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Signs Of The Zodiac Astrological Characteristics Of The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac Esoteric Bible Study ANTRODUCTION "When I seviously believe a thing, I say a0 in a fev words, leaving the reader to determine what my belief is worth. But I docnot choose to tamper dom every ez- Preeeton of personal opinion inte courteous generalities. Let ua leam to apeak plainly and Intel vigitty firet, and, tf may be, gracefully aftersards." John Ruskin. Neboter's Hew International Dictionary makes thie atatenent: "Astrology thus became a parent of modern Aatronomy-—by fumtshing a poverful motive for the study of natural phenonena.” Likewise, today, Astrology furnishes a powerful motive for the otudy of human nature. Astrology, the oldest ectence, should aid man most. Zodiae comes from the Greek Word Zodton, maartng a snalt arimal zootype, or Living eymbol of the microocanio Uf of nan ‘of mei, who ta indead mada in tha image and likeness of the Divine Man pictured in the cosmic heavens. Man's Little physical body ia a miniature copy of the utivereal body of God, The great prophets of the Bible inew about this science, as we find the word astrologer ta mentioned five tines therein; four én Dantel and once in Inatch. Hebrewa found the art ancient in Babylon and Egypt when they began thetr cojoum in thoce cowmtries. Seth (who lived about 3769 8.C.) was the world's firet astrologer. For he te mentioned in the texte of certain of the anctent Arabic, Perotan, Egyptian and Jou- tah urétere. Josephus, for exmple, tells us that the seienes of the etare origin- ated in the family of Seth (antiquities,, 5, p. 37). Seth discovered that the Sun in, the couree of it's amual goumey describes a cirele in the heavene--a cir ote which te spaced out by welve Full Moone which occur monthly in succession with- ‘in the epan of a single year. He called theee (tuelve divisions or constellations or signs) Hassaroth: (Canst thou bring forth Massaroth in hie eeanan? or canst thou guide Arcturus with hie cone?" -- Job XAXVIET, 32). For further references to astrology in the Bible, the reader may read: Genesis I:14; Judges ¥:295 dob XXXVIII; Paalms VII:3-136; Teatah XIII:10; Jere~ math XXX: 36; Enokiel XXXII:7; Dantel XII:8; Joel 1:10; Luke XXI:25s Revelation HRII:13 Geneste XLVII:8-873 Deuteronomy XXKIZI: 20. In the ¢9th chapter of Gonasis, Jacob - in blessing his 12 sons - gives the attributes of those bom wider the 12 signa of the Zodiac. one of the most interasting Of alt the aymboto that reveat the she 3 The dawn. aria as Rabove of the god mid sewiow Eoudwon Furnbadt sade Y peatag: of the Sus tere Sho ewluc dipperens eigas of the Kemaclen, wipreerite ts Torkos Hsieatien for “Ihe Soul's (Ego's) kietory ta written in the stare" A. B. Kinga ford wrote a- THERE WAS ATIME WHEN MAGICIANS HAD AS MUCH A PLACE IN THE WORLD AS THE MERCHANT, THE SOLDIER, THE ARTIST AND. EVEN THE DOCTOR. LINE THESE, THE MAGICIAN TOO, WAS AC KNOWLEOGED AS BEING 0 SOLID AND NECESSARY MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY AND WAS A VERY RESPECTED PERSON. AGE INTHE COURTS OF THE WORLD. HIS JOB WAS TO INTER: PRET DREAMS, TO CAST HOROSCOPES AND TO READ THE. STARS WHICH WOULD TELL MANY THINGS... WHEN WARS SMOULD BE STARTED, Win WOULD HAPPEN To A NEW-BORN PRINCE, OR THE FATE OF AKING. HE ALSO CAST SPELLS. DIS~ RUPTED EVIL SPIRITS OR CALLED THEM TO 0 HIS BIDDING. NATURALLY, A MAN WHO WAS ABLE TO DOTHESE THINGS HELO AGREAT DEAL OF POWER AND WHS A150 GREATLY FEARED. TODAY MAGIC HAS LARGELY BEEN REPLACED BY SCIENCE AND MEDICINE AND MAGIC AS SUCH, IS NOW CONSIDERED NO MORE THAN AN OLD CREEPY COB-WESBED THING OF THE LONG AND DISTANT PAST. BUT IN STRANGE CORNERS HERE AND THERE OVER THE EARTH, MAGICIANS DO STILL EXIST AND DO STILL PLY TWEIR TRADE LIST AS THEY OIDIN ALADDIN'S DAY AND JUST AS THEN, THEY USE THE SAME TRIED AND TRUE TOO.S OF THEIR TRADE. WANDS, OBGGERS, NAMES, IABGIE CIRCLES, NUMBERS, ROBES, CUPS AND PLATES, AND YES, EVEN MAGIC CATS - ~2. The Ancient Masters satd, "Ae above, eo belov." It vas that master thinker, Emerson, who said: "A man docs not tie hie shoe string without employing the Lave which bind the far thest regions of Nature. Moon, plant, gas, erystal--are con- crete geonetry and members. The Divine calculations never rest nor linger. Every moment instructs and every object; for wisdom is infused in every form. He who knous vhat auects and virtues