
"Thanks." I smiled gratefully, giving a small nod of thanks before walking over
to the broom I would beusing. Pulling my hair into a pony tail, I brushed any ex
tra strands of hair out my face and took a deep breath, holding my hand out over
the broom.
"Up." I commanded, and the broom flew off of the ground and into my hand, almost
painfully hitting my fingers. I felt my mouth drop open in surprise. That was u
"Well, that's cleared. Your a witch." Moody said with an air of finality before
he turned his back to me, taking off on his own broom and flying into the sky. I
watched as Tonks did the same, and carefully, I copied her actions. Leaning for
ward, I found myself grinning madly as the broom took off into the air, wind bru
shing across my face. The sun was setting, so the sky was a bright purple, quick
ly fading into a dark blue.
"So, how do you feel?" Tonks yelled from my right, and I gave a small smile.
"Amazing!" I called back as a wave of wind passed through my bare legs. It was D
ecember now, and here I was in shorts. Not the best mix, but it was all I had. I
was truly enjoying it, though I had feeling that even if I wanted to I wouldn't
be able to pry my fingers off the handle. Heights had never been my forte, thou
gh this was incredible. Remus appeared next to me, while Caiden was moving uncon
trollably behind him, squirming and moving around to get a better look at everyt
hing. When he saw me he smiled, his small voice barely hearable over the wind.
"Lily! Lily I'm flying!" Caiden yelled, and I laughed at the excitement on his f
"Good job Caiden." I smiled softly before slowing down, letting myself fall back
to be next to Tonks again. Landing, I reckoned, would be the hardest part. But
as we did so it wasn't quite as difficult as I had thought. I did land a littler
harder than I thought I would though, wincing as I stubbed my toe against the p
avement. As I set both my feet on the ground, I tried not to mind how bad my leg
s were shaking as Caiden ran up to me, locking his hands around my waist in a ti
ght hug.
"That was awesome! Can we do it again!" He laughed, and I picked him up again, s
winging him onto my hip. I was thrilled to see him smiling so much, temporarily
distracted from the loss of our parents.
"I don't know. Maybe." I smiled weakly, trying to fully comprehend that the poss
ibility of flying again was open to me. I was a witch. O, god. I was a witch! Ju
st like Tonks, and in the books, I was a witch! The idea sent wonder and fear th
rough me, and I barely noticed I put Caiden down, only snapping out of my daze t
o watch him leave to go help Moody take care of Lucy, who apparently thought the
broom was a giant stick to be chewed on.

"Let's get inside." Tonk said, looking at me amusedly as a shiver ran through my
spine, and I nodded. Tonks walked up to a solid wall and knocked on it twice be
fore stepping back, her hands resting loosely on her hips. To my surprise, nothi
ng happened. Right away, that is. After a minute steps appeared, and those steps
lead to a large black door. It would've seemed foreboding, had I not known wher
e I was. But the number 12 painted on the door was a dead giveaway.
"Here we are. Come on in, and oh, and please try to be quiet. I'll explain later
." Tonks whispered with a small smile as we entered the house. It smelt, to my s
urprise, of cranberries and pine. Like Christmas. It instantly jolted me out of
whatever longing I had for warmth and summer a few seconds ago. I looked around
the hallway with awe as the door shut behind me. It was everything I expected it
to be, and more.
There was a coat stand, and wooden floors covered by a large green carpet. There
was a pair of large curtains covering a small part of the wall, and I figured t
hat was where Walburga Black's portrait kept residence.
"God rest ye' merry hippogriff!" A voice sang from the top of the stairs, and a
man appeared from behind the bannister. He was waving a wand around, Christmas d
ecorations appearing down the bannister. He stopped though when he saw me, howev
"Uh, hullo." I greeted, and the man turned to look at Tonks and Remus questionin
gly, gray eyes filled with curiosity. Remus spoke up, first.
"Um, Sirius- She's one of the survivors on the Death Eater's attack in the muggl
e neighborhood. They need a place to stay, so we thought perhaps..." Remus trail
ed off, and Sirius nodded. I had to keep my mouth from falling open. This was Si
rius. He frowned, giving a small nod.
"I thought there weren't any survivors."
"We thought that too, until Lily here showed up and demanded to know why we were
in her house." Tonks grinned, looking at me slyly as I felt my cheeks heat up.
How I must've looked.
"Why isn't she with her parents?" He asked quietly. It was obviously meant to no
t be heard by me, but sound traveled easily down the staircase. I bent my head,
closing my eyes tightly in an attempt to fight back tears that threatened to spi
ll. I succeeded at keeping them at bay, though I could tell my eyes did look ver
y watery.
"They were killed in the attack..." Tonks answered quietly. I looked up as she a
nswered, watching as something in Sirius's face softened. He gave a sharp nod, s
tepping down the stairs.
"Very well. Lily, you are welcome to stay here as long as you need. But you said
'survivors', as in plural?" He asked curiously, and I heard a loud laugh come f
rom outside, before there was bump, like someone had hit glass. Turning around,

