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Why Israel Should be Leveled, Nuked, Obliterated

Should Israel be allowed to exist? The correct answer is no because Israel is a

threat to the entire world. Israel is at war with everything, with her neighbo
rs, with other religions, with Nature, with the Universe itself.
Just the other day, Mark Glenn's interview with Dr. Alan Sabrosky says he and o
ther top military brass know that Israel did 9112001. Mark Glenn says that Isra
el is at war with America, just that most of America doesn't know it yet. I tot
ally agree, Israel is waging war against the United States. It's time to wake u
p and smell the ugly truth of the Jewish threat.
On March 19th, 2010 this information went viral on the internet. I noted in my
private emails that this was a damn bursting just like November 19th, 2009 Globa
l Warming bust.
Similarly, Mark Glenn's interview of Dr. Sobrasky was a watershed moment, becaus
e at that moment in time we learn that high ranking brass admitting that they kn
ow Israel did 9112001.
This is huge, when parts of the establishment openly talk of the real perps to 9
11 that could lead to many new developments like:
1. another 911 investigation
2. subpoenas issued on top financial, political, and military leaders like all o
f the persons mentioned in this article:
3. purge of dual citizens from the US military, loyalty tests and oaths
4. ending the free ride of Mossad backed false flag ops in CONUS or worldwide
5. AIPAC, JINSA, ADL, SPLC removed from US political lobbying
6. breakup of the Jew owned media cartel that is clearly subverting the state
7. anti-zionist political parties being formed like in France
8. putting end the Jew World Order (often called the NWO)
9. ending military and financial aid to Israel (and thus the regional wars waged
with US military equipment)
10. military action against the real terrorists in Israel
The world is recognizing that the Jews are the enemy of all mankind, Nature, eve
n the planet itself. We must challenge the long held Christian superstitious be
liefs in the authenticity of the Jew written Holy Bible. The world must awake t
o true spirituality not beholden to the evil fear god Jehovah. Fear and hate is
not a god.
So if Israel beloved city of Jerusalem is leveled, glassed over, all the hope of
Judeo-Christianity would be lost. Humanity would be saved, not by a savior but
because we took positive action to eliminate the threat that Israel will and ca
n only be. That would end the nightmare, that would end the trance of those spe
lled bound by the Jewish Bible. That would end the threat that Israel poses to
the rest of the world.
Do you object? How many Americans have died because of 9112001? Close to 75,00
0. How many Americans have been injured by the direct result of Israel's bombin
g the world trade towers? Hundreds of thousands. How many Iraqis have been kil
led by this false flag operation? Millions! What about the total bankruptcy of
the American state by the Jewish owned Federal Reserve? The Jews are spreading
mass suffering everywhere. So please spare me your limp wrist apologies that J
ews or Israel should be allowed to continue or exist. It's time to turn the Dom
e of the Rock into a dome of glass!
Karmically, the Jews have forfeit their right to exist. Think about that, the J
ews have killed more people than Jews on the planet. They don't deserve anythin
g but death.
This idea that the Jews should be allowed to practice their religion or even exi
st can only be the result of the mass trance caused by blind belief. The world
is spellbound by a godspell, (see
End the trance, end the black magic spell on mankind, nuke Jerusalem and the res
t of Israel off the face of the earth!
21 March 2010
Israel threatens the entire world:
Mark Glenn is a Christian and probably is against this idea of nuking Jerusalem.
Mark Glenn's website:
Mark Glenn's interview with Dr. Alan Sabrosky:
Dr. Alan Sabrosky's website: