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Blacklick, OH 43004 E-mail:


Edwing E. Perez

A highly results-oriented Logistics professional with a track record of experience provides

Executive Summary leadership and coaching people in warehouse, distribution, transportation, packing, and material
handling. Successfully accomplished logistics functions and projects conformity with safety,
quality, time, and budget expectations in order to exceed customer satisfaction and reaching
goals. A wide logistics business administration knowledge guarantee to be in compliance with
policies, ISO9000 certification, and regulations. Demonstrated Spanish speaking, leadership,
and interpersonal skills facilitate communication and construct a work team in a multicultural
environment. Proven ability in Microsoft Office, Internet and QuickBooks that allow data
processing and presentations. Driving skills to operate power equipments and provide training
according to procedures and government regulations.


Education Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting/Finance. “Summa Cum Laude”
• SANTA MARIA UNIVERISTY, Valencia, Carabobo – Venezuela.
Business Administration for College Graduates.
Caracas, Capital District – Venezuela.
Superior Technician of Industrial Administration


Work History
Facility Manager: Be responsible for site’s profit & loss (P&L). Coordinate loading and
unloading according to schedule. Recruiting, hiring, training, and motivating associates to assure
job satisfaction and meet production expectations. Make follow up to inbound and outbound
paperwork. Coordinate daily operations with Dock Supervisors in both days and night shifts.
Assure operations are in compliance with company policies and government regulations. Load
bills and payroll processing in computer system. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA).

• While being managing English and Spanish staff, improved communication between
them and customers’ staff, which built a teamwork environment.
• After streamlining operations and developing a flash customer satisfaction survey,
increased productivity 34%, freight handlers rate per hour 30%, and customer
satisfaction 80%.
• After have developed loading, unloading, stacking procedures, and implementing a
training plan, cut turnover 53%.
• After have implemented a safety and quality program, exceeded minimum audit
compliance score (70%) in 2007 to 86.89%, in 2008 (85%) to 95.16%, and 2008 (85%)
to 98.36%. The accident program allowed reduction to zero accident during 2008.
• After redesigning outbound production operations, increased productivity 50%.

M. A. FOLKES COMPANY, INC. Oct 2003 – May 2004

Shipping/Receiving/Production Team Leader: Coordinated and kept production running on

schedule. Transported goods with forklift to be packed and loaded onto trucks. Unloading
trucks. Processed data entry regarding to merchandise received. Coordinated shipping and
receiving operations.

• While redesigning racks system layout, improved speed of put away and picking 40%.
• Accountable for the TS16949: 2002 certification in the Shipping/Receiving department.
• Employee of the month after has increased communication and performance in
production, shipping, and receiving departments.
• After have taken accountability in the Pallets Recycling Section, a new layout was
created to reassign pallets assembly closer to this section and reduce time in pallets
• After has initiated daily production planning, improved awareness in other leads and
managers about quickly issues resolutions and proposals for processes improvement.


Store Manager/Temporary Employee: Purchased goods and supplies for the store. Managed
inventory. Accounting processing in QuickBooks. Established goods' prices. Monitored when
(edible) merchandise expired.

• While taking English classes at the University of Findlay, opened Tusa’s Shop, a tiny
international food store to generate extra income, stay active in the workforce, and
practice the language with customers.
• As a self employed and having schedule flexibility, worked as a temporary employee for
Kelly Services and Time Services. Performed warehouse and production/assembly
functions for Filtex, Findlex, and other local manufacturer.
• As a store owner, purchased goods and supplies, managed inventory, and processed
accounting records throu QuickBooks. Established goods' prices. Monitored when
edible merchandise expired, and performed customer services.


Warehouseman: Picked, pulled, packed merchandise, and managed inventory. Used a WHX
system to handle and move merchandise. Drove forklift, order picker, and reach truck.
Organized merchandise delivered to stores.

• As a temporary employee for a staffing agency, provided training to others temporary
workers regarding picking, packing, inventory, using the WHX scanning system, and
organize merchandise to be delivered to cruise stores and duty free stores at
international airports.
• After being hired as a permanent employee, considered as one of the faster picking and
packing employees. Continued training new full time and temporary employees about
warehouse function before mentioned.

PERFECA, C. A. Oct 1996 – Sept 2000

Logistics Manager: Coordinated shipments and dispatches. Supervised operations in port and
planned loading and unloading (containers, trailers, trucks, vessels). Hired national and
international transportation companies (ocean, ground, and air). Led/Coordinated integrated
logistic export projects of industrial machineries. Established policies and procedures to
packing, handling, loading, and unloading of heavy equipment to be transported via ground and
• While managing this 3PL, developed an integrated logistics service with more cost
effective structure for customers doing imports and exports. It combined more than one
supply chain functions such as packing, warehousing, transportation, custom release,
and other logistics values.
• As a logistics provider, recommended by Procter & Gamble to be one of the carriers of
one of its chemical product suppliers (Clariant).
• The integrated logistics service structure allowed to complete special logistics projects
within the quality, safety, time and budget boundaries for companies such as Henkel,
Clariant, Taurel (Venepal, Duralux, and Vidriolux), Tecnitornillos, Ceramica Carabobo,
and Heinz. Acquired great expertise in the supply chain management.
• After leading this small 3PL, considered to be one of the few small logistics providers
submitting this kind of service by Taurel & CIA’s Operation Managers.

• Bilingual proficiency in both English and Spanish

Skills • Able to listen and communicate by conveying verbal and written information.
• Customer service and quality oriented.
• Highly processes analyst to identify, search, and improve work processes.
• Ability to conduct ISO 9000 internal audits following quality system procedures.
• Familiar with both Incoterms and Ocean Freight Terminology.
• Hard worker talented in reliability, flexibility, attention to details, and able to get along
well with others at any level.
• Driving expertise in power equipment (sit-down and stand-up forklift, order and cherry
• Proficient in both Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and QuickBooks.
• Familiar with both AS400 and WHX Scanning System.
• Goal-oriented leader that motivate others and build a teamwork climate to accomplish
highly performance.
• Highly awareness about diversity in the workforce in multicultural environment
• Results oriented thru planning and organizing skills.
• Capable in problem solving thru reasoning and creativity when dealing with conflicts
and complains.