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I got my introduction to the Sounds of Seasons presented by the Music

Department at the Bill and Ellen Wemyss Theater. There was suggested
donation of five dollars, and you could even buy the CD for five more. Inside
there was pretty packed house, with everybody in the holiday spirit as
Christmas was approaching and the semester was coming to an end. The
lights began to dim and the crowd began to quiet, for the performance was
about to begin.
The first song performance entitled Carol of the Bells (Ukrainian
Carol) started off very slow and there were no instruments present, just the
sound of their voices coming together. This part was very important and
good to me, because it reminded me of the Christmas time when people
would come to your door and sing songs of joy at your doorstep. The
performers unison was magnificent, for they all came together as a group on
the chorus and other important parts of the song. You could see how the
different pitches came together to make a whole line. The piece had a
changing tempo, because it started off so slow but eventually reached a
point of high intensity, showering the audience with joy. The song had the
right amount contrast between the basic ranges of soprano, bass, and alto
that were separated into groups on the stage. The dynamics between each in
the basic ranges of the singer mad for a complete and well developed
performance. All in all it was the perfect way to start a concert because it
made the words stand out more than it would have had it had instrumental
accompaniment. I really enjoyed the first piece of music performed; the
singers kind of made their own beat with the different sounds they made.

The second piece of work that really had an impact on me happened to

be O Holy Night performed by Brandon Duncan of the Showstoppers. This
work of art seemed more emotional to me than the previous pieces because
it reminded me of the birth of Christ. The piano accompanied his voice,
giving it a smooth melody. The word painting of words such as divine made
an impact on the whole song. There was a smooth legato melody while
Brandon was performing. The song itself was very soothing but had a range
of dynamics, that usually began as soft but got louder depending on the beat
of the melody, or if important words were used such as Christ or Holy. The
tempo of the music didnt really change throughout the song, until maybe as
it came to an end. Repetition occurred on the part Noel and dynamics
changed dramatically. Brandon had a pretty good voice and his notes were
on key for the most part. The audience really enjoyed his piece too and you
could tell by the high volume of applause. The Sounds of the Season concert
was quite refreshing, and was a great way to bring in the holiday season!