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Navin Kumar Jaiswal
Mobile: (703) 935 3718
Associate Operations Manager IT Infrastructure Services
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Associate has more than 14 years of SAN Engineer experience in handling Enterprise Storage configuration,
implementation, maintenance and administration of various Enterprise SAN, backup, recovery, replication, migration.
Extensive experience on enterprise SAN architecture, backup and System administration on heterogeneous
environments including EMC, HP,IBM, Hitachi on Brocade, McData and Cisco Fabric.
Technical Skills:
UNIX (HP-UX 11,AIX 5.3,Linux 6.5
IBM Flash copy, Metro & Global Mirror, NetApp Snap mirror, snapvault, EMC SRDF & Time Finder snap,
Recover point, Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR), Shadow Image, and Hitachi Universal Volume Manager.
EMC Symcli , Connectrix Manager , EMC Unisphere for VMAX
HiCommand Tuning manager, Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager, Device Manager (HDVM), Hitachi Dynamic
IBM San Volume Controller (SVC), TPC, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).
Cisco Fabric Manager, Brocade DCFM
VCenter,ESXi 5.5, VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.0.1
3par Inserv Console 4.5,System reporter 3.1 MU3, HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC)
Cisco UCS Manager 2.3(3e)
Arrays- EMC DMX-3, DMX 4 1500, VMAX, VNX/Clariion CX3-81, CX4-480, 960, Celerra,
IBM DS4700, DS8100, DS8300, SVC, XIV
OpenStack Cloud Storage
Hitachi NSC55, AMS2100, AMS2300, AMS2500, 9980, USP V, USP VM series.
HP EVA 8000,XP12K &24K
3PAR InServ V400 /3.2.1 (MU1)
NetApp F800, FAS900, FAS 3160 series.
Cisco UCS B230 M2 Blades
Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects 6248UP
Sun Storagetek 6180
Tape Library-IBM 3584, StorageTek SL8500
SAN Switches-Brocade (DCX-4S-B 4800, 5000), McData (ED6140, ED6064), Cisco (MDS9509, 9120, 9513).
Professional Experience:
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Comcast Cable Communication
April 2012
Comcast Zimbra Residential Email platform provides email services to over 30 million users in US and as
part of Cognizant IT infrastructure support, Associate is currently working on this project which provides
24x7 support of IT Infrastructure which includes Linux, CentOS Servers, Brocade SAN Switches,
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Navin Kumar Jaiswal
Mobile: (703) 935 3718
Enterprise Storage arrays, Openstack Cloud, VMware 5.1/5.5 environment of approximately 700 ESXi
hosts on UCS Blades with 2000 virtual machines and 300 Openstack cloud instances across three
Setup, configure, and perform day-to-day maintenance and administration of all storage
arrays -EVA 8000,XP 12K /24K,3Par and EMC VMAX
Perform day-to-day break-fix, troubleshooting storage related tickets and capacity
planning , Provide RCA for major incidents
Configured 3par storage tiering using Adaptive Optimization, 3par management plugin for
VMware vCenter and asynchronous remote replication between multiple sites.
Maintain storage best practices and storage life cycle management including code and
firmware upgrades and balancing load across various storage components.
Provision storage devices in a heterogeneous storage environment and performance
analysis using various management tools and resolve problem tickets
Configured Auto Deploy PXE boot infrastructure and vSphere host profiles for ESXi
server builds, maintained production VMware DRS,HA and storage multipath
Build new VM hosts and managed VM resources (CPU, Memory and Disk), patch ESXi
Responsible for installation, maintenance, deployment, configuration and monitoring of
the Cisco UCS blades
Upgraded UCS firmware to 2.2(3e) and troubleshoot various hardware faults
Proactive assessment of performance and identification of potential resource bottlenecks
with VMware vRealize Operations Manager
Review ESXi logs, resolved incident tickets, respond to and investigate alerts on vCenter,
provisioned storage to datastores
Provisioned new Cloud instances with OpenStack through dashboard, command-line and
execute initial run of Puppet configuration
Performed technical operations and maintenance activities for virtualized and nonvirtualized Red Hat Linux machines.