are in the gromd, the plants, the heavens--and how to come at these enchantments, he is the rich and royal man." This is exactly hat Astrology is teaching and proving. the late celebrated Professor Pupin of Columbia Univer etty eaid, “Every star in the heavens conmmicates vith every other etar and with man." ‘The stars impel, but do not compel. The Zodiakos, representa the Macrocosm, and man's body corresponds to it. Nan's body is composed on the physical plane to receive and respond to the impressions from the wit whole. The mys— tory of Life will baffle the intellect mtil thie te realized. The Maerocoam and the Microcosm operate ad correspond to a wiform mathematical ta» whether from plant or planet, angle-vorm or angel, from the vegetation which car pets the Earth to the stave ukich gom the oky. The great tesson man must learn is to intellectualize sensible products to their occult amalogy, Man will then begin to discover everyshere the One Lay of the Hacro- coum. This fact is naw coming to be observed in the researches of modern physics. Nan ia an infinitely compounded wit, a Living mirror of the witverse. The Zodiakos is our clock of destiny. Out of this work of the Ancient Astrologers, the Zediakos became the Wheel of Life, and out of the Wheel of Life logically emerged the Tarot, also the Wheel of Life; and it vas used by the Anciont Masters to teach the man of darknesa the nature of Life and the conatitutton of Man. And that is the origin and the source of the only science the world has ever had that daals intelligently and systematically with Anthropology, Biology, Poychology, Physiology and Pathology. Concerning the Wheel of Life, Ouspensky wrote: "and I heard the voice of the animale of Zarathustra: "Everything goes, everything retums: eternally rolls the wheel of being. “tevorything dias, everything blocaons forth again: etemally mma the year of being. "Siapverything breaks, everything 2e wited anev; dternally builds itself the sare house of betng. "“"Everythinggparts, everything meets again; the ring of being remains eternally true to itself. "Being begins in every Nou, around every Here rolls the sphere of There. The middle te everywhere. Cirewlar is the Path of Eterntty." The Lediakes is the Wheel of Life. It ia a complicated symbol that vas formi- lated by the Ancient Astrologers after ages of research and discovery disclosed man's relation to the Universe. The Zodéakos is a chart that represents the perpetual motion of the fluidic witverese and the flus of hunan life. SIGNS OF THE ZODLAC ‘THE PLANETS > oor > SATUBN Oo uexcuny = JUPITER © ww @ venus Hecial side of es the student is own spirit” Spel Techs" 17,1951 eaten, ILLUS WS > WOODS, CEMRAR« MUCUS Mie Pe WL, AKOHOL, der a) > Ay SOF yD ROGEN Mita G5, . JF ee gts USEF, Mag, tie %, FO BO Oe adc Oh. % & an 5° as re: *% all grades j{ | up “to the / S INFINITE. / GRADATION OF ELEMENTS «i FORCES. 6. SERUTH WEARS. NOMA ‘Bowe AT No HUMAN « SEEKS NEITHER PLACE source Ss “Occultiom i the ine Spiituaksm, and teac the lateat powers of — Sil Ha. "Mat ™ ELECTRO-MAGNETIC BIO- CHEMICAL RAYS ‘The scraps of ancient scriptures that have come dom to us show that in the Golden Age of Man, when Astrological Science and Ancient Philosophy walked hand= in-hand in perfect harmony, she fundarental principles of Creation were formulated by the Ancient Masters and presented in the Ageless Wisdom, preserved in the Bible symbology and allegory and in other ancient literature. nd it is lew that ‘the Created must resemble the Creator in character if not in degree. "As above, so below." The Ageless Wiscom taught the secret of Life, and explained the mysterious door open in heaven (Rev. 4:1), the Silver Cord, Golden Bowl (Eccl. 3218), and Jacob's Ladder (Gon. 28:12). Many of the fables concerning Moses, Zoe Jehan aod other pibtical gnasec _Samman_ ar 1d position of man in relation to everything above ‘It shows the comesition 2 ‘Et shows that man-is-the pivot, the fulcrum, the andibelow, inside and outside. Of the world. It shows that-evarything- balance wheel and the microcosm rae elena Sone twelve 2oalad Ban = the elements of a language that surpasses in ve an 2 or religion, and with which the jargon of phil~ accuracy any Language of écieno csophy camot be compered. n the names stand, are the principles of a science ‘The twelve points for whid a5 startling a5 the modem discovery of the Endo- a corcain a= mmthennticy, and man's . mbol of the Masters