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TALK ON KINDNESS by Donald Ray King March 25, 1937

There is one activity that has been brought to my attention of late which seems to be of more importance than any other thing in the world, as far as maintaining happiness in our own lives is concerned. It is the radiation of kindness; for what we send out we inevitably receive back.

In other words: ‚As ye sow, so shall ye reap‛.

Therefore, it seems to me very important that each one of us should three times a day or more, call to our Presence in a mann er something like this: ‚Oh, ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ I call unto you to take charge of my human activity! See that I never send out an atom of unkindness, knowingly our unknowingly to any Child of the Light in the Universe‛. Do you realize, that the reason we have unhappiness in our world and people do things to us that make us unhappy, is

because at some time, we have sent out the same feeling to some other one of God’s children?

Therefore, it behooves us to give conscious definite attention to this particular point, for I see clearly as I have never seen in my Life before, that unless I and every other student of the ‚I

AM‛ – and every one on earth do this, we can not expect happiness in our own lives.

I feel that I cannot find words to make this point as strong to every one of you, as I feel it in

my heart. Therefore, I call to Saint Germain to come forth and write this Law in letters of Living

Fire in the hearts and minds of all the students of the ‚I AM‛ forever.

I know that this is the root of ninety -nine percent of the unhappiness of mankind. Let each

and every one of us call on the Law of Forgiveness, that our past momentum of these undesirable thoughts and feelings can be consumed; that this energy be released into the Service of the Light; and whatever balance the Divine Law requires us to make for the wrong we have done in the past,

may be made harmoniously.

There is a Great Mercy in the Divine Law, by which, through the activity of the Law of Forgiveness, we can make restitution for our past c reated discord in an harmonious way. In other words, if we have sent out hate to someone in the past, it does not mean that we must receive that much hate in return before we can make the balance to the Law; but rather, that we can give balance or off-set our past discordant momentum through service in an harmonious way. If any one of you had any concept of the tremendous discordant momentum everyone has built up in the past, you would realize this is the greatest Divine Mercy that could be bestowed upon mankind.

I feel to-night, that as in all the other Groups we have attended, someone must dictate and I

do not want to take one moment of time from any one of the Beloved Ascended Ones who wishes to speak to you. I feel that I have brought forth the one most important point which has been

shown me in a long time, and I hope it may help you.