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Cupid and Psyche

Once there was the loveliest mortal ever born on Earth, her name was Psyche. She was
one of the three daughters of a king. Her beauty gained numbers of admirers that made no one
thought about the Goddess of Love and Beauty herself. Venus, knowing that Psyche dethroned
her magnificence, grew hatred to her. With this, Venus asked help to her son, Cupid, to make
Psyche fall in love with the most wicked creature in the world. However, the opposite happened,
Cupid fell in love to Psyche. He returned to Venus saying nothing which left Venus believing that
Psyches end is near.
Cupid was not successful on his mission. Psyche didnt fall in love with the monster nor
to anyone. Oddly, it looks as if no one loved Psyche too only admire. This made her parents
worry. Because of that, her father decided to go to an oracle to ask for an advice on how Psyche
will find a good husband. Instead, the oracle told that a fearful winged serpent was destined to be
her husband and that she will meet the monster at the top of a rocky hill.
Psyche accepted that its her end. Waiting on the hilltop, expecting for the terror she will
face. In the middle of her weeping, Zephyr, the sweetest and mildest wind, lifts her up, carrying
Psyche from the top of the mountain down to a glorious meadow. She slept with peace on the
riverside. After waking up, she observed a mansion with golden pillars, silver walls, and floor
studded with precious stones. Theres no one in there but voices can be heard inside. The voices
told Psyche that they were her servants and the place was hers. Gladly, she enjoyed a bountiful
feast, accompanied by an invisible choir of great music.
Night came, shes now anticipating her husband-to-be at the darkness. She felt at last hes
beside her, she heard his soft whispers, whispers that made her feel safe and suddenly she knew
hes the lover and husband shes been waiting for. Before sunrise, he left her saying that she must
not attempt to see what he looks like. And so every night he will come to be with her, at morning
hell leave her alone. Days passed, Psyche grew lonelier and lonelier since theres no one to talk
to when her husband is not around. Psyche convinces him to let her sisters visit her. He made her
promise she wouldnt allow anybody to persuade her to try see him and then he hesitantly agreed
to Psyches wish.
Zephyr brought Psyches sisters down from the mountain. Upon seeing how grandiose
Psyches life is, her sisters got very envious that they start interrogating her about her husband.
Psyche just said that her husband spends all day hunting in the woods. They dont buy it; they
still keep pumping her for more information. Eventually, she admits that she has never seen her
husband. They start weaving stories saying that her husband is a hideous serpent according to the
oracle and it will soon eat her after earning her trust. Psyche began doubting and thinking why

her husband dont let her see his face. On that note, they advised her to wait until hes already
sleeping and stand over him with a lamp and a knife.
She followed her sisters advice. She carefully lit up the lamp, held knife against him.
Gazing him, she was totally astonished! She saw the God of Love himself, Cupid! Shes so
abstracted that a drop of oil from the lamp fell unto Cupids shoulder that made him wake up. In
a snap, he fled away from Psyche leaving her with words: Love cannot live where there is no
She promised herself to search for him at any cost. Psyches adventure then started
though she doesnt know where to start. Meanwhile, Cupid head back to his mother to heal his
wounds. Venus learned that Cupid fell for Psyche so she madly left Cupid in pain. Venus
jealousy goes up so shes gone searching for Psyche to experience her wrath. While wandering,
Psyche offered prayers to gods unendingly to win them over her side but it seems like no one
wanted Venus to be their enemy. Desperately, she went straight to Venus and volunteers herself
to be a servant. The goddess laughed with such offer and gives Psyche a tongue-lashing.
Eventually, Venus accepted Psyche as her servant but told her that she must be toughly trained
so that she could get a lover.
The training started, for the first challenge: Venus took a huge amount of seeds, wheat,
poppy, millet, and so on then mixed them together. She ordered Psyche to sort those grains and
finish the task by dusk. Psyches contemplated on how to start such impossible task. All of a
sudden, colony of little ants came out and helped Psyche to do the task. Venus returned with the
task neatly finished.
Next day, the second challenge was given, Venus ordered Psyche to get golden fleeces
from a flock of sheep near the river. It was not easy because the rams were fierce and Psyche can
be killed. Psyche decided to just drown herself to end such misery. But a green reed advised her
on how the task must be done; Psyche could get plenty of golden wools stuck on the bushes
when the sheep rest beside the river at nighttime. She followed what the reed said and the task
was accomplished. Venus is still not satisfied, saying that Psyche didnt do it on her own.
After obtaining the Golden Fleece, Venus gave the third mission; Psyche must fill the
flask with black water that falls from a hill which is the source of the river Styx. By far, it was
the most difficult task because the rocks are steep and slimy, and the rush of water is strong. An
eagle approached her, took the flask by its beak, filled it with black water and brought it back to
Psyche. Mission completed!
Venus is still not contented and so the fourth challenge was announced. Psyche was given
a box to be carried to the underworld and ask Proserpine, the wife of Hades god of the
underworld, to fill it with Venus beauty charm. Psyche searched the road to Hades. This time a

tower helped her, giving the directions on how to get to Proserpines place. First, she goes
through a great hole in the earth. Second, she goes down to the river of death where she met
Charon, the ferryman, whom she must give a penny for a ride. Third, she gave cake to Cerberus,
the three-headed dog, to let her pass. And the journey was successful, she have spoken to
Proserpine about the matter. Proserpine gave back the box to Psyche and now shes returning
faster compared to her way down.