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Recollection 2015-2016 (#1)

Module: Gods Love through other people (such as Family

and Friends)
Opening Prayer
Create your own activity either Games, Q&A etc
House Rules:
Gadgets must be in silent mode (such as cell phones, tablet,
laptop etc)
The door is open to those who are not willing to attend this
recollection; he/she might disturb the students.
Silence must be planted in the beginning of the session.

Module 1: Me and My Family (45 minutes)

Gospel of St. Luke (22: 16)
He said to them, when I sent you out without purse or
haversack or sandals were youre short of anything?
Guide questions for REFLECTION:
Have you experienced crisis in your life?
Then how you will define it? Have you ever seen Gods
presence when you are in difficult times?
What does your family in dealing with your problems?
Activity 1: Sharing (15 minutes)
Ask them to form a numbers of people 3-5. (10
Each group must have a leader and secretary.
Big Group Sharing- Each group must chose one member to
share their general experiences about their life.

Synthesis: Give the main Idea of the Activity.

-Ice Breaker- Shout out your salt.
Rule: The class must form four groups and each of
group must choose a voice or sound of any animals that will be
their noise. Then, the facilitator point each of them while singing
the (you can create your own song) song Mag tanim ay Hindi

Module 2: Experiencing Gods love in the society. (45

From the Gospel of St. Matthew (23:39)
The second resembles it: You must love your neighbor
as yourself.
Guide questions for REFLECTION:
Do I experience the love of God in neighbor? Such as Friends,
Does Gods goodness exist in the society? How do I love my
neighbor, or friends or classmates? How do I show to them the
compassionate love of Christ Jesus?

Activity 2: Sharing (15 minutes)

Generalization from each group.
Ask them to write and create a saying for their friends
or classmates and neighbors.
Ask them to share what he/she have written.
Synthesis: Give the main Idea of the Activity.
Module 3: God is the center of our family. (45 minutes)
A Reading from the letter of St. Paul to Colossians
(Col 3:18-21)

Wives, give way to your husbands, as you should in the Lord.

Husbands love your wives and treat them with gentleness.
Children, be obedient to your parents always, because that is
what will please the Lord. Parents never drive your children to
resentment or you will make them feel frustrated.

Guide questions for reflection:

Do I have seen the presence of God within my Family?
Do I love my parents (my mama, and papa?) Do I obey or
disobey their will?
Sharing (in a group and big group)
Activity 3: (15 minutes)
In a piece of paper the participants must draw something
that symbolizes their family.
Ask them to write a letter for their parents as related to their
symbols that they make.
Synthesis: Give the main Idea of the Activity.
Closing Prayer:
Q&A portion.