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108 F(gda2) DROPS OF JUPITER (Tell Me) ‘Words and Music by PAT MONAHAN, JIMMY STAFFORD, ROB HOTCHKISS, CHARLIE COLIN and SCOTT UNDERWOOD Moderately (7-4 4) = Me's back: fiom that soul va — ca - tion, tac - ingher way. through the con - stel - la - tion, ——<— she's back. in the at - mos - phere with drops of Ju - pi - ter inher ir. bey she acts She checks — Ie or Fo ceded kenya cro WOSC NC ‘Milne Roane nasal Canyapseasee Oadby Pemison —y like sum ~ mer and walks — like ‘Mo - zart while she does Tae = out — the = she's of me Bo, reminds - res minds — re - tum from her back in en the stay the at moon, — plain old phere — I'm Jane, 105 me that. me that” she lis a= fiaid tens like and she talks. think spring that she — might bey tld sto-ry a-bout a man who was 106 Bo 5 a) .ps)Bu etme ait yon wre at a “@}Bn me aa oe GA D CE a — sail a = cross the sun? Did you make it to the Milk-y Way — wind sweep you off your feet? Did you fin ally get the chence to dance —— > see that_ights__ all fad and that heav-en iso a ae Ge gk tl Oa snd head back othe f G ga D id you fall for a shooting star, did Ve-nus blow. your mind? — Dm — without a per ~ manent ev - ery-thing you wanted to find To Coda () | —? a = for for — your - ‘your = And did and out 107 CE EI while you were while you were you did you T @ag3e8yD there? there? — Can you i-magine no love, pride, deep - fied chick-en? Your g Figad) Fisus2 g S. fe-ven when T know you're wrong? Can you i-mag-ine no first dance,. freege- dried, ro-mance, 109 Bb B ‘The best soy at - te that you gia D cE wind sweep you off your feet? __ & DS. al Coda a= long the light of day tnd head back toward the Milk-y Way? — dance i 2 5 2 a na, And did you g F(ads2) ‘And did you fall s