Hanover Insurance
Jan 2012 March 2012
Configured XIV storage for new VMware ESX, HP-UX, AIX cluster servers
Setup monitoring alerts with help of Solar winds for Cisco & Brocade SAN switches,
Configured SAN health check monitoring with help of IBM TPC for IBM DS8300 arrays,SAN
health reports
Allocated storage for DR servers from IBM DS8300 and configured local flash copy and Global
mirror using TPC-R.
Worked with team to draft end to end mapping of HBA firmware and driver versions for entire
SAN infrastructure for upgrading to latest versions, listed EOL SAN devices for hardware refresh,
dual SAN path checks for all servers & reclaim unused storage from EMC & IBM arrays.
Worked with IBM engineer to validate host connections after code upgrades in IBM DS8300 &

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Navin Kumar Jaiswal
Mobile: (703) 935 3718

Metlife Insurance
June 2011-Dec 2011

Performed storage assignments on DMX/VMAX arrays by configuring storage groups, assigning

LUNs, registering HBAs and hosts and performed zoning with Connectrix Manager.
Created thick/thin pools, volumes and mapping to servers, volume protection by snapshots in XIV.
Installed HAK for Windows and AIX servers for XIV attached servers.
Upgraded EMC ECC UB 9 to 11 and rolled out ECC agents to some 300+ new AIX, HP-UX and
windows servers.
Cleaned up duplicate and inactive host agents in ECC.
Configured discovery of ESX hosts in ECC and troubleshoot problems in discovery.
Installed ECC Master Agents in AIX and Windows servers and resolved problems
discovering firewall servers
Upgraded SPA to 2.2.08 and SMC to 7.3.08.
Investigated problems with SPA data collections and storage scope applications.
Responsible for reporting storage configuration and storage utilization through generating reports
using EMCs Storage Scope and troubleshooting performance related issues with EMC
Performance Manager.
Patched AIX and Windows ECC Master and Host agents to UB 9 version.
Set up ECC alerts of Symmertix, Clariion, Celerra and monitoring alerts in BMC Patrol.

Wipro Technologies Limited

Neiman Marcus
April 2011 - Jun 2011
Worked with Storage team and Vendor to designed VMAX and Brocade SAN layout for key business applications like
SAP and Oracle. I was working on data migration project from DMX 3-950, 1500 to VMX (2 Engine).
Key Activities:

Collected EMC Grabs for 300 servers (Windows, Solaris, AIX and ESX) and worked on Host remediation
(Powerpath, HBAs, OS patch upgrades).
Upgraded to following versions: AIX 5.3 ML 08 with Powerpath 5.3 SP1 and Symm ODM version
Solaris 10 with Powerpath 5.3
ESX 4.0.0 with Powerpath 5.4 sp1
Designed and Configured Brocade DCX Switches (VMAX FA connectivity (redundancy on Switch, Engine
and Fabric, defining zones for test/dev servers).
After upgrades migrated all servers from Test and Prod SAN McData SAN to Brocade DCX switches.

Cognizant Confidential

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Navin Kumar Jaiswal
Mobile: (703) 935 3718

Configured TDATs, thin Pool and tdevs in VMAX(300 GB FC drives & 400 GB EFD-Raid 5(3+1) and migrating
data using LVM, Vmotion (ESX) Open Replicator,Open Migrator from DMX 3-950, 1500,Clariion 4 to VMX (2
Perform necessary storage maintenance within the new migrated system.
Worked with EMC for installation & configuration of Data Domain DD670 with Netbackup.

