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I would replace the dynaudio speakers with dynaudio speakers.

The dynaudio system is a hell of a sound

system (theres a reason why its used in the bugatti veyron).
The sound staging in the car is incredible (the music seems to be perfectly level with ear level) a feat
hard to accomplish in a very unfriendly acoustic environment--such as an automotive interior.

The dynaudio system is a 10 speaker system:

4 Bass drivers, the 2 8" woofers in the front doors, 2 6.5" woofers in the rear.
2 Soft dome midrange drivers ~2.1" in the front doors, for beautiful voice/speech reproduction.
4 Tweeters. 28mm in the front, 20mm in the rear for high freq. reproduction.
The ratings for the amps are as follows:
Woofers get hit with 110w RMS each.
The two midranges get 40w RMS each.
Tweets each receive 25w RMS each.
Total ouput is around 620 watts rms.
Now the interesting tidbit is that most audio systems use 1 or 2 main amplifiers to drive all its channels
and employs passive crossovers to channel the proper frequencies to each speaker. Dynaudio, to keep
with the most accurate sound reproduction uses no less than 10 amplifiers in the car. Basically, a
dedicated amplifier for each speaker. This allows them to custom tailor each amp to each speaker and
removes the need for crossovers--which sap power and create distortion. So even though everyone calls
it the dynaudio 'amp', its really amps , as inside is 10 smaller dedicated amplifiers.

Also, dynaudio lists its power ratings in RMS--continuous power output, not that peak bull**** that
most companies list. So when they say its a 600+ Watt system, they mean 600watt RMS, meaning 1000+
watt peak.
Also all the amplifiers employ DSP (digital signal processing) and has hi-res analog-digital and digitalanalog converters. This ensures that the freq response, phase, & delay of each speaker is perfectly
balanced and accurate to the source.
The speakers in the car are amazing, from their build construction to the accurate way they reproduce
music... its bliss Its not going to be like have 2 12's in your trunk, but thats not the way the music was
intended anyways (i've always had multiple amp/sub systems in all my cars and with this system i don't
miss them one bit).
All the woofers in the car use dynaudio's MSP speaker cone technology (magnesium silicate polymer),
which is incredibly light, yet very stiff so the membrane can move the most amount of air without
deflection. Also the voice coils are large enough to avoid using a dustcap, which further enhances the
structural integrity. They also have aluminum voice coils
The tweeters, are all soft dome and coated which means they reproduce frequency naturally, and
without the harshness usually associated with most companies cheap metalic based tweeters. Soft
dome tweeters are much harder to manufacture as it is harder to hold a tight tolerance on them as
required, but they dont have the resonance frequencies that are associated with metalic dome tweets.
All in all, im extremely surprised that VW even has the option for such a high end audio system, and i
would never hack it up to put in aftermarket parts. If you have a DYN system to do it justice pop in a
REAL cd, with a good bitrate, not the aux **** or burned cd with ridiculous compression, and have a
good listen. You'll be blown away by how accurately the sound is reproduced. Even at stupid listening