thru which man can com in ‘The Zodiac is the great sy t he has lost—wisdom that has been destroyed by contact with ancient wisdom tha ‘tyrants of past ages. ‘the church, and the despots and ough the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac was the basis ‘The passage of the Sun thr uho studied the trail of Man es traveling thru the of the Science of the Masters, ny mansions—John 14:2,3) of the Zodiac during the ‘Twelve Houses of Polarities (na and, in each house, experiencing a valuable lesson. days of his earthly existence, earth passes through the range of a Constellation, In its great cireuit, the years. During that period of time, the annual represented by a cycle of 2,160 occurs in the same zodiac sign. In each Grand birth of the Sun (Decesber 25) h passes through al} the Twelve Houses just as Cycle af 25,868 years, the Eart 5.25 days. the Sun goes through thes in 36 haldeans had of the stars for a space of ‘Cicero declared that the C ne rato ann iy (Geomayeny Srotneclens by tet panglonions 7 to years. + records were brought to by Seth, Enoch, Noah Othere assert that still older a period of thousands of years, the ‘Cicero asserted that, over ) of all children among them, and from this ‘kept the (horoscopes effects on man of the of the huge mass of data, calculated t eS mass was not developed as a dogmatic belief, nor to This science of the Stars but derived its establishment from thousands support a preconceived . of the highest 7 years of careful ii . the doctrine of the ascending Macro- Ezekiel's wheels deal with The Individual Consciousness ARIES Positive or Male Starts March 22 Ends April 20 Ran ) Meaning to charge Ram's Face) Attack by impulsive thrust Mental re-actions Anbitious, executive, earnest, determined, impulsive, headstrong, ‘inclined to go to extremes, strong likes or dislikes, leaders, all the world is new to them, like new undertakings, pioneers. Best - Leadership, quick response to duty. Qualities: Worst - Interfering in the affairs of others. Minerals: Phosphate of Potash, 250 gr., synonyms: Potassium phosphate, kali phosphoricum, potassti phosphos. Required by the brain cells, ner vous system, the source of the Use of Vital Energy and brain power Vegetables: Dandelion, watercress, parsley, dill, asparagus, swiss chard, en- dive, spinach, mustard greens, beets, eggplant, celery, lima beans ad-heans »_m tthe leaf Watermelon, strawberries, prunes, gooseterries, apricots, apples, Fruits: and tomatoes. Rye crisp, caroway seed. Cereals: Sea Food Fresh fish, oyster, liver, beef, chicken. and Heats: Raw sugar, chocolate, maple sugar, molasses. Sweets: Dairy Milk, butter, buttermilk, skim milk, cottage cheese, average Products: cheese, eggs. Light red. Tends to warmth and excitement, for purpose of har- Color: monizing with the radiant energy. Daisy The color, flower, perfume, gem and musical tone Flower: are designed to harmonize the human being with Purple Lilac its environment as indicated by its conscious- Perfume: ness, and should be used accordingly. Amethyst Gem: The color blend indicates the individual attitude Musical High C that is named while the flower blends with the Tone: Aura; the perfume with the body odor; and the gem Iron with the body's vibratory influence. The musical Metals: tone tends to bring to pass consonance with the Mars Vital Energy. hile other units may be used with Ruler: I am,, good grace, those named are most effective in Typical are you? their influence for the enhancement and attrac- Expression: tiveness of the person. Disciple of Peter Jesus: Sons of Benjamin Jacob: Hebrew Ayar Calendar: others. Aries wonen prefer work outside the hom. Aries nen seldom cccupy a minor position in occupation, meeting with rapid Promtion. Being determined and aggressive, and having native executive ability, ‘they succeed in whatever they attempt. Aries people are romantic, and their emotions and feelings are intense. Be- ing a fire sign, love is a mst important factor to Aries natives. They crave affection and sympathy, and because they idealize their mates they often met great disappointment or disillusioment in their love affairs. Very often Aries @ horoscope for any person, it is necessary to point out the fact In making n has a positive and negative aspect, and to point out the negative that every sig at they can be studiously avoided. Every fault and shortcoming can elements $0 th in the cultivation of true, positive aspects. ‘The stars