Wipro Technologies Limited

June 2010 March 2011
Perform day-to-day operational support of the SAN environment; this includes storage
provisioning (LUN creation,Masking, Mapping) to HP-UX, VMware servers
Prepared port patching schedule as per the bandwidth requirement from new Cisco MDS 9513
switches. One of switch was connected to EMC VMAX front end ports (hydra cabling) and other
set for the Storagetek Tape library. Configured zones, trunking and port channel and upgraded
the NX-OS to 4.3(a).
Dedicated Cisco switch port groups for Clariion array to boost performance of application servers
like SQL, VMware.Some of the ports were configured out-of-service mode. Resolve SAN failures
caused by configuration errors, Zoning, connectivity issues.
Designed and configured EMC VMAX (4 Engines) storage array for SAP project. Created TDATS
and added them to appropriate thin pools/tiers. Allocated VMAX storage to new HP rx6600,
rx8640,bl860c, bl870c, bl860i2 servers(HP-UX 11.3 and VMware) after defining port, initiator,
Storage groups and masking view. Migrated data from EMC DMX 3500 to VMAX using host
based LVM, Open Migrator, Open Replicator.
Proficient in BCV sync / split processes and RDF1 / RDF2 sync / split. Resolve problems related
to device groups and clones. Created pairing and synced R2 clone devices to create DR copy of
production Oracle database (50 TB) for testing purpose in SRDF/A setup. Migrated storage using
VMotion, EMC Open Replicator and LVM host based techniques.
Designed Clariion Raid Group layout for different application (SQL, VMware), Created Meta Luns
from different dedicated raid groups for better performance.
Quarterly review performance of all the arrays(EMC Workload Analyzer)using Symmetrix
performance manager and migrate hosts from high utilized FA ports, Configure High I/O luns into
Meta volumes, Migrate luns to lesser utilized Raid Group in Clariion.Pull out reports from
Installed and configured HP Blade c7000 for ESX servers. Cabled VC-FC modules to appropriate
Fibre switches per standard cabling layout
Installed appropriate HP blade and Emulex HBA firmware updates until the virtual wwns are seen.
Updated wwn in the server profile for primary and secondary SAN boot options. Allocated storage
from EMC VMAX.
Wipro Technologies Limited
Northwestern Mutual
Sept 2009 May 2010
Installed IBM P series 620 and HP BL870c into SAN (cable & patch server in Datacenter, zone
server, allocate initial storage from Hitachi USP V).
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Navin Kumar Jaiswal
Mobile: (703) 935 3718

Allocate new file systems and raw partitions (including dropping disk to server if required) using
LVM (AIX 5.3,HP-UX 11.3).
Migrated 70 TB SAN storage from Hitachi 9900 to USP V as part of server upgrade which
included VMware servers.
Migrated 260+ servers from Old Mcdata switches to Brocade DCX switches. Documented the
HP-UX 11.31 IBM AIX 5.3 lvm, VMware migration procedure.
Investigate major performance bottlenecks using Hitachi tuning manager and migrated high I/O
ports. Connected Unix and Windows systems on separate Front end directors.
Cable and zone Sun StorageTek SL8500 new tape drives to Net backup servers using Brocade
DCFM 10.3 tool.
Implemented Hitachi Universal Volume Manager (UVM) to Virtualized tiered storage
environments behind
USP V/USP VM storage arrays.
Involved in the design and planning of disaster recovery software like Hitachi Universal
Replicator (HUR) and Hitachi Shadow image for backups
Configured Hitachi thin provisioning (HDP) in new USP V.Implemented Multi path host
environment using IBM SDD, EMC Powerpath and Hitachi HDLM.

NetApps Filers
Physical hardware installation, including cabinets, racks, and cabling of FAS 3160c
Array and Storage configuration of the filer.
Testing of mount share and exports, user mapping, failover, volume mounting and moves, and
Configured the FC luns from the filer for ESX server VMFS datastores.
Configured the fiber and Ethernet connectivity of HP DL380G6 in the cluster mode.
Managed NetApp filer Clusters (F800, FAS 3160) series with filerview/Netapp DFM and Cli.
Hardware / Software fault detection on filers and vendor liaison.
Managed Aggregates, Flex volumes, LUN setup (Netapp as FC SAN), Raid Management.Filer
Capacity Management (Maintain reports on disk and capacity utilization, availability and growth
User Account management, Managed Q-trees, CIFS/NFS Administration, Managed NDMP
Interface with project implementation teams to determine/clarify technical requirements
Snapmirror/SnapVault (OSSV) configuration and management with Windows and VMware hosts.
Data ONTAP upgrade on Filers.
Wipro Technologies Limited
Cable & Wireless
Aug 2007 Sep 2009
Worked as a Team lead for a 6 member Backup & Storage team in Cable & Wireless, the largest
telecom company in UK.
Configured DS8100 and DS8300 storage systems, Created array from unassigned array sites
and defined & associated rank with extpool.
Created fixed block volumes & volume groups. Allocated storage to IBM SVC and assigned
vdisks to the servers.
Cognizant Confidential

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Navin Kumar Jaiswal
Mobile: (703) 935 3718

Administration of IBM DS8000 storage arrays using IBM storage manager for DS8000 and DSCLI
utilities & IBM storage manager for DS4000.
Implemented Flash copy & (Metro and Global) copy for code blue applications.
Migrated ESS 800 vdisks(20 TB) to DS8100 mdisks groups through SVC(Cli).
Virtualized storage from DS4100 to allocate to VMware server with help of SVC.Configured
vdisks from dedicated IBM DS8100 mdiskgroup for Microsoft Exchange server.
Configured Solaris servers to EMC DMX 4 1500 (set port settings, created zones to map FA
ports, rename the host aliases). Migrated 250 servers from IBM DS800 to EMC DMX 4.

