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Job Description

This form summarises the purpose of the job and lists its key tasks. It is not a definitive list of all the tasks to
be undertaken as those can be varied from time to time at the discretion of the School, in consultation
with the postholder.

Job title: Facilitator

Department: Institute of Public Affairs

Accountable to: Engagement Projects


Job Summary:
We are currently seeking to recruit 20 facilitators for phase II of IPAs Constitution UK project: Hacking the
UK Constitution. This is a ten week project where we will use an online platform to crowdsource the UK
constitution during the Lent term. The project will launch on the 15 th January and will close with a
Constitutional Convention on the 19th March where experts will use the crowdsourced data to form a written
UK constitution.
Discussions will be initiated under the following topics: Head of state, Prime Minister, Elections, Parliament,
Devolution, Local Government, Human Rights/Bill of Rights, Judiciary, European Union and Values. We
require facilitators to have a strong knowledge and interest in one of these areas which they will be
assigned to facilitate. Facilitators will be expected to drive stimulating debate and discussion, present ideas
and raise questions delivered in an appropriate and appealing manner to the widest possible audience.
They will encourage ideas from the platform users through posting interesting content and ideas
themselves. They will also have to be comfortable answering questions raised by participants and/or be
able to direct them to suitable resources.
Facilitators will source materials ranging from publically available academic research, blog posts, tweets,
news stories, videos and audio content. They will also be expected to moderate discussions, handling
reports of offensive language and identify when a person or interest group is dominating the discussion.
S/he will be required to work 5 hours a week. Contracts will be given for an initial period of 5 weeks, subject
to demand and engagement levels, contracts maybe be extended for a further 5 weeks.
This role will be paid at Grade 4. Facilitators will be paid 15.75/hour (Holiday pay included).
Facilitators will be required to fill in timesheets.
Facilitators will receive a briefing and appropriate training before the project launches 15 th January. Training
will be available for candidates via a Moodle course and a briefing session will be held before the launch in

Facilitating content
To curate resources from a wide range of sources for assigned topic including but not limited to
publically available academic research, blog posts, tweets, news stories, videos and audio content.
The post holder will receive advice and training on methods to do this.
To be pro-active on all fronts, particularly in terms of (a) recognising contributions and support
decisions made by platform users and (b) generating thought provoking debate and discussion.
Moderating Content
To moderate content, making sure that reports of offensive language or behaviour are dealt with.
Use sound judgement to intervene into a discussion when it is clear one person or interest group is
dominating the discussion to ensure there is a balance of opinions.
Facilitators will be partnered at the start of the project.
Provide a 250 word summary of the discussion and ideas within the post holders assigned topic at
the end of each week and feedback developments to the Engagement Projects Manager.
Troubleshooting: Facilitators will be expected to improve discussion if they find there is low activity.
They will be expected to alert the Engagement Projects Manager when additional IPA assistance is
To deliver services effectively, the post holder will be required to carry out some of their hours during the
weekend. Facilitators are required to be available for 5 hours for 5 weekends over the ten weeks. Two
facilitators will be assigned to each topic. Weekend work will be on a rota basis between the two facilitators
on each topic.
The post holder must have access to a computer and must be able to work remotely. They will not be given
a computer or a desk in the IPA office.

Person Specification



Excellent written communication skills,

including the ability to translate complex
ideas into simple and immediately
accessible prose.

Decision making

Experience of taking strong and consistent

editorial decisions.

Initiative and problem solving

Proven experience of pro-actively sourcing

material for publication.

Knowledge and experience


The ability to think innovatively and respond

flexibly to competing demands within
established deadlines.

Experience of writing to a high standard

Experience of writing for the web.

Awareness of social science and key global

An interest in British politics and

constitutional issues
A postgraduate level degree in a relevant
discipline. Or enrolled in a postgraduate
taught Masters course.
A current LSE student