impel but be eliminated »" and every situation and circumstance in life may be mastered ‘they do not co inte a worthy factor in life. and transmuted ‘negative aspects of the Aries character are impulsiveness, impat- The chief ness on one hand and unworthy generosity on the other. Tgotism, i i evenge are sonctines found, “Lack of concentrated application of k of patience seribusly hinder some Aries natives. Stubbornness, — t: ———— ne TS more Cen et ie ee Stemi i 3) $$ Fo eee BD ae FTG NS eo SeNere. —“Saking for everyone areand” ashings- ae AMES. COEC-CESHINS, rage oT Qualities. Worst: Minerals: Vegetables: Fruits: Sea Food & Meat: Dairy Products: Color: Flower: Perfume: Gem: Musical Tone: Metals: Ruler: The Individual Consciousness TAURUS Negative or Fenale Starts April 21, Ends May 21 Bull ) Stubbornness } Must be led by kindness Persistant, strong-willed, gentle, kind, practical, exact and care ful in what they do, sullen and stubborn if crossed, furious and unyielding if angered; affectionate; make good husbands, wives. good providers, good things to eat. Patience and love of peace. Stubbomess personified when crossed. Sulphate of Soda. Sulphate Sodium, 1 oz. 170 gr., synonyms: Nat- rum sulphate, sodae of sodii.sulphus, sodium sulphuricum, glauber salts. Required by the tissues and fluids of the body. Watercress, turnips, radish, brussel sprouts, savory, cabbage, kale, spinach, carrots, celery, romaine, lettuce, swiss chard, lentils, lima beans, dry and green. Cranberries, raspberries, black figs, watermelon, tomato, peaches, strawberries, banana, apple and cherries. Oysters, fresh salmon, liver, beef, pork, chicken, Milk, butter, buttermilk, cheese, eggs. Dark Yellow. Inclines toward invigorating and resting the nervous system. Violet The color, flower, perfume, gem and musical tone are designed to harmonize the human being with Heliotrope its environment as indicated by its consefousness, and should be used accordingly. Moss Agate The color blend indicates the individual atti tude Low E that is named, while the flower blends with the Aura, the perfume with the body odor, and the gen Copper with the body's vibratory influence.” The musical tone tends to bring to pass consonance with the Venus Vital Energy. While other units may be used with good grace, those named are most effective in engineers. i military as well as in business and indus’ life. The women of Taurus make excellent teachers, and children love then. Woren of Taurus make good dressnakers and milliners, as well as efficient cashiers and book-keepers. Many succeed as writers and actresses. ‘The good memory of Taurus makes many of its natives excell in chenistry and boteny, literature and mathematics. Taurus natives operate under Slow-but-cure methods, but they can take great responsibility. The combination of engineering and business ability gives success to Taurus men in lines of trans- portation and mechanical work. Taurus men are seldom architects, but they make good builders, just as they make good musicians but are seldom composers. Taurus natives are born during the year's mating season, and Venus being the sign's ruler, love is very important to the native of Taurus. Taurus natives are usually great favorites with those of the opposite sex. They make an easy-going mate, and love deeply but once in Hfe. The fidelity of the Taurean is proverbial. ‘They are steadfast and loyal and consider marriage at a youthful age, but usually marry Later which is much better. Happy Taurus narelages are made with Capricom (December 21January 20), Vire go (August 22-Septenber 23), and Scorpio (October 23-Novenber 22). hen a Taurus native marries in signs other than these the marriage is unhappy and the children die in infancy. Capricom is practical enough to please Taurus; Scorpio likes the flattery and pretty speeches of Taurus. ‘The quick temper of Aries and the obstin- acy of Taurus do not mix well. Gemini feels intellectually superior to Taurus . but they excell most in work or profession which can be done in the in ‘Yane spstettien of mes She. NAM Atte oe BURUE Wai at mie 4 deal de ton : Husi poasesrtone ove OF one's saves thee bs nuvely, baerding oh GEMINI Positive or Male Starts Mav 2? Ende June 29 The Individual Consciousness micitien, inclined te go te extrem, active mentality AYE, Gan change raaidly. ven see bork vides ef quessien Ready adaptation to change. inuity in all activity. They change rapidly. Seem to inner voices = one says do this, the other says do not Potash or Potassium, 376 gr., synonyms: Kali muriaticu um, kali chloridum, potassi chloridum. Required by nd tissues. eets, cabbage, celery, kale, lettuce, parsnips, radish ato, carrot, asparagus, string beans, dandelion, en- chard, parsley, turnip, peas, sorrel. » cherries, grapes, peaches, red raspberries, bananas, termelon, strawberries, prunes, huckleberries. bread. buttermilk, skim milk, butter, cottage cheese, eggs, se ,oleo. Tends to overcone nervousness. The color, flower, perfume, gen and musical tone are designed to harmonize the human being with its environment as indicated by its consciousness and should be used accordingly. The color blend indicates the individual attitude that is named, while the flower blends with the s the verfume with .the body_odar: and the aem Saatat reeaction: Best: Qualities-— Worst: Minerals: Vegetables: Fruits: Cereals: Sweets: Dairy Products: Color: Flower: Perfume: Gem: Musical Tone: Dugtistic, & euick res Versatility. Lack of cont possess two Chloride of kali chlorat the fibers a Cucumbers, b spinach, tom dive, swiss Blackberries apricots, wa Whole Wheat. Molasses. Goat's milk, average’ chee Light violet Rose Lillies of the Valley Bery) High B Disciple of ~ Jesus: Sons of Jaco Hebrew Calandar: -19- in this sign. Native of this eign ate usually successful in business, particular ly if the Business is more mental than manual. ‘hey are excellent managers and ganizers, and their artistic abilities are practical enough to give then an in- stinctive showmanship in the theatrical field. Music and acting, oratory and the ministry all offer success to the Leo native. Leo natives make excellent phys- » biologists and naturalists, and many become military and govern- mental officers.” Mary also succoed in the feod Lines, catering, ete. ‘The women of Leo are model housekeepers and although they are excellent cooks and caterers, they seldom seek employment outside their hone. They make skillful and efficient murses and many actresses of the heavy-erotional type are Leo nat~ ives, The sign Leo governs the heart and no other Zodiacal native has so many affairs of the heart as the Leo native. Leo natives are governed by the heart and not the head, and they are especially dependent upon love and affectio. As a rule their love is loyal avd intense, and should not be trified with, Leo natives harmonize in marriage with natives of most of the Zodiacal signs except Cancer and Pisces; natives of Capricorn, Scorpio and Aquarius also are not lunually the best to combine with, although a comercial partnership with Cancer (June ae July 22) is mutually profitable. Other adjustments being made. loyal affectionate and home-loving Leo and Aquarius (deorury 19. demuary 203 sometimes are happily married. Marriage of a Leo native is best with one bom in Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) or Aries (March 21 - April 19). Leo and Virgo Chugust 22 — Septenber 23) make for vell-balance—the calm, quiet analytical menner of Virgo would balance the impulsive, impetuous Leo. In making a horoscope for any person, it is necessary to point out the fact ‘that every sign has a positive and negative aspect, and to point out the negative elements so that they can be studiously avoided. Every fault and shortcoming can be eliminated in the cultivation of true, positive aspects. "The stars impel but they eo not compel. " and every situation and circumstance in life may be mastered and transmuted into a worthy factor in life. Negative Leo natives possess many grave faults, notwithstanding meny of the greatest people of history are bom in this sign. Leo governing the heart, its natives are controlled nore by the heart than the head, and get into many troubles as a consequence of this, particularly ‘the negative native whose unbridled pas- sions and fiery temper causes mich trouble. ‘Although Leo natives are kind and sympathetic generally, the negatives be- come violently enraged when imposed upon. They possess violent and unreasonable Prejudices against certain people and certain things. ‘A domineering attitude must be guarded against, likewise an extravagant one. Negative Leo natives also have to guard against periods of of despondency. And they must not act too mich in private, notwithstanding they make good public actors. Certain of the less balanced Leo natives suffer an infallibitity conplex thru which they believe themselves different than other mortals. Self control is the great lesson of the Leo natives. They must leam to curb the passions of the flesh and not to dissipate mental-enctional energies in learning to control and vule their lover natures. BO OONSCIOUSNESS Bible References: ‘Third Chapter of Teh, 8th and Sth Chapter of Daniel. 