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24 – 25 July 2010

Young People and Arts Boards Training Programme

A unique opportunity to join

Birmingham model
for cultural entitlement
the board of a Birmingham
arts organisation
Have you ever wanted to have a say about the arts
in Birmingham? Would you like the opportunity to sit
on the board of a Birmingham arts organisation as a
company director and a charity trustee?

Arts organisations across the city have said By the end of the weekend participants
that they would like young people aged will have:
18–25 to become members of their
management boards. They want to hear the • learned about the way in which arts
views of young people and give them a real organisations are managed
say in the running of their organisations. • understand the roles and responsibilities
of board members
Applications are now open for young • heard about the support structures
people to take part in a weekend designed available to new board members
to prepare them for the responsibilities • find out about arts organisations
which being a member of a board entails. that seek to recruit young people to
Upon completion of the course young their boards
people will be placed with an arts
organisation they have an interest in and Please find enclosed an application form.
provided with a mentor, an experienced If you are interested in applying please
member of the board, who will guide them return it to:
through their first year with the organisation.
Steve Ball
The dates are Saturday 24 July and Associate Director
Sunday 25 July at the Hippodrome Theatre. Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Overnight accommodation at the Ibis Centenary Square
Hotel and all meals and refreshments will Birmingham B1 2EP
be provided.
The deadline for applications is
15 May. I hope that you will consider
making an important contribution to the
cultural life of the city. For enquiries please
“The training was a truly valuable contact Steve Ball on 0121 245 2091, or
experience” 2008 participant email
Application Form
Young People and Arts Boards Training Programme


Birmingham model
for cultural entitlement



Email Date of birth

Are you currently (please tick)

a full-time student a part-time student
employed full-time employed part-time unemployed

Please write a few sentences about your previous experience of taking part in arts activities

Please state why you would like to join the board of an arts organisation

If necessary, please continue on a separate sheet (up to one A4 page maximum), ensuring you include your name at the top.

We hope that participants will stay overnight at the Ibis Hotel. If selected will you
require overnight accommodation at the Ibis Hotel on Saturday 15 July?
(Please tick) Yes No

Do you have any dietary requirements, eg, vegetarian? (please tick) Yes No
If yes, please state

I would describe my ethnic origin as (please tick)

White Mixed-Race Asian or Asian British
Black or Black British Chinese Other ethnic group

I am (please tick) Male Female

Do you consider yourself to have a disability? (Please tick) Yes No

Please return this form by 15 May 2010 to:

Steve Ball, Associate Director,
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Centenary Square, Birmingham B1 2EP