Managed the NetApps environment (GF 960C) with storage allocated from IBM DS8100
Implemented and managed the snapmirror between two DCs.
Rolled out new storage provisions for SAP upgrades for both testing and production environment.
Migrated the data using NDMP copy from the flexible volumes for the failback operations.
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
Manage the SAN storage related to TSM which includes masking luns to application servers as a
source and relevant TSM as target.
Enhanced current procedures & policies related to TSM backups and carry out TSM health
Investigated TSM backup failures.
Checked TSM Database & recovery log and restoring them when server crashes.
Investigated long running backups and addition/removal of TSM clients
Built the new TSM server as per guidelines and up gradation of TSM server and client codes.
IBM India Pvt Ltd
June 2005 May 2007
I was working as Storage & Backup team lead to manage 27 IBM storage boxes (Mix of ESS 800 &
DS8300) and 48 SAN switches (Brocade, McData & Cisco).Total storage space managed is more than
1000 TB.
SAN Estate
15 IBM ESS 800 SHARK storage boxes with flash copy in GNA
6 IBM ESS 800 SHARK and 5 DS8300 Storage boxes in P2 with PPRC.
IBM DS4500 & SVC with four node cluster in CRM

Allocating LUNS to the servers and creating flash copy tasks in the ESS with help of ESS
Maintaining PPRC links in DS8300 between North Harbour and Havant data sites
HBA replacement activities such as rezoning and remasking to new HBA.
Adding new host to the to the SAN Storage Boxes after zoning,Lun allocation, Creating Arrays,
Ranks, Extent Pools, Volume groups and volumes with help of DSCLI in DS8300.
Checking the flash copy task failures (recreating the tasks, checking the lun pairings
etc),Monitoring ESS and DS8300 performance with the help of ESS Expert tool and IBM
TPC,Solving problems in Managed and Virtual disks in SVC

Cognizant Confidential

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Navin Kumar Jaiswal
Mobile: (703) 935 3718
V2 InfoTech
July 2004 - March2005
I was responsible for TSM Installation configuration of the ITSM modules includes TSM server,
clients, TDP for Oracle, MS SQL
server 2000,MS Exchange 2000 server along with MSCS clustered systems and other activities
included: Installation of TSM Server code and customization of defaults, Defining policy domain, policy set,
Management class & copy groups as per requirements in TSM for suiting to various needs of
Checking daily backup schedules for TSM DB and schedule expiration process, Sizing the TSM
Database, Log and Primary disk Pool, Defining tape library, drives & storage pools in TSM and
performance tuning of TSM Parameters.
Implemented IBM Flash copy for the 24*7 Business critical applications for Backups.
Brocade 2109-F32- Managed SAN switches zoning and resolved port and connectivity failures.
June 2003 - June 2004
Served as the Team leader for project implementation along with Lotus Domino, Application
softwares like Quintas etc, Dell
Enterprise servers problem resolution, co coordinated with Cisco and AT&T for any network
related problems in a 500-user environment, troubleshoots research, diagnose, document, and
resolve technical issues.
Involved in daily administration of IBM ESS and FAStT 700 Storage Arrays
Creating of Aggregates, volumes and configuration of CIFS, NFS and FCP.
Host Zoning, LUN assignments as per business requirement using Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 storage.
Hero Honda
June 2001- May 2003

Day to day maintenance of TSM backups and Lotus Notes servers and client.
Processed administrative tasks such as user creation, ID re-certification, monitoring e-mail and
database replication, managing database ACL, maintaining multiple address books, implementing
remote dial-in on Note book computers, fine tuning server performance, checking server
statistics/logs, troubleshooting server crashes, training support staff on Notes, developing custom
databases for reporting purposes.
Administration of McData Director/Edge Switch environment using 10K, 6140, ES4700 and
ES3232 switches.
Manage Storage Area Network environment as described below supporting about 2PB storage
consisting of IBM (ESS 800) storage arrays.

Cognizant Confidential

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