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Gaurang PandeyEmp ID: 00188945
Dear Gaurang Pandey,
We are pleased to inform you that you will work for a limited period of time for our branch
office in Cologne, Germany.
Your employment contract under Indian Law with Wipro Limited is being suspended for the
duration of your employment with the German branch. For the duration of the employment with
the German branch you will be an employee of the German branch. You will conclude a fixedterm employment contract with the German branch. After completion of the assignment you will
continue working under the terms and conditions of your Indian employment contract.
However, please note that your employment with the branch is subject to the suspensive
condition of the successful completion of your visa application.
Please note the following terms and conditions:

Duration of Employment with Ge rman branch

The duration of the employment with the German branch will be for a limited period of 16
Months. This will be subject to review and you may be required to curtail or extend your stay
for a further period. At the end of the employment with the German branch you will return to

Income Taxes & Statutory deductions

a. All taxes on the remuneration will paid by the Company. The Company undertakes to assist
you in filing your income tax returns as per the laws prevailing at that time in Germany. You
shall render all co-operation to the Company in finalizing and filing the said tax returns and
complying with any law for the time being in force. Any documents, declarations, undertakings
etc., as are required for complying with the tax filing requirement (including claiming tax
refunds) shall be furnished by you as and when required by the Company, usually at the end of
each year or at the end of your assignment in Germany, whichever is earlier.
b. Since you will be working for the German branch for only a limited period of time, we
assume that you remain subject to the Indian and not to the German social security legislation.
Therefore the German branch will contribute to the Indian Provident Fund even during your
employment in Germany and not pay social security contributions for you in Germany unless
otherwise instructed by the German authorities.
Wipro Technologies, DoddaKannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bangal ore-560035, Indi a.
Tel: 91-80-28440011, Fax: 91-80-28440266


Leave / Vacation

The vacation balance of your Indian employment with Wipro Limited will during the time of
employment with the German branch be maintained at the same level. On your joining back in
India, your previous vacation balance will be activated. During your employment with the
German branch you will be entitled to vacation in accordance with your employment contract
with our German branch.
If you are based at a Client location that practices a forced shutdown (e.g. client is closed for 1 to
2 weeks during Christmas week or any other time during the year), you will be required to apply
at the German branch for vacation for 100% of such days that are closed. As an example, client
has a shutdown from Dec 22nd to Dec 31st, and in this period, there are 4 working days, 2
holidays and 4 weekend days. In such a case, for the 4 working days which are now shut down,
and hence a holiday, you will need to apply for vacation for those days at the German branch.
Status of Residence in Ge rmany
You shall not seek any change in status of residence in Germany and shall be required to return
to India at the end of your employment with the German branch. You shall not under any
circumstance participate in any activity that would bring you in conflict with the company or the
German branch or any authorities in Germany. Should there be any violation of laws in, you will
be bear all the costs in connection with the consequences including repatriation that may arise
out of your action. The companys decision in this regard will be final and binding.

Registration And Deregistration Process

You are required to register with the local government authorities immediately on arrival at the
onsite and de register once you are leaving that country. The details of registration and de
registration should be entered in TEDWEB => MY DATA => REGISTRATION / DE

Settlement of Forex

You are expected to settle the forex advance within 15 days of your reporting for work in India.
In the case of a delay in settlement by you, after the 15-day period following your reporting, no
arrears will be paid for the period between the date of your return and the date of actual
settlement. You will be eligible for full India salary and WBP from the date of forex settlement.

Wipro Technologies, DoddaKannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bangal ore-560035, Indi a.

Tel: 91-80-28440011, Fax: 91-80-28440266