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The long wait was finally over for the DPWH's annual Anniversary festival, with the
theme Sa Daang Matuwid para sa Diyos at Bayan". The one week celebration was
held at the DPWH-Regional Office X, headed by no less than our very exuberant
Regional Director Evelyn T. Barroso.
The event hosted an inter-district friendly competition, showcasing the hidden and
unknown talents. For the long week celebration sporting events were Basketball,
Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton, Dart and Chess. Showcasing of
talents for cheer dance and battle of the bands was also presented.
Day one was a blast! The celebration formally opened with a colorful parade of the 13
districts exhibiting with pride their own banners. Marching forward with District
Engineers and Assistant District Engineers were its constituents and the athletes, of
course flashing with it the beauties of its district Muses.
Roars and cheers were all over the crowd. Faces with excitement and chills. ARD
Efren Berba delivered his opening speech introducing the theme of the 117th DPWH
Anniversary, quoting as he say success is not about winning the game but how you
play the game". After the speech was the declaration of Oath of Sportsmanship by the
athletes. To symbolize it the torch was lit with a dashing run. The program started
with a pageant, the muses again entices the crowd with their posh sports attire while
saying their proverbs.
On the afternoon, the crowd were again yelling, the alacrity cannot be hidden. All
presenters lined up waiting as there district be called for the annual Cheer dance
competition. All were perplexed as they sat and witnessed the astounding
performances. No heat can be felt as the floor already heated up with their breathtaking executions.
While people were busy playing, some also were busy roaming around the booths of
each districts. Ours was a Cabana Inspired booth built with purely indigenous
materials. Our booth retails clay jars & pots, animal inspired sculptures, and variety
of Iligans best delicacies.
On the second day, all the games officially started. The jocundity were all over. Each
competing teams prepared yells for basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis
and Lawn Tennis. Only one section remained silent despite the noisy horde, those I
called a silent alley in a busy cheering mob, where the game of chess was being
On the eve of the second day, a long table was set for the boodle fight. The table was
full, colorful and tempting indicating a sign of abundance of the merriment. All were
gathered, after saying of grace all attacked and ate. After the fight, the stage
scintillated. The battle of the bands were ready for their set of mini concert. All were
cheering while the leader of the band serenaded the audiences. The night ended up
with bliss!
The week-long celebration ended with an awarding ceremony as the closing program.
The muses were already crowned out of the 13 only 5 were crowned. They assisted in
the awarding of trophies, medals and cash given to the winners.

The Lanao del Norte 2nd Engineering District took home with pride the Champion
Trophies for Dart men and Badminton women & doubles, 1 st for Badminton men &
doubles, and 2nd runners up for Basketball and Chess respectively. Despite the
stressful week both for players and performers, still the joy, excitement and
contentment with the celebration filled the faces of the employees of said Department.
PMD-BOC Field Validation Report was conducted on May 31, 2015 at DPWH-Lanao
2nd Engineering District. The target of the Validation was the 15 locally-funded
projects under the implementation of said District.
It was headed by Engr. Paul Peguit, as the Senior Leader and its Junior Cadet, Jericho
Guevarra. The team conducted actual field validation to determine and established the
deficiencies and errors based on the PMS report submitted by the assigned Monitoring
Engineer of the District.
The projects validated were a.) Concreting of Road, Brgy. Poblacion, Municipality of
Bacolod, Lanao del Norte, b) Construction of Road, Purok 5, Brgy. Sta Elena, Iligan
City Lone District., c)Lanao del Norte Circumferential Road (LDNICR) K1529+972K1531+069-K1531+344, d)Digkilaan Bridge along Sta. Felomina-BonbononDigkilaan-Rogongon Road (Completion) and e)Construction of Iligan City Legislative
Building, Iligan City Lone District.
Some noted deficiencies prior the exit of the Validators were immediately acted upon
and corrected, thus leaving this office only less errors to be corrected.
Last July 29, 2015 Design Audit was conducted by Susan D. Pomanais, Engr. III,
Bridges Division, Elvin G. Tactac, Engr. II Highways Division and Nafisah L. Abbas
The purpose of said Planning and Design Audit was to check and evaluate the
attachments and back-ups, the completeness, percentage equipment, original plans,
survey field notes,software for analysis and design, survey equipment/instruments,
indexing and filing of office documents and materials, storage, work place, Profile
Data Sheet, seminar attendances (technical or non-technical) & Engineers
qualification in general.
Over all the Planning and Design Section got the Positive feedback from the audit
team. They were also asked by the team a copies of their style in the preparation to be
shared to the Regional Office.