we all watched as Caiden stood up from where he had been knocked down, rubbing h
is forehead tenderly.
"I can't get in!" He complained, and I groaned, walking through the door and pic
king him up myself.
"You ok?" I asked, rubbing the spot where he had banged his head. He gave a smal
l nod, frowning but otherwise looking fine.
"I'm ok." Caiden answered, before looking at the door confusedly. "But I can't g
et in."
"That means that he's not a wizard, I guess." Tonks murmured and I frowned, but
nodded. Caiden was adopted- we didn't have the same parents whatsoever, making i
t entirely likely. But it was hard to hear.
"Oh, Caiden, what are we going to do with you?" I asked with a soft sigh, but Ca
iden only smiled.
"You could....give me an xbox?" He suggested, and I laughed, shaking my head slo
"I don't think they have those yet." I turned to Sirius. "Is there anyway for hi
m to get inside?"
"Muggles can't get in unless they're accompanied by a wizard." He shrugged, look
ing apologetic. I nodded, placing Caiden on my hip before stepping through the d
oorway. While I stepped through the door with ease, Caiden seemed to experience
something, because he shuddered when we passed through the door frame. But he go
t through nonetheless, smiling slightly and resting his head on my shoulder. I l
et out a small sigh of relief.
"Well, that solves that." I smiled softly, before glancing over at Sirius. "Do y
ou have a problem with dogs?"
"None at all, why?"
I grimaced as I heard a loud bark from outside, and a second later Lucy bounded
in, her tail wagging excitedly. Sirius looked surprised, but pleased at the same
time. I grinned.
"That's why." I finished, and Sirius bent down to pet Lucy, who had run straight
to him.
"Cute dog. She'll be staying with you?" He asked, glancing up at me, and I nodde

"If that's ok, because if it isn't..." I trailed off, not quite sure what I woul
d do if it wasn't. But before I could dwell much on it, Sirius responded.
"She'll be fine here. I just hope she won't upset Buckbeak. I'm Sirius Black." H
e introduced himself as he stood up once more, and I nodded, shaking his hand.
"Lily." I smiled, and Caiden looked at us both, smiling. Sirius turned to him.
"And you are?" He asked, and Caiden held out his hand, grinning toothily when Si
rius shook his as well.
"I"m Caiden Potter." He said in a very rehearsed voice, something I know he had
practiced with mom and dad time and time again. Sirius raised an eyebrow.
"Potter? So you're.." Sirius trailed off, looking at me, and I smiled apologetic
ally, trying not to feel too guilty about sharing a name with his best friend's
"I'm Lily Potter, yes."
Sirius smiled weakly, giving a small nod. "Very well. Lily, welcome to Grimmauld
Place. How old are you?"
"I'm fifteen." I answered, and Sirius nodded happily, any grimness gone from his
expression as he smiled.
"Good to know. We have a few other teenagers here, and I'm sure they'll be glad
to show you around. I would myself, but I have some decorating to do." Sirius sm
iled before walking down the hallway with Tonks and Remus, while Moody walked in
to the kitchen and blurted, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"
"Well, glad that's settled. This is so weir- Wait. Caiden, where did Lucy go?" I
asked as I set him down. My question was answered when there was a loud yell fr
om upstairs, leaving me stairs.
"Oh, hell! Lucy! LUCY! Get your furry butt down here, right now young lady!" I y
elled up the stairs, and a second later a flash of red appeared, jumping up on m
"Good girl." I grunted as I was pushed to the floor, my dog standing happily on
top of me. The sounds of running came from upstairs, nearing closer.
"Sirius! There's a dog in the house!" A boy's voice called, and I pushed Lucy of

