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The Simple Divine Truth’’’”“” publication By The Author of The Simple Divine Truth Books For
The Simple Divine Truth’’’”“” publication By The Author of The Simple Divine Truth Books For

The Simple Divine Truth’’’”“” publication

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Published: Dec 04, 2015



2 Let me limit the meaning of Fate to ‘a predetermined course of life’ before I
2 Let me limit the meaning of Fate to ‘a predetermined course of life’ before I
2 Let me limit the meaning of Fate to ‘a predetermined course of life’ before I

Let me limit the meaning of Fate to ‘a predetermined course of life’ before I start my subject.

People desire to become something in their life. Very few really work hard for that. Few become of what they wish and others do not. I knew a girl who wanted to play guitar very much. She got a guitar without spending anything and little later a teacher also who was willing to teach her free. After couple of years I happened to ask her, how far she has learned the guitar. She answered me she has quit. The answer was slightly shocking to me not as much a politician have. I could not compare of her enthusiasm she had in the beginning and how easily she abandoned it little later. It took few moments for me to continue the conversation. When I was back in my good composure I asked her why she has quit. Very coolly she said her fingers hurt. Then I asked her, whether she should try a keyboard. Then she said, she is thinking about it – nearly five years have passed since she told me that. I heard nothing from her. Probably she may be still thinking about it. After ten years I found it from her husband, she is not interested in learning music.

From her nature, I assume, learning music is very tough for a lazy girl like her.

What was her fate, not to become a guitarist?

In the beginning of 90s, a friend of mine told me about a man who was prophetic and who has unusual abilities to say everything about anything without seeing them and even future, and he has experienced of his ability to tell such things. He told me of a place, which was 100 kilometers away from my home. He himself was not sure of the location of his house and he did not have this man’s address. For easiness let us call him Ed though the real name was something else.

On a sunny morning I went first, to a 100 kilometers distance and started backward enquiring of Ed. There was no trace of him and no one has even heard of him. When I got exhausted I returned home and wanted to try one more time another day. After a week or so I setout in search of Ed and stopped at a distance of 80 Kilometers from my place and began to ask most of the small shops on the roadside about him. I chose small shops because they are good in gossiping and they will be able to give me some clue. When I reached more than 90 kilometers a shopkeeper gave me some ideas of an astrologer who has, not of match the description of the man I was looking for.

Though I did not have any reason and interest in astrology, I thought of visiting this astrologer. After a long rough walk through slightly hilly area of rubber-plant estates I came to the house where the


astrologer was staying. In fact my friend told me this man is a traditional Church priest. I stepped in to his visiting room I wished him and said; I have come to see Ed. He must have been a little more than five feet tall, fragile and pale who was in his seventies. He was sitting in his office chair and a table in front, flooded with too many goodies like a thrift shop.

I was in a fix, I did not know how to start the conversation because

I was not sure, and he was the same man I was looking for. Finally I asked him about the future of certain things. His answer was he could not answer it without the help of a second person. The best second person is

a kid between 10 -12 years old. He said, he could arrange for one for

another day. It so happened; a kid just walked in for the day I went,

during my second visit to him.

He told the kid to close his eyes and to answer his questions, by seeing the things with his eyes are closed. I thought Ed must have put the kid in to hypnotic trance. The answer, the kid was giving was not correct according to my general knowledge. Though I could not believe anything the kid said, I did not try to disagree anything with ED.

When everything was over, I asked Ed how he learned all those

things. I also wanted to know the kid was on hypnotic trance. He said that

is not so. Ed learned meditation while he was studying in seminary and

got an angel stationed several thousands of miles away from the earth. I am not sure that was a good or evil angel or dead man’s spirit. According to him, the angel spoke to him and gave him a choice of a prophetic or healing gift. He opted for prophetic gift. Since then Ed helps people by saying about their future like an astrologer. I tried to know about my own matters and asked him accordingly. He was bit reluctant to answer to that, but he wanted my horoscope, to look in to details. I did not have any horoscope to show him.

Then I asked him how the kid see those things and answer Ed’s question. Ed said the angel show those things to him when he ask the questions. Then I suggested, using me as the second person to contact the angel. He answered it must be an immature person so that he will not use his intellectual ability and misinterpret.

