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One of Hell͛s biggest lies is that you can STAND STILL in your pursuit of Christ and

So today͙ Let͛s trace Elijah and Elisha͛s journey and see what we can learn.



(Elijah and Elisha provide a model for mentoring. We are shown how to
mentor and how to be mentored. Every player needs a coach and a coach needs a
team. In humility we must be willing to serve and follow the one who is coaching

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 '(), we lead is to Gilgal, the place where you
experience biblical salvation

-͞Gilgal͟ in the Hebrew means ͞my sin has been removed͟

The Lord was leading them down memory lane



- Your human nature, your natural laziness and apathy will always tell you

(Show first video clip from We are Marshall)

-It was the ultimate ͞STAY HERE͟ moment. After all, you can͛t keep ͞playing
to the whistle͟ with such staggering odds against you.

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'" we lead is to Bethel, where we meet God face to face.
We lead them to the place of prayer with the Lord, where
prayer is caught not taught.

Bethel was the place in the OT where Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the
Lord until HE WAS CHANGED. When was the last time you stayed on your
knees and wrestled for change?

(My Testimony and life change at Masters)

(Ask youth to come share their testimony)

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BESIDES I don͛t want to be a JESUS FREAK

But an Elisha will continue with Elijah to Jericho







͞Jericho͟=the point at which you meet the enemy face to face

͞Jericho͟ was the location of one of the most strategic battles in the OT

Your biggest enemies will always come inside your own head

What happens IN YOU is a whole lot more important than what happens TO


But Elisha again chooses to follow His mentor to receive his ͞double-
portion͟ of anointing and relationship with God.

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(Show closing video)

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Speaking to four different people:

The 1st is today you have found yourself at Gilgal, ##


The 2nd is those who are at Bethel and you have met God face to face and 


The 3rd is those who are at Jericho and you are battling right now with the enemy.
You have come to find out that one of your greatest enemies can be yourself.
Remember the story of the battle of Jericho. ->


The 4th is those who are at the Jordan. ARE YOU A PERSON WORTH FOLLOWING?
Its time for you to cross the river and take up your mantle and be the man or
woman God has created you to be and fulfill The great commission.

Will you STAY (to remain, wait; to delay) HERE or will you choose to go on?