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League Rules and Regulations

All of these rules are for both USER & CPU games.

Game Settings

Difficulty: All-Pro (Custom sliders may be implemented) Quarter Length: 6 minute quarters with 20 second accelerated clock Custom playbooks are not allowed

General Info

Teams will be selected at random using

After teams are selected, you can trade teams ONE time with another user if both of you agree and the commissioner crew has to be notified.

After teams has been randomly shuffled any vacant teams will be randomized if someone else wants to join the league. Teams that have been abandoned will not be added back into the vacant teams list until the offseason.

All users will create a coach and will use their respective team's playbook.

Weeks will be advanced every 48 hours during preseason and every 72 hours during the regular season/playoffs. Off season will be advanced every 48 hours. If you decide you don't want to play your preseason games let me know so I can place you on autopilot so that the people that want to play can get their games in.

When a new week starts and someone contacts you on GroupMe/PSN to schedule your game, you have 24 hours to respond and set up a time to play. If you don't respond within the 24 hours you will be put on autopilot for that game so the other user can play. If you get put on autopilot 4 times for this reason you will be removed from the league.

All games must be streamed by the home team and archived. ALL games. Even vs the CPU. The stream may be cut off if it's causing lag and disconnects. Just let the commissioner team know when this occurs. All stream links must be posted in the GroupMe chat when the game is finished.

To archive Twitch streams, log in to your Twitch account on and go to Settings>Channel & Videos and click the box that says “Archive Broadcasts”


Do NOT run up the score. Don't outscore the CPU by more than 30.

We shouldn't see any defensive players with 6+ sacks/game, HBs rushing for 290+/ game, nor should we see QBs throwing for 6+ TDs a game unless it's close. You have back ups for a reason. Put them in. If you're up by 3 TDs after halftime you should be running the clock out and not airing it out for TDs. This goes for user v user AND CPU games. You guys know what's realistic and what's not.

SuperSim is not allowed. If you have a CPU game, play it or let us sim it when the week advances.

Sliders won't be used during the first season but if something stands out there may be custom sliders in effect the following season.

During The Game

No huddle can be used 2 times in a row. After the 2nd no huddle call you must go into the play call screen.

No huddle (no limits) is allowed in the last 2 minutes of each half or when down 2 or more possessions with 5 mins or less left in the 4th quarter.

Goal line and run commit will only be used inside the 5 on either side of the field.

4th down rule: You can't go for it on 4th down unless it's 4TH AND INCHES ON THE OPPONENTS 45 or less or down 2 possessions or more in the 4th quarter. Now there’s certain game situations where going for it on 4th down can determine your W or L and when that happens you can let one of the commissioners know.

You're allowed 2 fake FG or 2 fake punts in a season. Or one of each.

No surprise onside kicks in this league.

If you quit vs your opponent we will give your opponent the W and you will be put on autopilot for your next 2 games.

If you are restarting your CPU games you will be put on autopilot and if it's consistent you will be dropped from the league.

Depth Chart Rules

Teams must have a minimum of 53 players on the roster

Players on depth chart should be playing their correct position. No WR @ TE. No HB @ WR. OL & DL can be interchangeable as well as Safeties & Corners. I might allow HB @ FB but no speed backs at FB at this time.

Changing a players position is allowed but only if it makes sense. See commissioners. Sub packages can be used that allow players to play out of position but should be used in moderation.

Depth charts should be set up realistically. You should not be putting a WR who is clearly the best WR on your team in the slot to exploit match ups.


Trades should be realistic.

Trades should be performed as a trade transaction on the game and not releasing players for the other user to pick up.

Teams cannot trade more than 2 players in a season. This isn't a fantasy league and the objective is to build your team through the draft, free agency AND trades. Not just having an entirely different team in the first season.

You can trade draft picks and players or pick for pick without it going against your 2 players but if you don't show up for the draft and you've traded picks you won't be allowed to trade picks in the future seasons.

All trades must be submitted to the commissioner and given one madden week before a verdict. The decision will most likely be made in a couple hours but I just need a cushion. When coming to the league committee with trades, post ratings and positions as well. There will be NO CPU trades.

Trade Deadline is Week 9. After you've played your Week 9 game you aren't allowed to trade. And you can't trade with someone who's already played their Week 9 game.

Free Agency

There will be no free agent signings during Week 1 of preseason. They will start week


For players rated 75+ You will be allowed to pick up 1 player per advance during preseason and 1 player every 2 weeks during the regular season.

For players rated under 75 you can pick up once a week during regular season as well.

Free Agents that are signed can not be traded until the end of that season. This is done to prevent teams from signing players as trade bait.

No player should be traded more than once per season.

Players should be signed based off needs and not want. The Pats shouldn't be picking up a QB since they have Brady & Garapollo.

During the season after clearing it with the commissioner, you may only sign a FA to replace a player that has been injured for an extended length of time 4+ weeks / season / IR.

Ex. If you lose a HB for the year you can only sign a HB (Not a CB, WR, etc.). This acquisition will not go against your 1 every four or 1 every week allotment.

Signings after the trade deadline should be INJURY RELATED ONLY. NFL teams do not sign players mid season just to sign them. They have legitimate reasons for these signings, as should you. If you have a player out for the season you must contact the commissioner and inform him of whom you intend to sign, It must be approved before you go out and sign someone for that position.

Scouting PLEASE do scouting each week if you can. It's not want to make it a requirement but it doesn't take long to do.

Complaints & Issues

If you feel like a user hasn’t been following the rules, cheating, whatever, don’t post

about it in the GroupMe chat. Let one of the commissioners know and send a link to

the archived stream with timestamps and we’ll take a look at it and determine if it’s

a problem.

The Commissioners


GroupMe - Deeno PSN - NewOrleans-7


GroupMe - Doc Holiday PSN - Kingtut504


GroupMe - Capt.Caveman@QB PSN - BRIMLO