1th and 11th Chapter of Daniel. feinhitR teh Ric RR RR kan kh ce Rk ARR RAR RR ARR "Is Life an accident in space, or is it governed by laws?" {edhe doe okie deo ined deed i edie kde dee id +27- Mental Reaction: Best: Qualities- Worst: Minerals: Vegetables: Fruits: Cereal: Meats & Fish: Sweets: Dai ry Products: Color: Flower: Perfume: Gem: Musical Tone: Metals: Typical Expression: Disciple of Jesus: Sons of Jacob: Hebrew Calendar: The Individual Consciousness VIRGO Negative or Feminine Starts August 24, Ends September 23 A virgin with a sheaf of com Discrimination and criticism Critical, practical, systematic, thoughtful, inventive, scientific; good planners and designers, strong on detail, constant readers, good cooks, natural chemists. Analytical ability, Making fine chemists, being accurate in work. Criticism, Critical tendency unless modified, leads to nagging. Sulphate of Potash, 400 gr., synonyms: Potassium sulphate, kali Sulphos, potassae Sulphos, kali sulphate. Required by the blood. Watercress, turnip, radish, celery, brussel sprouts, asparagus, cu- cunbers, beets, dandelion, kale, carrot, cauliflour, lettuce, par- snips, Sorrel, swiss chard, endive, parsley, peas, dried beans, len- tils, lima beans, soy beans, string beans, mushroons. Cranberries, raspberries, black figs, blackberries, cherries, water- melon, huckleberries, peaches, prunes. Barley, buckwheat, yellow cornmeal, whole oats, rice, bran rice, rye crisp, whole rye, bran rye, bran wheat, caroway seed. Beef, chicken, liver, brain, fish (all), oysters. Raw sugar, molasses, chocolate. Cow's milk, goat's milk, buttermilk, skim milk, cottage cheese, eggs. Dark violet. A cool color, tending toward resting the nervous. Morning Glory. The color, flower, perfume, gem and musical tone are designed to harmonize the human being with Jasmine. its environment as indicated by its consciousness and should be used accordingly. Jasper. The color blend indicates the individual attitude Low 8. that is named, while the flower blends with the Aura; the perfume with the body odor; and the gem Mercury. with the body's vibratory influence. The musical tone tends to bring to pass consonance with the How? Vital Energy. While other units may be used with goad grace, those named are most effective in Thomas . their influence for the enhancement and attrac- tiveness of the person. Asher. Tishree. -28- ASTROLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS Of Persons Born in VIRGO, The Vingin (August 22 to Septenber 23 of any year) Ruling Planet, Mercury; Governs, Intestines; Day, Wednesday; Color, Dark Violet; Metal, Quick Silver; Element, Earth; Location, Middle of Block, away from cross- roads, near water and garden. Vingo, the 6th sign of the Zodiac (earth, mutable) is the sign of the precti- cal, material~ninded physical plane activity and governs work and science. Per- sons born in this sign are practical, methodical and industrious in taste and habit The mind of this native is analytical and discriminating. They are active both physically and mentally and are not easily contented; it seeks comfort and secu~ ity but rarely enjoys either. (Virgo children are very mischievous). Being con- servative in their opinions, they are seldom originators or creators. Virgo na- tives are students by nature and are great readers, and although they borrow and adapt knowledge more than originate it, they use the material cleverly. Men of Virgo lean more to intellectual pursuits than women of the sign who are usually most interested in dress, adornment and society, often becoming leaders in fashion. Both woren and men dress well. They aspire to, and usually get the best things of Life. They recover very quickly from loss and disappointment. Virgo natives are artistic, especially musical. They are fond of hone and family. Their problens are chiefly of monetary nature. ‘The Virgo individual is physically thin and active, well-formed, average or Slightly taller in height. The head is well-developed, the face is full with a broad forehead. The hair is usually (light? brown, eyes blue or brow. People bom in the first decanate of Virgo, the last 10 