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For these weeks just preceding and during Lent let us base our work 4 on the formal prayers of this spiritual season and for our meditation examine the purgose of the week's discigline. e Week of March 1st through March 6th Meditation...........on realization of God's P resence and Protection. NOQur individual lives are a part of the One Life. Let us not struggle for a separate existence of our own but rather strive 5 for more complete and harmonious unity with the One Life." : Prayer. "0 Lord God, direct, sanctify and govern both our hearts and minds in the ways of Thy laws, that thru Thy power we may know Thee and Thy protection, through Jesus, Christ, our Lord, f March 7th through March __ Amen." 1ath (Ash _Wednesday-Mar.10) Meditation. -++.+-0n expression of Love. ae Ree "Love is the link between souls on all stages of the Path. We,who tread the P ath reach upward with one hand to the Master, and with the other we reach out to ourefelloumen,for we know that the Lov- ing Master comes to us in propo-tion to our love of our fellows.” Prayer. -"0 Holy Spirit, Who hast taught us that all our daings without love are nothing worth, pour into our heafts that most excellent gift of love, the very bond of peace,and of all virtues, ithout which whosoever liveth is counted dead before Thee, Who livest and reignest with the Father and the Son,one God for éver- more. Amen. Week of March 14¢h through March £0th Meditation...........0n discipline of self-examination. Mall of the wealmesses, the negative traits that are undesirable and should be overcome are to be brought into the light of self- @ examination. This in a calm, poise, positive way that is accom- panied by a determination to’correct and transcend." Prayer.........-"0 Lord,grant us so justly to examine ourselves that, discerning clearly our faults, we may truly amend them end thus drepare ourselves fitly to cclebrate Thy lioly Feast of Easter, d Risen Lord,unto whom be praise and adoration forevermore.Amen.t Week of March lst through March MeGitetion...........on control of speech. | Manery, critical words are to be eliminated; expressions of self- | pity of discouragement avoided. Not only must negative speech ! be controled but: cheerful,uplifting, positive speech cultivat Prayer. . ~"0 God, who unto man alone hast. given the power 0: ~ speech wherewith to praise Thee, grant that our hearts may be so filled with love and wisdom that we may speak evil of no man, but evermore glorify Thy Holy Name, through Christ our Lord. Amen." Week of March £8th_throu; 1 ard Meditetion ~on developing understanding. - Mfry to put yourself in the place of those whom you contact thru sympathetic mental rapport. You can only understand the thims * that they say and do when you understand the causes behind those things." é Tee ++"Q God, all forgiving, grant us grace so to look upon He hearts of our brethren that we may never fil in understanding @ and compassion, through Christ -the Lord of Love, Wao liveth an reigneth with Thee, throughout all ages of ages. Amen." mats W THE WYStTre Weeeencrn ae *# The Mystic Messenger is a monthly periodical *# ** authorized by the Mystic information of general interest *#* students of importance to ** channel for ** to the “* articles of ae Brotherhood as a ** the organization and ##* followers of the ** ** Pathway of Western Occultism...s..eeeseeeees #F 2 a "Ye shall jmow the Truth and the Truth shall make ye free." The Search for Truth has carried man over many and devious paths, for always it has been difficult for him to realize that it is imminently near, engulfing him as an ocean, enfolding him as an at- wosphere. That is why the Master found it necessary to point out.. "The Kingdom is within"and edmon- ish..."Seek ye the kingdom." Thus ie gave us the key for unlocking the deepest recesses of the soul ond bringing to the surface the innate, the divine, the eternal significance of human nature. Man holds within himself creative forces,embryonic capacities, lat- ent endowments and inspirstional impulses that originate from and link hin with the ultimate essence of God. The felf is but a person- lized fragment of universal life, Is it not simple logic therefore, to allow the Infinite and the Eternal, as far as possible,to flow freely through our lives? We Should so yield ourselves to spir- itual forces, individualized in self,that they become the dynamic of our physical, psychic and men- tal beings. Oneness with God is prerogative, and this the soul's oneness is @ susteined and increasingly reol- zed by communion with the Life of God. Everything that exists, ex- ists within God, there is nothing outside. Development therefore, depends upon inner forces rather than external conditions. The in- most depths of the soul are reach- ed and stirred through communion with Spiritual verities. Prayer, neditation, "practice of the Pres- ence", enable man to penetrate deeply into the abysses of his own being and from them sscend the Mount of Fnlightenment. Freed from materiality the soul in- stinctively moves towsrd the ultimate spiritual center and finding itself there is infused with the power to xpress the noblest 2ctivities, the most ex- alted visions and the