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The Art of Psychic Protection by Judy Hall

The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage

The Power of Shakti: 18 Pathways to Ignite the Energy of the Divine Woman
How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life by Sarvananda Bluestone
Destiny in the Palm of Your Hand: Creating Your Future through Vedic Palmistry
by Ghanshyam Singh Birla
The White Magic Book: Fortune Telling at Your Fingertips
by John LeBreton
The Healing Power of Gemstones: In Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology
by Harish Johari
The Hades Moon: Pluto in Aspect to the Moon
by Judy Hall
Healing Pluto Problems
by Donna Cunningham
Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Aga
inst Paranormal Attack
by Dion Fortune
The Twelve Houses
by Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene
Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart
by Stephen Arroyo

The Astrology of Fate

by Liz Greene
The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption
by Liz Greene
The Book of Black Magic
by Arthur Edward Waite and A. E. Waite
The Mystical Qabalah
by Dion Fortune
by Mary Ann Mitchell
Magia Sexualis: Sexual Practices for Magical Power
by Paschal Beverly Randolph and Maria de Naglowska

The Sea Priestess

by Dion Fortune
The The Training & Work of an Initiate
by Dion Fortune
Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation
by Harish Johari
The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena
by Dean Radin
Earth Spirit Living: Bringing Heaven and Nature into Your Home
by Ann Marie Holmes
Breath, Mind, and Consciousness
by Harish Johari
Practical Solitary Magic
by Nancy B. Watson
Sexual Sorcery: A Complete Guide To Sex Magick
by Jason Augustus Newcomb
The Tree of Ecstasy: An Advanced Manual of Sexual Magic
by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
The Wicca Handbook
by Eileen Holland
Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
by Scott Cunningham
Real Magic: An Introductory Treatise on the Basic Principles of Yellow Magic
Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands
by Gertrud Hirschi
Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul
by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing
Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief
by David Winston and Steven Maimes
Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness
by Pam Montgomery
Tools for Tantra
by Harish Johari

Meta-Magick: The Book of ATEM: Achieving New States of Consciousness Through NLP
, Neuroscience and Ritual
by Philip Farber and Philip H. Farber
The Yoga of the Nine Emotions: The Tantric Practice of Rasa Sadhana
by Peter Marchand
Taoist Foreplay: Love Meridians and Pressure Points
by Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North
Healing Light of the Tao: Foundational Practices to Awaken Chi Energy
by Mantak Chia
Sexuality, Magic & Perversion
by Francis King
Kabbala: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism and Its Secret Doctrine
Space/Time Magic
by Taylor Ellwood
The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine
by Sharron Rose
Rumi s Four Essential Practices: Ecstatic Body, Awakened Soul
by Will Johnson
Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic
by Peter J. Carroll
Shamanic Quest for the Spirit of Salvia: The Divinatory, Visionary, and Healing
Powers of the Sage of the Seers
by Ross Heaven
Darkness Visible: Awakening Spiritual Light through Darkness Meditation
by Ross Heaven and Simon Buxton
The Spiritual Practices of the Ninja: Mastering the Four Gates to Freedom
by Ross Heaven
Vodou Shaman: The Haitian Way of Healing and Power
by Ross Heaven
Taoist Cosmic Healing: Chi Kung Color Healing Principles for Detoxification and
by Mantak Chia
Financial Sorcery
by Jason Miller

The Mentalist's Handbook: An Explorer's Guide to Astral, Spirit, and Psychic Wor
by Clint Marsh
Green Witchcraft Series by Ann Moura
by Ann Moura
Moon Magick: Myth & Magic, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells
by D.J. Conway
The Study of Witchcraft: A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca
by Deborah Lipp