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Name: Marks: / 40

Class : Date :

Parent’s Signature:

Duration: 1 hour

Instructions to pupils:

1. Do not open this booklet until you are told to do so.

2. The number of marks allocated is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each

question or part question.

3. The total of the marks for this paper is 40.

4. This question paper consists of 10 printed pages, including the cover page.

Section A (20 marks)

Answer all questions in this section.
Choose the correct answers and put the letters in the brackets.

1 Which of the following cannot be programmed to perform specific functions?

A. Traffic Lights
B. Standing Fan
C. Microwave Oven
D. Photocopy Machine [ ]

2 Computers used for entertainment, word processing and surfing the web
are _________.

A. work computers
B. super computers
C. special-purpose computers
D. general-purpose computers [ ]

3 The processor is used to _________.

A. output information
B. remember things or store data
C. enter information into the computer
D. follow instructions and carry out actions [ ]

4 _________ are programs that support basic functions of a computer.

A. Utility software
B. Editing software
C. Operating system
D. Application software [ ]

5 We can search for and manage our files with a _________.

A. folders
B. directory
C. file manager
D. task manager [ ]

6 _________ is a utility software.

A. McAfee Anti-virus
B. Mozilla Firefox
C. Microsoft Office
D. Adobe Photoshop [ ]

7 _________ is not a web browser.

A. Apple Safari
B. Mozilla Firefox
C. Adobe Dreamweaver
D. Windows Internet Explorer [ ]

8 A processor can be found in _________.

A. microwave oven
B. table lamp
C. keyboard
D. CD-ROM [ ]

9 Inkjet printer _________.

A. is the nosiest
B. is the most expensive
C. has the highest-quality print-out
D. has the highest printing cost per page [ ]

10 Multi-function printers can _________.

A. fax
B. print
C. copy
D. all of the above [ ]

11 Wireless computer parts _________.

A. have no physical connection

B. are physically connected by wires
C. must be placed next to each other
D. are physically connected by cables [ ]

12 A(n) _________ is a wired device.

A. B.


[ ]

13 In the setup below, the _________ is a wireless device.



A. laptop
B. router
C. modem
D. desktop [ ]

14 Which of the following devices can be classified as an output device?

A. B.

C. D.

[ ]

15 Which of the following devices can be classified as an input device?

A. stylus
B. router
C. monitor
D. SD Card [ ]

16 The following devices are used to _________.

Floppy Drive Hard disk

A. print data
B. scan data
C. store data
D. process data [ ]

17 Which of the following website is not a search engine?

D. [ ]

18 The disadvantage of saving data in a hard disk compared to saving in a

thumb drive is because it is _________.

Hard disk Thumb drive

A. stable
B. reliable
C. durable
D. portable [ ]

19 Data and programs are saved in _________.

A. files
B. folders
C. directories
D. sub-folders [ ]

20 You need to write a letter and email it.

What are the two softwares you would use?

A. MS Excel and Mozilla Firefox

B. MS Word and Internet Explorer
C. MS Word and Adobe Dreamweaver
D. MS PowerPoint and Mozilla Firefox [ ]

End of Section A

Section B (20 marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

21. Fill in the boxes with the parts of the computer.

Speaker CPU Keyboard

Mouse Microphone Monitor

[5 marks]

22. Link the parts of the computer to its functions.

This is an input device that helps to

Speaker   scan information such as a graphic on
a piece of paper into a computer.

A hardware device connected to a

Thumb drive   computer's sound card that outputs
sounds generated by the card.

This is an output device. They display

Printer  
information on paper.

This is a removable device that reads

DVD writer   data and writes the data onto its
memory chips.

This device helps to read and write

Scanner  
data onto a disc.

[5 marks]

23 Look at the figure below.

Identify the Folder, Sub-folder and File in the boxes provided.

[3 marks]

24 You are writing an email to Mr Harold on Term 1 Lesson Summary.

His email address is

a. Write the email address and the subject of the email in the appropriate

b. Circle the link to attach files to the email.

[3 marks]

25 You are using Microsoft Word software to create a document.

Write the letter that represents the function indicated.


Function Label

To centre the text

To change the Font Size

[2 marks]

26 Below is the website of Google.

a. Write down the web address of the website on the address bar.

b. Circle the link to look for pictures on the website

[2 marks]