sublimest ideals. ‘The employment of intellect through correct. knowledge of law is necessory for effective manifesta- tion of spiritual Truth.But ecual- ly we must remember that the sovl is the receiver and exponent of Truth and through the spiritual force within him man rises to clear vision 2nd pure Imowledge. In the higher regions of spirit- ual °wereness man perceives Truth and this perception is soul eman- cipstion -Sri Veritus. ” GLEANINGS FROM STUDENT'S LETTERS. When God looks kind it is. When He speaks thru my voice, how sweet the sound, When He feels thru my touch, tis gentleness. When He dwells in my heart, sweet peace is found. When He works thru my hands, how kind the deed, When He walks with my feet, they swiftly go. When He lives in my thoughts, they rise and soar Unto His heart, where I may dwell and Know. thru my eye how seeeevesRev, Alice Meyer, The Occult student is prim- arily interested in the study of Life, in the laws governing it, their practical application, and in perfecting the self. Exper- ience is our greatest teacher,but souls approaching adulthood are willing to learn thru observation and the reading of the inspired works of those who have trodden the Path before us. Longfellow's poem: "The Psalm’ of Life" has served me nell in times when prog- ress seemed slow and the goal so far away. Many students become discouraged when results ere not perceived after months of earnest effort; it is to them I would ded- icate this message. The last stanza of this poem is especially helpful in such times of discouragement......+..5 "Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still purs Learn to labor and to wait. ng To wait patiently is not an easy task when within there is an almost irresistible force sweep- ing us onward, Small objectives are achieved in a short time in the material world, but the goals of the Occultist are greater, re- quiring tiie, patience, faith’and perseverance. The soul must grow and many lives will yet be requir- ed to perfect us. “Let us be up and doing," let us be active, in earnest, willing to pay the price of achievement. Let us make our goal the "central theme of living," dedicating our- selves whole-heartedly to our work, leaving the rewards to God who Sees and knows our hopes and aspirations, rewarding every wor- thy endeavor. We shall overcome and correct our faults, dominate circumstances and gain understend- ing, all rewards in themselves. They will indicate progress and be 2s rounds on the ladder of achievement. Let us not weary in well doing, but continue our eff- orts winning greater victories over self, exploring more fields, serving eS we may,giving our best in all our labors. "Still achiev- ing, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait." Let us concentrate om our work rather than on the goal;for it is our work which makes the attain- ment of our objectives possible. Let us continue our efforts in faith and courage, confident that the goal ahead 18 not only worth working for, but waiting for. seeeeellyrtle Wooster, D.M.B. TRY A definition: "a magnificent bridge over which a man may travel from bad to better, from better to best.” +Edris Bortlett, F.l.B. @ THE There is little story "CAN'T BE DONE'S" then it was completed... told concerning Confucius a house for anyone to be tant gives us not only a Andre proud of. But why so long clear insight into one of the reasons for his greatness, but slso avery vital thought to apply to ourselves. It goes that a disciple of Confucius was stopping for the night ot the Stone Gete and the gete-Keeper asked him Mihere are you frow¢",."I'm from Confucius", roplied the disciple. "0h, is he fellow who knows that 2 thing enn't be done and still wants to do iter "fhe fellow who knows it con't be done and still wants to do it" +s+e.dn rolling back the pages of amn's book of progress, we find on each one the story of just such ten, They were told by’ someone that something couldn't be done.. seee2 Challenge! Imacdiately in- torest in the"doing" is stimulat- «d..,.here is is adventure....uncharted seas... unknown lends...untried fields... uncttained goals -the "can't be donets" these men vde the hist- of mants evolution heve ans- wered...and they have proven they were rignt! Perhaps we can't all inscribe cur name on the records of sch- icvement thet are neld up for the world and posterity to read, but surely there is no single person leeging the daily chollenge of doing" what "ean't be done." Gn a busy suburban street for several years a house of sturdy nd most ottractive architecture was being built, Slowly but with- out interruptions, the heavy sills were 1sid upon the brick founda- tion, the beans raised, the walls ‘en: in place, board by board.. to build a house,you won- der¢ A small sign plsced on one corner of the lot gives the answer seeeeeMIt can be done! even by a blind man." ‘The builder of thot house was totally blind. You want to break 9 habit..... "it can't be done", that Self which would hold you back in the ersy way, the path of least resis- tance, says, Oh, can't ite” You, the Réal You, reply. ‘Take up the challenge, prove again to your- self, 28 your personal experience, wast Confucius so strongly be lieved that it 4s still releted as 2 charecteristic