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Christians…There Are No Atheist But Only Hostility

In my article “Christians…There Are No Atheists” not surprisingly I received a reply concerning that the scriptures teach that there are no Atheists. (Romans 1:18-23) Here is there exact quote.

“One may claim to be an A-toothfairyist, one may try to persuade themselves into thinking that they are, one may convince themselves that they are, and one may tell everyone that they are. But the scriptures teach us that everyone knows just enough about the Tooth fairy to be hostile towards him. Everyone knows enough about the truth about the Tooth Fairy to seek to suppress it.

If the above paragraph seems ridiculous to you, then why should the same paragraph make sense when referring to a “god”?”

This actually sounds kind of plausible. Well


maybe not! First I

haven’t noticed anyone being hostile towards the Tooth Fairy. No one is really giving any evidence of the existence of a Tooth Fairy or starting up churches, organizations or a movement declaring that the Tooth Fairy is real and must be worshiped.

Keep in mind being “hostile” refers to a form or characteristic of anger as the willful refusal to accept any evidence that one’s perceptions of the world is wrong. In other words you can bring a horse to the water but you can’t make the horse drink.

Secondly, the hostility from Atheists is evidence that the idea of God or more particularly a God that will judge them is among their consciousness. It proves to me that they are running away or constantly trying to convince themselves that God’s wrath is not coming and will not be poured out on them. I don’t see any evidence that they are running from a Tooth Fairy that will pour out its wrath for all eternity.

What strikes me the most about Atheists is they claim to be all about Science. But in order for scientist to do science they must rely on scientific laws,

Mar. 11, 2010

By Jay Gheen

they must rely on their own reasoning and their reasoning can only be proved by logical laws.

Most Atheists accept these laws of logic, and science. These laws are immaterial, universal, and unchanging. These laws are unique among the natural, material, and changing world. Laws can only come from a lawgiver that has similar characteristics. God is the lawgiver. God is unique among the natural, material and changing world. God is immaterial, unchanging, and universal.

Now it is your time to repent and believe the Gospel! The wrath of God is coming!

Mar. 11, 2010

By Jay Gheen