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Expressions of Interest and Support for

Local Indigenous
Resource Expo
17th July, 2010 – University of the Sunshine Coast
Uni Club (near sports oval) - 10 am – 3pm

The Sunshine Coast Indigenous Education Unit is keen to

support the local Indigenous Community in coming together to
exhibit cultural resources, products, workshops and human
resources that schools can employ and embed into their whole
school and curriculum.

This may include: CD ROMS, Activity books, story books, dolls,

puzzles, cultural tours, workshops, and the list is endless…

Assistance will be provided by our Unit

to package your resources to align with Education Queensland’s
“Closing the Gap” - Lines of Service. This will enable you to
pitch your product/service to schools. A Workshop will be held
prior to the Expo to develop this.

Please indicate your interest in showcasing your resources

by the
5 of April, 2010
by emailing
or faxing to 54512342
Expo – 17th July, 2010
Sally Johnston – 0417 198 354
Local Indigenous Resource Expo
17th July, 2010


Exhibition Details – Stall holders

(Please double click the box of your choice and select ‘checked’)

Tables required: 1 2 3

Chairs required: 1 2 3

Power: Yes No

Workshop Presentations – 20 minute sessions

Do you wish to present your resource/product to a larger crowd within a

20 minute session? Yes No

Do you require the use of a Laptop and Data Projector? Yes No

Stall holders Workshop – Closing the Gap – Lines of Service

I will be attending the pre Expo Workshop: Yes No

A free workshop will be held on Saturday the 29th of May, to assist all
stallholders to write up their resources within the Closing the Gap –
Lines of Service framework. See following page.
Closing the Gap – Lines of Service

Lines of Service Strategies Your product or service

Foundation learning • Parental engagement •
with a focus on literacy in the early phase of
and numeracy learning
• Indigenous students
who have English as
a second language.
• Whole school
approach for
improving learning in
literacy and
• Numeracy
• Indigenous education
support services
Health and physical • Student health and •
activity as a wellbeing
precondition to

Participation to • Stability, mobility and •

employment attendance
• Transition support
• High expectations and
• Alternative pathways
• Residential colleges
• Leadership in
education for
Indigenous students
Culture and • Cultural engagement •