of the Chinese Enge. You hove for » long time been wanting to accomplish something thot someone has discoursged. "why Keep on can't be done".......0h, yes itean, If a blind man c+n build » house lone over period of several yerrs, you can finish what you have been trying to do, too! Not ine long time heve we,95 a people, been given such on ur- gent c7ll and important cpportun- ity to surpsss our standard of "best" ond prove that we do hove the capacity to rise to still greoter achievenent, the ability to do "wot cen't be done". Upon the "doing" epochel happenings depend, cvents that will influence the progress of the world. We can ench make our mark on today's page of achicvenent, individuelly and collectively, “we can and ve will experience the thrilling satis- fection which cones from breaking through the illusion of the "can't be done's" ond finding there the actuslity...."IT CAN"! THE JESTER'S SWORD. Long after the good monk had supped and gone, Aldebaran sat in silence. Then crossing to the tiny casement that gave upon tue street, he stood and gazed up at the stars. Long,long he mused, fitting the monk's lesson to his uwn soul's need, and when he turned away, the old astrologer's prophecy had taken on new meoning. "As Aldebaran the star shines in the heavens" (no light within itself, but borrowing from the Central Sun), "so Aldebaron the gan might shine cmong his fellows. (Seggared of joy himself, yot flashing its reflection athwart the lives of others.) When next he went inte the town he no longer shunned the signts that formerly he'd passed with face averted, for well he knew that if he would and hope on others he must go to places where they most abound. what matter that the thought of Vesta stabbed him when he looked cn heerth-fires that could never bleze for hia? With courage he rned to put that thought from mas if it were enother sword ne'd learned to shesthe. When he met one distraught from .many losses, he did not say in bittemness as he once would hove done, that 'twas the common lot of mortals; nay, rether did he speak so bravely of what might still be wrung from life, that heoe sprang up within his hearer, The weeks slipped into months, months intc years. And then it came to pass,whenever he went by, men felt_a strenge, strength-giv- ing influence radiating from his presence ~ one could not say ex- actly what it was, it was so eeting, so intangible, like warmth that circles froma braz- shed joy T, or perfume that is wafted frum an unseen rose. Thus he come down to death concluded. at lest,and there was dole in all the Province, so that pilgrims, journeying through. that wey, eek- éd when they heard his passing- bell, "What king is dead, that all thus do him reverence?" "tTis but our Jester," one replied. "A poor maimed crenture in his outward seeming, and yet so blithely didhe bear his lot,it scemeda kingly spirit dwelt among us, and earth is poorer for his going." All in his motley, since hetd willed it so,they leid him on his bier to bear him back agein unto his father's house. And when they found the Sword of Conouest hidd~ en underneath his mantle, they marvelled he had carried such a treasure with him through the yesrs, ell unbeknown even to those who walked the closest at his side. When, after many days, the funeral “train drew through the cestle gate, the king came down to meet it. There was no need of blezoned scroll to tell Aldebar- an's story, All written in his face it was, and on his scarred and twisted frames and by the bloodstene on his finger the old king knew his son had failed not in the keeping of his cath, More regal than the royal ermine seen- ed his motley now. More eloquent the sheathed sword that told of years of inward struggle than if it bore the blood of dragons, for on his face there shone the peace that comes alone of mighty tri- umph. The king looked round upon his nobles end his stalwart sons, then back agin upon Aldebaran, lying in silent majesty. “Bring royal purple for the pall," he foltered,"and leave the Sword of Conquest’ with him! No other hands will ever be found worthier tc claim iti" Re The governor was admin- istering justice in the great fall of the pal- ...Alen ace. A beggar, ragged and humble, came forward with a cringing, half-fearful step. "Do Justice unto me, 0 Governor," he eried, "for I have been used most shamefully." "Against whom doyou complain?” the governor asked. "It is against you and oll those of your class. You have wealth beyond the dreams of such asi, You are fed on deinties and clothed in silks and jewels. I am your fellow man, yet I dress in rags that ore not fit for a Scarecrow. I go day after dey without enough food to satisfy one of ycur dogs. Is this Justice 0 Governors” For a time the with wrinkled brow. "It would seem that it is not ust," he said at lest, "yet por— haps there is a reason’ thet lies oclow the surface of things. I © Was as poor ond 411 clad as you. I swept gutters and carried bricks to workmen, and I have tended cattle and cleaned stables for 9 most cruel master. Yet 1 rose in the world, while you have remained as you are. Is the fault with me and my kind,or is it with yourn The beggar did not attempt tc answer, but continued to bemoan the 111 furtune thet had used him thus