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I have met LUCA NICOLAESCU in 2013, when I became his teacher for
Romanian language and literature, at I.L.Caragiale National College Bucureti.
Step by step I have discovered that Luca has a complex personality, both
during the classes and also during many discussions we had outside the classes.
During the literature classes his comments on the texts we were studying were
quite unique, having most of the times and original vision and often different from
his colleagues'. He managed to express his ideas in a well structured and good
argumented way, due to his analytical thinking, which is extremely well
Being perseverent, outspoken and willing to express himself, he can
definitely be an active member within a team. This became quite obvious to me
during a case-study which he presented in front of the class, together with three of
his colleagues. He took tasks by his own will, accepting and understanding that a
qualitative increase of his knowledge cannot be made otherwise than by his own
experience. He has real traits for artistic domains, especially cinema and cinema
related areas. Every year he joined the club I was organising outside the highschool
classes - "Teenagers and cinema" (a project realised under the supervision and with
the help of NexT Cultural Society and the French Embassy Cultural Activities
Service). During this course he also had the chance to attend an film editing
module, for which he applied and got accepted.
He has the power and the wisdom to accept his own mistakes, and he is
coherently adjusting himself to constructive criticism. Luca is open minded and he
is willing to accept challenges, especially in the field he has chosen, trying to reach
the independence he needs in order to express himself. I do think that he will adapt

easily to a multicultural environment, moreover as last year he has chosen and

attended the Young Filmmakers Academy at MET Film School.
Due to the fact that his personality is quite remarkable in this moment, he is
able to evaluate himself and the situation rather objectively. Under the pressure of
a strict deadline he manages to control his emotions and he is working towards the
optimal solution. Commitment might be a word, in my opinion, which could define
him him quite accurately.
The studies he has chosen to follow will definitely help him in structuring
the knowledge he already accomplished, in developing his personality, in enabling
him to answer properly to any problems or obstacles he might find on his way.
I am totally convinced that Luca has the necessary drive and intellectual
tools to achieve performance in cinema, his choice being one considerably thought
over and over in time and not taken on the spur of a moment. In my opinion his
grade at the final exam (bacalaureat exam is taken at three different subjects) his
grade will be over 8.80.
Having said all the above, I warmheartedly and strongly commend Luca
Nicolaescu for your University studies.

Romanian Language and Literature Professor

Luminia Paraipan