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Hexagram 25

W Wng, Natural
Gua Poem:
Innocence. Eminent - expansion, harvest determination. An incorrect attitude brings disaster
through shortsightedness. No ground for fruitfulness.
The great image says: Below Heaven rolls Thunder,
beings associate in innocence. The ancient kings made
use of lush growth in accordance with the seasons to
nurture the myriad beings.

W Wng: the ideogram and the story. What does it mean for your
Top 9: Innocent moving brings disaster. No ground for fruitfulness.
Everything which you allow in yourself will show itself through your
talking, acting, thinking, feeling, what you follow and even how you
look. If it is good and rich, you will rise, if it is negative, you will sink
down. So take care, dont act blindly - first make sure your mind is
(Changes to hex.17)
9 at 5: The illness of innocence. Do not use medicine, have joy.
Living in an innocent way doesn't mean your mind is never heavy.
Covering poor feelings with diversions doesn't cure them, and medicine
cannot reach its roots. Accept it as part of the time and accept your
place in the big picture. Inner joy is the most effective cure.
(Changes to hex.21)
9 at 4: He can determine. Without fault.
Cocks do not announce the sun being or feeling great. They do because
cocks do - they obey their tradition, their destiny, their creator. This is
the way to conduct a sacrifice, leaving all in the hands of the gods. That

is why a prayer says "Thy will be done". These four words make it a
prayer instead of a wish.
(Changes to hex.42)
6 at 3: The disaster of innocence. Someone binds his cow, roadpeople's gain, town people's disaster.
Who relies too much on rules and laws reckons too little with the
unexpected. Rules are man-made, nature often does not heed them. The
one with a free mind, looking after himself and able to assess risks, is
seldom struck by mishap. But often pleasantly surprised by a slice of
good luck.
(Changes to hex.13)
6 at 2: Not plowing reaping, not preparing maintaining fields. It is
fruitful to proceed probing.
Do all now and with innocence. If you reckon with next, the now has no
power. Without past and without future now is illimitable. Do not BE
the things you are supposed to do. If you are free, all will be done when
it should be done: by proceeding probing, reacting to the right moment,
to universal rules instead of human rules.
(Changes to hex.10)
Initial 9: Not from far returning. Without reverence or regret.
Very auspicious.
The best way to return from an error is from out ones own insight.
Regret also makes one return, but usually too late. Someone telling you
is a way too, but when your own insight is not part of it, you will
probably make the same fault again (.. and again). Whereas insight
gives your life its real destination the highest one fate has in stock for
(Changes to hex.12)
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