harsbly. The governor, being a rea- sonable man, listened patiently. "Perhaps it is fate that has one this thing," he said, but I believe there is more to it than that. The case interests me strangely. Let us go together to the hermit who lives in the poplar groves, and see if his wisdom can solve the problem you @ propounded to me." governor sat -5- Ag A MAN THINKETH mot so, 0 Governor,” the beggar objected. "for 1t would be unfair for you to go in your finery as governor and me in’ these poor regs. "Very well, I will exchange with you," answered the governor. "I will go as beggar snd you as one in authority, which will make the case more difficult to solve." Together they went to the hut of the hermit. The governor was clothed in rage, and the beggar in fine raiment with a gold band sbout his heir, The steff of off- ice was in his hand, and jeweled sendals were on his feet. To the hermit they propounded their cuestion:"One of us is gov- ernor, the other is beggar, yet each of us hod a lowly beginning. Why should this be?" The hermit looked down at the eerth and spoke without raising his eyes:"You are a distinguished looking mon." "The governor, in his regs, stood erect with head high. The beggar glanced at his compenion out of the corners of his eyes. for a time the hermit remain- silent, then spoke without looking up: "What a mean locking crenture you are.” The beggar, in his finery, looked down at the dust. It seem- ed to him that the hermit had penetrated his disguise, and that in all the world there was no creature as pocr 2s he. Then the hermit turned to the governor. Why did ycu seems) proud and confident when I spoke of one of you being a distinguished looking man?" nley... I don't know," the governor answered, "It was because I could not help it." (continued on page six)...... beeeeee There is » life that is worth living now as it wes worth living Tae hermit looked 2t the beg- in the former days, and thet is gar. "Why did you lock down ond the honest life, the useful life, continued from page 5... seen someen and lowly when I sug- the unselfish life, cleansed by gested that one of you is. mean devoticn to an ideal. There is iooking creature?" a battle that is worth fighting "L cannot explain," the uther now as it was worth fighting then answered, "It is Just becouse I and thet is the battle for justice feel that way.” and break the rings "You came to me with a prob- that strangle real liberty and to lem," the hermit said. "You asked keep them broken..nor shell their hy one of you isgoverncr and the labor be for naught, nor the re- other is beggar. Each of you has ward of their sacrifice fail then, answered his cwn question.” for high in the firmament of human destiny are set the stars of faith ) in mankind and unselfish coursge ( and loyalty to en ideal. ) Henry Van Dyke. While all lectures snd chats are mailed out here on regul-r schedule, they ay be delayed WAIL in arrival due to the increased mail end lin- ited workers for handéling it, that our Post DELAYS Office Den»rtment must contend with. The Bro- therhood knows you will 911 cheerfully accept this unsvoidable condition md patiently await your lessen when it does not srrive on time. Cerefully check the address on ycur letters ADDRESSES before mailing tu be sure you hve it correct. This will f*cilitate delivery of mil here. Your indulgence is appreciated in connecticn with the regrettable cuslity of our paper and PRINTING printing, We shall continue to hold worknan- ship to the Brotherhood's stendard while co- operating fully and glodly with the present restrictions which mke some defects unavoid- able. The pleasure of sending the custemsry birth- BIRTADAY dey greeting card will have to be foregone,we sre very sorry to announce. Those who miss CARDS their card this year, will understand they have not been forgotten, cur gocd wishes will continue to go out in thought. Meu. Tc assure your receiving the Messenger in MAILED plenty of time to use your weekly meditations EARLIER nnd prayers, we are arrenging to send it out some few days esrlier then before. oe Silddinal Garriculum Material ATLANTIS AND LEMORIA: Thirty fascinating Chats on the Lost Corti- nents, the origin and distribution of the races. eee ++ 82.00 illustrated. COLLECTS: Eighteen Chats giving the esoteric interp the traditional Church prayers for each week of tne fine day by day prayer guide......-..s..e.-eeece MARCH OF THE AVATARS: Twenty-five covering background and philosophy of th Mystery cluding Krishna, } others. terial every occult student should be familiar with....... TAL POWER: Ten practical Chats on the power of mind, valuable aids to the solution of life's problems... Fst sR Oe POWER NAMES: Eleven vital ¢ Psalm of Power,invoking Di Power Name is clearly explaii lution.of-your-own problems and in helping others.. ts based on the 119th Psalm, the aid to meet all needs, Each ned and how it can-be used in so- ~+e€1.00 ‘PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY: Fourteen Chats that teach you what psychol ogy can mean to you personally in overcoming fear, d veloping poise and attaining successS.-..s.++e++ yi ef.00 PROJECTION: Twelve Chats covering all aspects of Psychic project- don,the Astral Body, experiences, etc. Invaluable to the