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The Venerable Sunlun Sayadaw U Kawi was born at Sunlun village, Myingyan
Township in Myanmar, formerly Burma. In his early years, he worked as an office
messenger in a Government Office. Later, in his thirties, his earnings as such was not
sufficient to support his family, so he resigned from Government service and went to
work in farming. He prospered as a farmer, made charitable acts offering candle lights at
the village pagoda where he made noble wishes to be able to devote his life as a
bhikkhu to propagate Dhamma.
Because of a prophetical oracle, and because of his rapidly ascending prosperity in
a short period of time (which was taken as an unlucky omen in local custom), he
became apprehensive (Samvega) of Samsara, the unending rounds of births. So he started
to practice Insight Meditation (Vipassana) diligently and by the end of twelve months
time, his Insight and Wisdom got developed so high, he renounced the layman world
leaving behind his wife, children, his property and all kinds of bonds and attachments,
entering the Order of Samgha as a novice (Samanera).
On the eighth day after becoming a novice, he reached the forth and final stage
of Enlightenment rid of any defilements (Asava), and became an Arahat, a true son and
disciple of the Buddha.
He was then ordained as a full fledged bhikkhu and for thirty one years he
preached and guided his many disciples along the Path to Nibbana with the unique
method of Vipassana Practice to realize the four Noble Truths. And in 1952, on the
17th of May, Saturday, (9th waning day of Kasone, 1314 M.E.) at 4:55 p.m., for many,
like the glorious sun setting into the west horizon, the most Venerable Sunlun Sayadaw
passed away into Nibbana, the bliss supreme domain of the Buddhas, Paccekabuddhas
and Ariyas.
The Venerable U Sobana was the Vice-presiding Abbot of Sunlun Gu Kyaung
Monastery, Myingyan. He had looked after the Venerable Sunlun Sayadaw U Kawi who
had trusted him with his life. The Venerable U Sobana realized the invaluable teachings
of the Sunlun Sayadaw. Knowing the method to be the shortest and most straight
foreword of all Vipassana Practice, he prepared to make public for all those who are

seriously interested. He put together the teachings in its original format and together with
photos and illustrations, he published this biography of the Venerable Sunlun Sayadaw
U Kawi.
All the net surplus derived from the sales proceed of this published book are to be
solely used for the maintenance of the Than Tha-yar Aye Pagoda where the remains of
the Sunlun Sayadaw lies in state, and for the propagation of Sunlun Vipassana
Meditation founded by the Venerable Sayadaw. As such, it is seriously hoped that no
unauthorized publication of this book will ever takes place.