Then I asked him how he learned all these things. He began his story. When he has completed his secondary school education he went and joined the seminary to become a priest in one of the traditional Churches. He was there for a long time. Long before his ordination as a priest his father died. It was a very difficult time for him. There was no other male member in his home. He left seminary and stayed home to help his mother. Somehow he continued his studies and graduated. Then he got a job in a school as a teacher. He was the only Christian teacher and the rest of more than thirty were Hindu teachers. They often spoke of auspicious time, different aspects of stars and the resultant of it. Ed did not understand a thing of it. Finally he bought few books on astrology and learned it very well. His astrology and meditation has led him to where he was at the time I saw him last. I got no evidence to say that he had any supernatural ability at all.


I saw him only once and never been to him again. Personally I don’t like astrology and all those kind of things. Obviously you have the right to ask me why I went to see him. I was told he was a priest. Priests don’t learn on those things and function with these kinds of things. In fact I suspected him as a sorcerer but I could not find any evidence to it. He was in a seminary, studied for some time, and did not become a priest.

Probably he was good as an astrologer and the rest of the things, such as any superhuman powers were false. I do not think he lived for a long time because of his poor health. His family was on the decline, financially and health-wise. Very poorly maintained house and sick children, it was a pathetic condition. As I left I gave him some money and never wanted to see again.

Who changed him to become a schoolteacher and astrologer instead of a priest?

If he were not to become a priest, why he had to go to seminary

and then drop out.

If he really wanted to become a priest, at any cost he should have continued in the Seminary. He personally opted out of priesthood.

Did he change his destiny?

I know another drop out from a seminary who, became an

accounts officer of an establishment. He deliberately came out because he could not accommodate with his seminary life style.

Many jump out of seminary after getting good education at free of cost. Though Seminaries are very cautious in choosing the candidates, there are many wise guys who wish to exploit the opportunities.

To know exactly whether fate is playing any part, it is not an easy thing. If you strictly go by your natural abilities or aptitude and end up where ever it takes you that may be your destiny. If you work hard like Abraham Lincoln, Constantine and Napoleon you may change your destiny. The point is how many work hard so much like them.

Man is basically corrupt and lazy but if you work hard, you are sure to have some success. If you have some vices, undisciplined life style and laziness you will end up in total failure. In other words you reap what you sow. If natural calamities throw you off the track you cannot progress as you expect.

When you fall sick and becomes necessary to see a doctor, the first thing they are going to find out is – whether it is hereditary. Why disease has to come by hereditary. Then they will say it is the gene. What is gene? Gene is the segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain; it can include regions preceding and following the coding DNA as well as introns between the exons; it is considered a unit of heredity. This is interesting – what has come first, the chicken or the egg?


Children inherit the resemblances, talents and skin color even bad habits of their parents. Is this called hereditary?

One thing I have noticed is the hereditary characters of sickness is transmitted through 3-4 generations and some times the descendents discontinued. Though medically they might explain what went wrong, it gives us to suspect something beyond.

Deuteronomy 28: 15Curses for Disobedience

“But if you will not obey the voice of the LORD your God or, be careful to do all his commandments and his statutes that I command you today, then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you”

The modern terminology “Consequence” replaces punishments and curses as a result, the listener is very much not serious about the outcome of what he is doing. This worldly life is miserable for the good and bad people. If that is the case, why one should be good? You will suffer more for the wickedness you do.

When I was in High School I heard of a police Inspector being stabbed to death. I knew his father who was a junior officer. When his son a senior officer was killed his father said, “I deserve it” He belonged to a Hindu family. Even a Christian would not confess like that in public.

This father killed a man while he was on duty. He skipped from his duty and killed the man. When the enquiry came, they found this man was on duty about twenty miles away, so he could not have killed. Though the father escaped the judiciary he could not escape before God.

twenty miles away, so he could not have killed. Though the father escaped the judiciary he


If you look at the above diagram you can see how the hereditary works. The hereditary becomes worse because of your own mistake. You may or may not agree to this, but it looks like it could happen.

If you can be the heir of your parents for their wealth, you can be the heir of their blessings and misfortunes too. The only way out is to lead a righteous life and stay away from all kindness of wickedness. If you have confidence in prayers, you can pray for your ancestor’s disobedience to God’s Commandments. A constant prayer will get you great relief in due course of time. Why Hindus conduct such religious rites? The spirit of their ancestors will have rest in peace.

Samson is considered as a mighty hero, world wide, though he was a Jew. He was a judge for 20 years in Israel; during those periods there were no kings.

an outlaw, drunkard and a womanizer. He was

supposed to live as a nazirite (a person who had taken strict religious vows) but he was a total failure for which he had to pay the price.


lived like

Is there such a thing as fate, if there is can you change it?

Published: Dec 04, 2015