f of me, grimacing.
"Get off of me, you over grown lap-dog! Behave yourself." I grinned as Lucy roll
ed over on her side, finally allowing me to get up. I stood, brushing myself off
as a heard of teenagers appeared. Before I could get any words out the one in f
ront had me pinned against the wall, his wand at my throat.
"Who are you and how did you get here?" He demanded, and I blinked as I looked i
nto his green eyes, ones to match my own. He had messy black hair, and his glass
es were askew on his face. But I couldn't miss the lightening bolt scar. I decid
ed not to mention it. I was about to speak when something tugged on the boys pan
t leg, and he looked down to see Caiden glaring up at him.
"Don't hurt my sister!" He said protectively, and Harry looked down at him disbe
lievingly. He loosened his grip, and I stepped away and snatched up my brother,
keeping him in my arms. Lucy was standing in front of us protectively, eyeing th
e wands mistrustfully as the rest of the ground bounded downstairs. Two people f
lanked Harry's sides allowing me to identify them fairly easily.
"Who are you?" A girl with bushy brown hair asked, and I smiled weakly. God. And
this wasn't a dream?
"I'm Lily, this is Caiden. We're survivors of a Death Eater attack, and Tonks, R
emus and Mad-Eye brought us here." I sighed, not wanting to launch into the whol
e story just yet. The group put their wands down, and I sighed, relieved. It was
genuinely unnerving, having them directed at you. A girl with vibrant red hair
in the back of the group walked forward, her brown eyes curious but kind.
"I'm Ginny Weasley." She introduced herself, holding out her hand. I shook it, g
iving a small smile.
"Nice to meet you." I said softly, as I went through introductions. Finally Harr
y walked up to me, holding his hand out with an almost sheepish grin.
"Harry Potter." He said, and I grinned, giving a small nod.
"Lily." I smiled, shaking it before turning to Lucy, who had finally calmed down
. I kept refraining from using my last name, because I'm pretty sure Potter wasn
't a common name here- At least in the wizarding world.
"Sorry about the sneak attack earlier, she just really likes people. This is Luc
y." I smiled, gesturing towards the dog. Lucy wagged her tail from where she was
laying down. Her red fur was ruffled, and her face was pulled into a happy dog
grin as she glanced up at the group of teens. Caiden squirmed slightly in my arm
s, turning his head to look at me.
"I wanna pet Lucy!" Caiden decided, and I set him down so he could walk over to
the dog, sitting down next to her and running his fingers through her fur happil
y. Harry gave a small smile, turning towards me with a curious expression.

"So where's your wand? I would've though you'd have it out- since I attacked you
like that. Sorry, by the way." He added, looking sheepish. I shook my head.
"It's fine. And I don't have one yet, actually. I just found out
ay, after everything that's happened. Caiden's a muggle though."
ng helplessly and watching as my brother started conversing with
ns. Ginny and Hermione were petting Lucy, while Ron was standing
istening in on our conversation with mild interest.

I'm a witch tod

I said, shruggi
the Weasley twi
behind Harry, l

"Your brother's a muggle?" Ron asked, and I nodded slowly.

"He was adopted. And my parents were both muggles..." I trailed off, giving a sm
all shrug. Harry nodded, smiling at me kindly.
"Hermione's a muggleborn too, so if you need any help adjusting, she's the one t
o go to." He informed me kindly, and I nodded, knowing I wouldn't need to. At le
ast, not now. For now, I just wanted to wind down, to take a moment. I was stand
ing in number 12, Grimmauld place. I was talking to wizards, and witches and eve
rything that I was positive was strictly fictional. I smiled gratefully back at
I'll admit, the beginning is fairy unrealisitc but then again this is a Harry Po
tter fanfiction. If it was realisitc it wouldn't be so much fun, yes?
Anyways, I hope you like it. Through the next couple months I'llbe going through
a couple of the older chapters and rewriting/editing them.
The main plotline will not be changing though, because that would just be a hell
of a lot of work and a massive pain.
So I hope you like this. :)
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