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Astrological combinations for politician Part 3

Case 9:
Sun 5
Mars 6

Merc 4

Ven 8

Ketu 11

Sat 2
Rahu 24
Rahul Gandhi
Birth:- 19/6/1970
At 12:00 IST
28 N 40 77 E 13
Balance Ketu Dasa
Jup 14

Moon 19

Case Study: The native had his education in USA and earned his degree from a Delhi college. He is
now the president of all India youth congress and one of the secretaries of congress
working committee.
Analysis: The native is born under Leo rising with the Ascendant lord Sun, the significator of royal
power, being posted in the 11th house, the house of success, in combination with the Yoga
karaka i.e. the 4th/9th lord Mars and aspected by debilated Saturn, powerful Rahu in
Aquarius and 5th/8th lord Jupiter posted in the 3rd house. The mutual relation among Sun
combined with Mars, Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn are helpful for the native. These
combinations are helpful for the natives future career in politics. The deposition of 12th
lord in the 5th house in the constellation ruled by Ketu posted in the Ascendant itself and
the deposition of Venus in the 12th house in Cancer i.e. in the 8th house from the Moon are
significators for the natives romantic affairs while the deposition of Rahu in the 7th house
and that of the 7th lord Saturn in debilation are obstructive for the natives marriage. The

combination of the Ascendant lord Sun and the 4th/9th lord Mars in the 11th house in
opposition to the Moon sign Saggitarius signifying organizing power and aspected by its
lord Jupiter from the 3rd house signifying strength has made him a successful organizer in
Case 10:

Sat 6

Rahu 8

Asc Sun 10
Moon 11
Jup 11
Ven 11

Rajiv Gandhi
Birth:- 20/8/1944
7:11 A.M. IST
N 58 72 E 50
Balance Ven Dasa 12/1/15

Ketu 21

Mars 12
Merc 12

Case Study: Rajiv Gandhis political career began late when he was literally pushed into it in 1981
following Sanjay Gandhis death. This coincided with the commencement of Rahu Dasa.
Rahu Dasa saw the super fast growth of his political career from general secretary of the
party to the prime minister of the country in October 1984 when his mother Indira Gandhi
was assassinated.
Analysis: The native was born under Leo rising with the Ascendant being occupied by its lord Sun,
the 12th lord Moon, the 5th/8th lord Jupiter and the 3rd/10th lord Venus, hemmed between
malefics and aspected by Saturn which is itself aspected by Rahu. The Yoga karaka Mars
is combined with 2nd/11th lord Mercury exalted in the 2nd house. The 6th house is occupied
by Ketu signifying secret enemies. The 8th house is aspected by Mars, Mercury, Saturn
and Rahu. The planetary combinations relating to the Ascendant, the 2nd house and the
11th house brought him in politics and took him to the highest position in Indian politics in a
very short period signified by powerful Rahu while the affliction of the 8th house caused his
assassination. The deposition of Rahu in the 12th house in the constellation of Saturn, the

6th/7th lord and the significator of death which is posted in the 11th house in the
constellation of Rahu caused his assassination outside home during a political tour.
Case 11:

Sun 6
Nept 6

Merc 5
Pluto 5

Jup 25
Ketu 27

Sir Douglas Home

Sat 22

7:53 A.M.
Ven 10

Moon 13
Mars 13
Rahu 13

Hers 19

Case Study: Sir Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home was a British Conservative politician who served
as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is also the only Prime Minister to have played
first class cricket and the first Prime Minister to have been born in the 20th century.
Analysis: The native was born under Leo rising with the Ascendant lord Sun, the significator of royal
power posted in the 11th house signifying success and squared by Jupiter and Ketu in
Pisces as also 12th lord Moon, Yoga karaka i.e. 4th/9th lord Mars together with Rahu in
Virgo. The 3rd/10th lord Venus is posted in the Ascendant i.e. in the 3 rd house from Sun.
The 6th lord Saturn is posted in the 6th house itself signifying win over enemies and
sportsmanship. The combination of Moon, Mars and Rahu is in mutual aspect with 5th/8th
lord Jupiter combined with Ketu in his own sign Pisces. These two combinations are in
friendly relation with Saturn in Capricorn. The 2nd/11th lord Mercury is posted in the 10th
house in friendly relation with the combination of Jupiter and Ketu in Pisces, Saturn in
Capricorn as also with the combination of Moon, Mercury and Rahu in Virgo. These
combinations relating to acquisition of royal power took the native to the highest
administrative position of UK.

Case 12:

Mars 4 Jup 3 Sat

Hers 3

11:00 A.M.
Balance Merc
Dasa up to

Pluto 8



Ketu 25
Merc 24

Ven 22

Nept 12

Case Study: He started his political career as a student leader in the decade of 60s in leftist ideas. He
became a minister of West Bengal State Cabinet in the regime of left front since 1977 in
different port folios. He was a public man in the true sense and had strong organizing
capacity. Finally, he became the minister of Transport and Youth Welfare of State Cabinet
before he died on 3rd August, 2009 being a victim of blood cancer.
Analysis: The native was born under Taurus rising with the Ascendant being occupied by Yoga
karaka i.e. 9th/10th lord Saturn, 7th/12th lord Mars, the significator of action and energy, the
8th/11th lord Jupiter together with Herschel. These combinations awarded him with strong
organizing power and a follower of leftist ideas together with a religious outlook to the
goddess Kali and having some uncommon ideas not befitting with his contemporaries. The
depositions of the 4th lord Sun, the significator of public fame and the 3rd lord Moon, the
significator of public in general and emotion, in the 11th house in watery sign Pisces
brought him the huge popularity and success as a friend and sympathizer to his
acquaintances and common people. The deposition of 2nd/5th lord Mercury in the 10th
house in Aquarius combined with Ketu and that of the 10th lord Saturn in the Ascendant
made a Raj Yoga awarding him with the royal power in the domain of transport and youth

welfare, both being signified by Mars. The deposition of Ascendant/6th lord Venus in the 9th
house in Capricorn exchanging house with its lord Saturn in the Ascendant caused his
gradual upliftment in political career on his own with some enmity to retard his further
progress in career.