DPWH LNED 2 Bids goodbye to ADE Diron and WELCOMES ADE

DPWH Lanao 2nd Engineering District sendoffs Assist. District Engineer Mustapha D.
Deron and welcomes new Assistant District Engineer Erlinda T. Baldicantos. Ade
Deron has served this office for more than 10 years.
Who wants a Story?

This young probinsyano boy is a determined man. He was born on October 22,
1959, a son of lovely couple from Malaybalay Bukidnon namely, Quirino C. Gille, Sr.
and Leonora L. Bergonia. He grew up with principles in life, determined to reach his
goals. He graduated BS in Civil Engineering from Central Mindanao University on
1981. Thereafter, he hurdled and passed the board exam. He started working back then
on 1982 at DPWH -10 as an Engineering Assistant. Because of his perseverance and
hard work, the fruit of his labor finally reap, from engineering assistant climbing up to
top rank of District Engineer. Currently, he is the DE of Lanao del Norte 2 nd
Engineering District.
Modesty aside, the young probinsyano boy did not only settled for less. He took
even farther with his degree. He garnered his Masters Degree in Business
Administration on 1997 from Xavier University. Pushing forward even more, he was
not settled with what he has. He took and graduated Doctor in Management from
Liceo Cagayan University on 2008. Settling with less was never his proverb, he used
his every means to improve and gained more knowledge on how to manage his team.
This young probinsyano boy also made a web like connections. He is affiliated with
Free and Accepted Masons in the Philippines, a Brother of Fraternal Order of Eagles,
and a Rotarian, among others. With this web-like connections approaching him for
help was never a problem.
He was not only a Mr. Nice and Friendly Guy, but he is also a SKILLED man. He
is trained in Designing and Estimating Infrastructure Projects. All work without play
makes Jack a dull boy as they say but not with this guy. He is also a PLAYER,
among the many sports he played he loves basketball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton and
But with all of this, this man never let his heart unattended. He is also a BAT-DAD.
He is happily married to his gorgeous wife Ms. Melania Gatabon Gille. They were
blessed with a lovely daughter named Rizza Mae G. Gille, now in her High school
This man has thought that wine will taste better if it is a product of hard work and
perseverance. This is from the story of young probinsyano boy named Engr. Rey
Peter Bergonia Gille, DM.


On April 17, 2015 PAGCORs releases the P3 billion additional funding to the
Department of Education (DepEd) which later then turnover to the Department of
Public Works and Highways (DPWH) was witnessed by no less than President
Benigno Simeon Aquino III.
In line with this PAGCOR assisted programs, Lanao del Norte 2 nd Engineering were
tasked to implement as total of 57 ongoing projects for CY 2015.
Here is the summary lists for said projects:
First batch for Senior High school
Batch 3 Basic Educational Facilities
Fund (Elementary and Junior High


Basic Educational Facilities Fund

(Technical and Vocational Facilities/
Workshop Buildings for Senior High

Batch 6 Basic Educational Facilities

Fund (Elementary and Junior High
2nd batch Regular School Building
Batch 4B Basic Educational Facilities


Funds were downloaded as of June 2015, under SARO-BMB-A-15-0005410

SPECIAL ALLOTMENT FUND- SR2015-05-004167 dated May 26, 2015 as per
memorandum of USEC. ROMEO MOMO.

Last September 6, 2015, Lanao del Norte 2 nd Engineering District held its annual
Team Building at Taban Beach, Opol Misamis Oriental. With the gracious
consideration of our very own Regional Director Evelyn T. Barroso who granted the
permission to our District Engineer to conduct the said Team Building. The program
started at 9:00 in the morning, it was formally opened by ADE Baldicantos, followed
by an Inspirational speech given by DE Gille. After the speeches, a sayaw sa tanan
otherwise called as Hataw was led by Ms. Marivic Principe, all the employees, rank
and file and job orders participated in the dance, together with the stunning wife of
DE Gille, Ms. Melania Gatabon-Gille.
Mini games were also introduce. It aimed the skills and the practice of Team Building
among the players. Short presentations were likewise presented by the groups. Even
though it was raining hard, it did not stop the enjoyment of the moment. DE Gille,
initiated running towards the sea under the heavy rain, its like a flashback of
childhood; one would like to reminisce. Everyone followed like a child running after
its playmates. As he said work without play makes Jack a Dull boy.
Lunch was served! Everyone ate and drink in festivities. The program was graced by
no other than ARD Berba who generously offer some prizes. Indeed twas another
successful event.