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fag) a Big —3300299 oe arr RTT GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Delhi Gazette EXTRAORDINARY waft & went PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY REGISTERED No, D.L.—33002/99 ‘eet, greater, Rewer 20, 2012/maramr 29, 1934 [uate W218 Na, 204] Il, THURSDAY, DECEMI M0), 2012/AGRAHAY/ 29, 1934 IN.C.T.D. No, 218 ri=1V PART—V ‘ ee feet GOVERNMENT OF THE NATIONAL CAPITAL TERRITORY OF DELHT safer wa erat Ferare: rear 5. age sree (A), a (after aerfersnot vane ) asa vaurl) da fee wear 5, uma api, feeett-110054. Feet, 20 Frere, 2012 6 aga aaa (ye) Re TT, 60( 108 )atampTS/ Sa SeTTY ) ate vaeel a Rect ace 2002-03 5T-2/28145-174,-80C8 aT. 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The Committee consists of the following — 1. Chief Secretary, Govt. of NCT of Dethi Sth Level, Delhi Secretariat LP. Estate, New Dethi-110002, 2. Pr. Secretary (Health & family Welfare), Government of NCT of Dethi, th level, A-Wing, Dethi Secretariat, LP. Estate, ‘New Dethi-1 10002, 3. Secretary (Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare), Govt. of NCT of Delhi, GLNS Complex, Delhi Gate, Delhi 4, Secretary (Law Justice & Legislative Affairs), Government of NCT of Delhi, 8th level, C-Wing, Dethi Secretariat LP-Batate, New Dethie1 10002, 5. Joint Commissioner (Labour), Government of NCT of Dethi, 5, Sharnnath Marg, Delhi-i 1004 6. Joint Secretary (Home), Government of NCT of Delhi, Sth Level, Co-Wing, Delhi Secretariat LP. Estate, New Delhi-110002, 7. Joint Commissioner (Crime & Railway), Government of NCT of Delhi, Deihi Police Delhi Secretariat, LP. Bstate, New Delhi-02, 8 Director (Department of Women & Child Development), Government of NCT of Delhi, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukta Lane, K.G Mang, New Delhi-01 9, Director (Prosecution), Government of CT of Delhi, Tis Hazari Court, Deli-54 10, Director (Department of Social Welfare), Government of NCT of Deihl, GLNS ‘Complex, Delhi Gate, Delhi. 11. Director (Training & Technical Education) Government of NCT of Delhi, Muni Maya Ram Marg, Pita Pura, Dethi-1 10034. Chairperson Member Member Member —Member —Member Member Member —Member Member Member HI GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY 2, 20. 21 B, m4, . Director (Food & Civil Supply), Deputy Director(CPU), Government of NCT of Delhi, Department of Women & Child evelopment, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla Lane, K.G. Marg, New Delhi ‘The Member Secretary, Delhi Commission for Women Government of NCT of Delhi, 2nd Floor, Vikas Bhawan, LP. Estate, ‘NewDelhi-1 10002. —Member Director (Tourism), Government of NCT of Delhi, 176-183, Old Secretariat, Dethi-s4, Member —Special Invitee Government of NCT of Delhi, 207, K-Block, Vikes Bhawan, 1LP.Estate, New Dethi-110002. Director (Education), Government of NCT of Dethi, Old Secretariat, Dethi-54 Member Project Director, Deihi State AIDS Control Society Dr. BSA Hospital, Dharamshala Block, Sector-6, Rohini, New Delhi, Director (Election), Government of NCT of Delhi, Old St. Stephen's College Building, Kashmete Gate, Deli-t 10006, Member Special invitee The Commissioner, North Dethi Municipal Corporation, Dr, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Civic Centre, Minto Road, Delhi. ‘Member The Commissioner, —-Member East Delhi Municipal Corporation, 4/9, Udyog Sadan, Parparganj, Industrial ‘Area, Delhi-1 10092, ‘The Commnssioner, South Delhi Municipal Corporation ‘Dr, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Civie Centre, Minto Road, Delhi, Phone No, 23225901 Member The Commissioner, ‘Member New Delhi Municipal Council, Palika Kendra, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001 Additional Commissioner (licensing), - _—Member Dethi Police, Dethi Police Station, Defence Colony, New Dethi, Mayor, ‘North Dethi Municipal Corporation Civie Centre, Minto Road, Delhi Special Invites EXTRAORDINARY 25, Mrs, Jyotsana Chatterjee, Member This Advisory Committee shall make suggestions Joint Women's Programme, for: Block No.44, Flat No.201, Heritage City, M.G Road, Gurgaon. a. the measures 10 be taken fo eradicate child prostitution 26, Smt. Roma Debaveata ‘STOP'C-S70, —~Member Ground Floor, IVT Garden, Road +, the Welfare Programme tobe implemented for care, No.5, Chattarpur Extn, New Delhi protection, treatment, development and rehabilitation of the victims, mainly girls rescued either from brothel houses or from the vices of prostitution etc. 27, Dr(Mrs.) Sumitra Srivastava, Member Association for Social Health in India, 19, Rowse Avenue, Institutional Area, ‘New Dethi- 110002, ¢, Develop Co-ordination between various 28. Sh, Ravikant, Shakti Vahini, Member Government Department and Voluntary 1411, 2nd Floor, Hudson Lines, Organizations to implement the National Plan of Kingsway Camp, New Dethi-110008. Action to combat trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children as prepared by Government of India for its implementation at the State level 29. Ms. S. Lalitha, Masha! Mahila Sangathan, —Member MCD Primary School, ‘Shardhanand Marg, Delhi, The committee will function for period of 5 years 50, Assistant Director Women —Member-Secy ronuuikevt at bontlnney rom te dite of issue ofthis Notion of NCT of Delhi, Department of By Order and in the Name of the Women Chil Desens, Government of CT of eli, K.G Marg, New Dethi-01. RAJIV KALE, Director Printed by the Manager, Government of Indian Press, Ring Road, Mayapuri, New Deli-1 (0064 iss sand. Published. ‘by. the Controller of Publietions, Delbi-110084