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Good Evening
Using .Net technology a programmer can develop various types of applications lik
e console applications, windows application, web application, web services & mob
ile application.
ASP.Net is a server side technology or web technology using this technology a pr
ogrammer can develop web applications or web services.
What is a web application ?
Web application are internet enabled applications, these applicati
ons will depend on internet connectivity to function. Web applications are multi
user applications.
Def: "Web applications are programs that run inside some web server to fulfill t
he user request over the http".
Example for web application:
When web user will request for aweb page to the web browser, then web browser wi
ll communicate the web server with the help of http due to that reason we can ca
ll it as http request, once web server received request from web browser it will
respond with the requested page that can be called as http response, Now web br
owser will display the web page to the web user.
What is a server ?
Server is aprogram which is running in machine it is providing se
rvices to other programs called clients.
What is a client ?
Client is a program which is depending on other program called se
rver to function.
What is a web server ?
Web server is a collection of websites, it is a residence for all
web applications.
After we develop a website if we want to make that website to available to all i
nternet users, we should install that website into some web servers this process
can be called as web hosting.
When ever web user request for a web page web server will response with the requ
ested web page.
What is IIS ?
IIS means Internet Information Services, it is a top most web ser
ver which was introduced by Microsoft.
What is web browser ?
Web browser is a software which allows the user to access the web

Eg: Internet Explorer

What is http ?
Http is a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is a internet protocol
which allows the communicate web server it is happening with the help of http.
Website ? Website is a collection of web pages.
What is web page ?
The page which is providing information to the user through web c
an be called as web page. web pages are 2 types.
1. Static Web Pages: The web page which is providing information to the user wit
hout user interaction can be called as Static web page.
Eg: Eenadu
We can develop static web pages by using html (Hyper Text Markup Languages).
2. Dynamic Web Pages: The web page which is providing information to the user wi
th user interaction can be called as dynamic web page.
We can develope the dynamic web pages by using html & scripting.
Scripting will add the user interactivity to web page.