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Rachel Ungos

WR#5 TA#1
Mar. 30, 2015
Crime lab/Mainbar

Officer shoots man after attempted robbery

Mess fires weapon on suspect in an altercation outside Union Credit One
CHUCKTOWNDavid Jefferson, 37, was shot Tuesday after attempting robbery at the
Union Credit One bank at 1416 Palm Grove Dr.
Jefferson parked in the banks parking lot and exited his vehicle at 11:44 a.m.
Tuesday. Before entering the building, he was confronted by Officer Mess. In response to
the officers advances, Jefferson removed a sawed-off shotgun from a flower delivery
box, prompting Mess to draw his weapon as well.
Jefferson was attempting to load the gun and point it at Mess, when Mess fired
two shots from his service automatic. Officer Mess reported that Jefferson was shot in
once in his left shoulder and once in his right thigh. However, there were three shell
casings were recovered at the scene.
Mess called in the Chucktown Police department for backup as well as medical
assistance for Jeffersons injuries. Jefferson was transported to College Park Medical
Center with police escort and treated for his injuries.
Jeffersons wife said they had been separated for several months and that he had
served a couple of years in jail for assault about five or six years ago.
Officer Mess has been suspended in the past in prior incidents for inappropriate
discharge of firearm while on duty.
Witness Jeff Naggler, 24, gave this account: While eating lunch at Arbys across
the street from the bank, Naggler noticed a man getting out of his car in the bank parking
lot. The man seemed to be carrying a flower delivery box. I thought maybe he was
bringing flowers for someone, he said.
As the man with the flower box approached the bank, another man met him and
they appeared to be arguing about something. The man then revealed the shotgun from
the flower box, causing the second man to draw his weapon as well.
Jefferson was charged with unlawful use of firearm, assault with a deadly
weapon, assault on a police officer, attempted murder, operating a motor vehicle with
expired license tags and possession of cannabis.
Investigation will continue on tomorrow.
WCT: 366

Rachel Ungos
WR#5 TA#1
Mar. 25, 2015
@ChucktownPD: suspect shot twice by officer Mess after attempted robbery.

Rachel Ungos
WR#5 TA#1
Apr. 1, 2015

1. Officer Elliot Mess
1223 Firstway St., Tamoon
2. Wife of David Jefferson
1060 West Addison, Chicago 60613
3. Jeff Naggler
3214 S. 9th St., Chucktown

Hourglass structure

Advantage is that it gives the writer opportunity to write out different details and
different accounts. Disadvantage is that it is not completely chronological and
may seem repetitive.

Rich Guidelines

Role Play: Ask yourself what you would want to know if you were affected by
this crime. This tip is helpful because it is important to step into the shoes of the
audience in order to get a good story

Avoid the Jargon This is helpful because it helps to simplify the text and make
it easier both to write and to read crime stories.

Legal/ Ethics

Had to consider whether or not it was ethical to include the name of the
suspect. In this case I thought it was because he had been charged with crimes.

Had to understand legal jargon to know what he was being charged with and
that the investigation was continuing


I noticed that I used many more passive sentences when writing the crime story,
which was interesting to me. I went back through the paper and it was harder to
pick out what was passive and what wasnt.