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&, oi WH oe WN EHR K. RATNA PRABHA after va are fepra Hares 1 URN wr, Ag fee — 110001 au Ue Additional Secretary vealed Government of India Tel, 011-23386227 Ministry of Women & Child Development Fax :011-23381800 Shastri Bhawan, New Dethi-110001 Website : http:/ D.O. No.3-1/2010-CP October 29%, 2013 pear hye hart Kaul, ‘The Ministry of Women and Child Development has recently reconstituted the Central Advisory Committee (CAC) to combat trafficking of women and children for commercial scxual exploitation. ‘The mandate of the Committee is to consider all aspects related to the problem of trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation in the country, including issucs of enforcement and legislation and make suitable recommendations to the Government. A copy of the order dated 23.09.2013 reconstituting the is enclosed Tam happy to inform you that you are nominated as a Member of the CAC. 1 shall be grateful if you could make it convenient to attend the meeting of CAC which is scheduled to be held on 12! December, 2013. Agenda and venue details of the next mecting will be sent to you, shortly. With ngpord, Yours sincerely, pina Prabha) Shri Ravi Kant, H-11, 2% Floor, Hudson Lines, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi — 110 009 F, No. 3-1/2010-CP Government of india Ministry of Women and Child Development Shastri Bhawan New Delhi-110001 Dated - 23/09/2013 OFFICE MEMORANDUM Subject: Re-Constitution of Central Advisory Committee (CAC) to Combat Trafficking of Women & Children for Commercial Sexual Exploitation, The Supreme Court, in its order dated 2.05.1990, passed in Criminal Writ Petition No. 421 of 1989, Vishal Jeet Vs. Union of India and Others, had expressed deep concern over the physical exploitation of girls and children and had directed that Advisory Committees should be set up by the Central Government / State Governments. / UTs Administrations to (a) suggest measures for the eradication of child prostitution and (b) suggest welfare programmes for the care, protection, treatment and rehabilitation of child prostitutes rescued from the trade, and (©) device and operationalize @ suitable machinery for the implementation and imenitoring of the measures being contemplated in this regard. Accordingly, the then Department of Women and Child Development constituted a Central ‘Advisory Committee (CAC) under the Chairmanship of Secretary(Women & Child Development) on 24.3,1994. The Committee comprised 17 members (including Chairperson) from various Central Ministries, State Governments, autonomous organizations, besides law enforcement agencies and Civil Society Organizations. Representatives from other Ministries/Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and International Organizations like UNICEF, UN Women, UNODC, etc. were also invited for the meetings of CAC. 2. Since its inception, the CAC have met from time to time and gave suggestions to the Government which have been carried forward in various degre: Although the CAC was set up primarily to suggest measures for protection of child prostitutes and eradication of child prostitution, over the years the mandate of the Committee has grown considerably and now covers practically all aspects of trafficking of Contd/- women and children for purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. The enhanced Mandate, coupled with increased geographical spread and intensity of trafficking, call for more active and fruitful participation of Civil Society Organizations, experts as well as all relevant Ministries / Departments for discussing the problem in a holistic ‘manner and giving actionable and concrete suggestions to the Goverment for eradication of the growing menace of trafficking in the country 3. Against this backdrop, it is felt that the existing CAC should be re-constituted with more participation from the Government Agencies / Ministries / Departments as well as other Civil Society Organizations. Accordingly the Central Advisory Committee (CAC) is hereby re-constituted as follows, Secretary, Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi |Chairperson | Additional Secretary, Ministry of Women & Child Development. | Member AdviseriSr Adviser/Principal Adviser dealing with MWWCD in Pianning | Member Commission 4 Welfare), Ministry of WCD | Member 5. | Joint Secretary (Child Development), Mnistry of WOD Member e ocial Justice & Empowerment, , New Delhi | Member ~ (7. | Joint Secretary (CS), Ministry of Home Affairs ember 8 | Joint Secretary, Depariment of Legal Affairs ember 9. | Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Employment ~ | Member 14. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Panchayati Raj Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Employment Member Secretary, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights 16. | Director, National institute of Soci aes | 18°" | Principat Secretary/Secretary of Deparment of WCD/Social Welfare ‘Members from West Bengal, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. | Jharkhand, Manipur, Bihar and Delhi | aoe BREEE oo | 19.) Representative of Anti Human Trafficking Gell, CBl, New Delhi” | Member (Maharasthra) ievaSnETinEe Member 22. ala (Andhra Pradesh) Bee Member 23. (New Delhi) oe Member | 24, | Mr. Ajit Singh, Gudia ‘ sthan, Waranasi, Member | 28. | Mir. Roop Sen, Sanjog(Kolkai | Member 28. | Senior Economic Advisor, Ministry of Women & Child Development | erbet aa etary 4. ‘The Committee will consider ail aspects related to the problem of trafficking of women and children for commercial sexuel exploitation in the country, including issues of enforcement and legislation. and make suitable recommendations to the Government. 5. The Chairperson may co-opt such members in the Committee, or invite such experts in the meetings, as he/she deems necessary. 6. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority. een kD (OV-K Rao) Under Secretary to the Government of India Tel- (011) 23381970 All the Members of the Committee Copy to: 1, PS to MOS(W/C), WCD 2. PS to Secretary, WCD