days of August, are predominantly calculating and mental. The governing star of this constellation is the speedy Arcturus, known as the runaway star. Mental activities of natives of this decanate must be properly harnessed for use. ‘Those born in the 2nd decanate of Virgo, (September 3-13), are ruled by Sat- um, and some of the finest, most thoro and practical natives are found here. ‘They usually rise in life by their own efforts; mmy are scientists. ‘Those born in the 3rd decanate, or last 10 days of the sign, work best in the realm of service and a noble cause. They are usually less chaste than other Virgo natives. Physically, the Virgo native is the freest from disease in the whole Zodiac, but they take more medicine for their imaginary ills than most of the other signs put together. Virgo governs the lower stomach and intestines, and hence assim- ilation and metabolism. Virgo natives are fond of eating, and are susceptible to ailments of the bowels, uterine and blood disorders, also throat and eye infec tions. Worry must be guarded against. Altho the Virgo native is rot robust, he is strong and wiry and lives to a great age usually. Natives of Virgo succeed in general commercial or mercantile work. The sign produces many successful business and professional men; many of the best lawyers, lecturers and teachers are born in this sign. Many artists, sculptors and msi~ clans are also born in Virgo. Many Virgo natives become « » and sone of the fastest proof-readers are of this sign. Their analytical ability is often expres- sed in the work of book and dramatic critic. These natives excell in chemistry and dietetics. Marital and business partnerships of Virgo natives are best with their own sign if both are of the same cultural development. Capricomians, (Decenber 21- January 20) make excellent partners for the Virgo native and Taurus (April 19- Nay 20) also do well. A Pisces native meets the intellectual requirenents of the Virgo native. Virgo natives are never happy united to persons bom in fire or air signs. The Virgo native is fickle and capricious in his love affairs, perhaps accen- ‘tuated by the natural chastity of the individual. The greatest majority of un- -29- a wens’ LIBRA _| Mental Re-action: Best: Qualities- Worst: Minerals: Vegetables: Fruits: Nuts: Cereals: Meats & Fish: Dairy Products: Color: Flower: Perfume: Gem: Musical Tone: Metals: Ruler: Typical Expression: Disciple of Jesus: Sons of Jacob: Hebrew Calendar: The Individual Consciousness LIBRA Positive or Male Starts September 24, Ends October 23 Pair of scales. Balancing al] things mental before acting upon any undertaking. Cheerful, generous, hopeful, kind, affectionate, self-confident; loves peace, harmony, and artistic things, trying to balance things in life, natural gamblers, not revengeful, forgive easily. Justice. They feel a balance in their own consciousness. Desire for praise. They seem to require someone to put the stamp of approval on then. Phosphate of Soda, 250 gr., synonyms: Phosphorus, natrum phosphate, sodium phosphate, phosphos natricus, sodae phosphate. Needed by the brain cells and nervous system--the physical source of Vital Energy. Spinach, radish, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, celery, romaine, let- tuce, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, cauliflour, kale, peas, water- cress, tumips, corn on cobs, lentils, green lima beans. Blackberries, cherries, peaches, prunes, raspberries, strawberries, dates, black figs, watermelon, bananas. Almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts. Whole wheat bread. Chicken, fish, oysters. Milk, butter, buttermilk, skin milk, average cheese, whale egg. Light yellow. Inspires and illuminates with a tendency toward sooth- ing the nerves. Goldenrod. The color, flower, perfume, gem and musical tone are designed to harmonize the human being with Anber. its environment as indicated by its consciousness, and should be used accordingly. Diamond. The color blend indicates the individual attitude High E. that is named, while the flower blends with the Aura; the perfume with the body odors and the gem Copper. with the body's vibratory influence. The musical tone tends to bring to pass consonance with the Venus. Vital Energy. While other units may be used with good grace, those named are most effective in Will it their influence for the enhancement and attrac- balance? tiveness of the person. Barthol mew. Dan. Heshvan -31-