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Definition of Business Travel

Business travelling is travel to a place different work specified by the company. Business
travelling undertaken by the head associated with a task in a certain time period.
Business travel needs to be prepared as best as possible by the administration or the
secretary's office, as an assistant impinan company has a duty to take care of the leadership
needs, ranging from departure to return.
In order to prepare for a business travel, an administrative office or secretary must have
the knowledge and skills of all things related to business travel arrangements carefully,
accurately and neatly, so during a business trip will not encounter significant obstacles.

2. Types Of Business Travel

In terms of the territory of the objectives, business travel can be divided into two kinds,
1. On a business trip in the country
a. Intercity business travelling in one province
b. Business travel between provinces
2. On a business trip or a travel overseas or interstate

3. Some Goals of Business Travel

There are several goals adari business trips, among others:
1. On a business trip to bidding project. Leaders must understand the requirements and
mechanisms tender held. Things that need to be prepared on a business trip this is the
proposal Letter of Offer Price (SPH) which contains technical requirements and
administrative requirements as well as the company profile.
2. On a business trip to attend a business meeting with the intention of holding exploratory
business cooperation opportunities with other companies. Things that need to be prepared
by the head of the traffic is a matter of cooperation that contains the goal of cooperation,
forms of cooperation, and the mechanism of benefit sharing (profit sharing).
3. On a business trip to attend a seminar or a national meeting. Things that need to be
prepared by the leadership is meeting or study materials carefully conference papers are
usually fixed and enclosed in the invitation to the seminar.

4. On a business trip to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM). Leaders must
understand the rights and obligations of shareholders and prepare the material that has
been accepted by the shareholders.
5. On a business trip to the opening of a branch office or company. Things that need to be
prepared is the company profile for the purposes of making a notarial deed of
establishment of branches of the company, as well as the people who will be prepared as
a branch leadership.
6. On a business trip to participate in education and training training. Leaders must prepare
reference books and papers training.
7. On a business trip for a working visit to the affected areas as well as to other countries.
Leaders must be able to formulate clearly what the goals and objectives over the visit.

4. Preparation Of Business Travel.

In order for a business travel leader can run smoothly as expected, the administration
office or secretary should always coordinate with the leadership when preparing all the
necessary things in a business travel. Preparation of a business travel leaders include:
a. Preparation of business travel plans
In planning a business travel, administration or secretarial office shall immediately
collect travel information (travel information) in full on a business travel in the regulation of
the company. The information needs to be collected are, there are:
Who will be responsible for a business travel.
The main purpose of business travel management.
Definite time or schedule of events covering business travel departure, arrival,

and transit.
Procedures on transportation and hotel commonly used, whether the leadership

has the option to use the main class or economy class and type of hotel you want.
The amount of travel money to be earned by a leader.
How to order (reservation) on airfare and hotel
b. Preparation of documents business trip
Business travel document is a written or printed evidence that can provide this
information to the leadership when traveling on business. Documents business trip
can be classified into two kinds, that is:
Internal documents
Internal document is a document issued by the company or agency concerned.
Internal documents include:

1. Letter of duty
The letter is a letter of assignment issued by the competent authority in the
company and given to a (subordinate) to submit your particular job,
2. Official Travel Order (SPPD)
Official Travel Order (SPPD) is a letter issued by an agency or a person of
higher social status are addressed to a (subordinate) to carry out a business

External documents
External document is a document issued by the relevant agencies and used for
business travel, the types of external documents
1. Passport
Passport (Passport) is the identity of citizens who will travel abroad. Passports
can be used many times throughout the still valid or there sheet for exit
permit. Passport validity period is five years. Passport which is used to travel
a state issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the passport to the
public that are not issued by the state to travel the local immigration office.
2. Visa
Visa is a permission to stay in the country for a certain period. Visa is issued
by the embassy or representative office of a country (consulate).
3. Certificate of fiscal
Fiscal cost of the tax is to be paid by every citizen of the State of Indonesia
who will go out of the country. Thus, the fiscal certificate is a certificate of tax
payment issued by the Directorate General of Taxation to someone as a
taxpayer who will go abroad, except those financed by the government.
4. Exit permit
Exit permit is evidence of local immigration that has entered or left the
country concerned. Shape exit permit is in the form of sheets of paper that has
been stamped by the immigration office and then affixed or attached to the
passport. The validity period is three months pemit exit or appropriate visa.
5. Certificate of health (health certificate / yellow card)
Health certificate is a certificate of vaccination immunization for certain
diseases. This certificate can be changed depending on the epidemic disease
affecting a particular State. Yellow Card can be taken in a hospital that has a
license to WHO.
6. Tickets transportation

Transport ticket is a medium displacement from one place to another. Before

choosing the type of transportation to be used, required some special
considerations, among others.
7. Voucher inn
Before departing conduct business leaders, should the administration office or
secretary should have bought vouchers hotel room, usually through a travel
agency. Listed in the voucher, the customer name, name, room number, date
of entry and exit dates.
c. Preparation of transportation and accommodation
d. Preparation of a list of business travel (itinerary).
List of business travel (itinerary) is a plan of activities to be performed during a
business travel, which is a combination of travel and the appointment or meeting.
Administration office or secretary must make travel sheet list in quadruplicate, the
first sheet (original) diserahka to the head, the second for the vice-chairman, the third
sheet for the manager or designated staff leadership, and the fourth sheet to the
administration office or a secretary who will be saved as corporate records.
a. Make a list of business travel
List of business travel must contain the following:
1. Time of departure: day, date, month, year, and time.
2. The business travel destination, the name of the city or state name to travel
3. Duration business trip: the number of days / weeks / months.
4. The type of transport used.
5. The purpose of a business travel.
6. When finished, or come back
b. Usefulness list a business travel
List travel is required by the chairman or secretary or administrative office.
Usefulness list a business travel, namely:
1. For leadership as a guide in conducting business trip.
2. For the deputy leadership as leaders clue how long it replaces.
3. For the administration or the secretary's office for guidance in dealing with the
administration of the leadership during Pimpina is not in place.
e. Preparation of business travel expenses

Preparation of business travel expenses that make a detailed budget plan that
includes a number of costs that have been incurred by the company for the benefit of
financing for a business travel leader.
a. Types of financing a business travel leader.
Types of financing a business trip leaders, among others:
1. The cost of travel documents, for example: the cost of passports, fiscal costs,
and airportax, exit permit costs, and the cost of health certivicate.
2. The cost of transportation, including: round-trip transportation costs, and the
cost of local transport during a business trip.
3. Cost akomondasi.
4. The cost of financing acarakontribusi organizing the event, for example: the
cost of seminars, training costs.
5. The cost of meals entertainment that costs used to entertain relations
6. The cost of consumption.
7. Cost lunsum or Perdien ie replacement costs for work outside the company.
b. Various means of payment
During the leadership of business travel expenses, office administration or the
secretary must menyipkan some means of payment used, among others:
1. Cash
Cash is something that is generally accepted as a medium of exchange and a
means to pay.
2. Travelers Funds (money in another form)
Travelers funds is money in another form that is useful to ensure the safety of
travel leaders during a business travel. Travelers funds can be obtained at the Bank and
usually go memilliki form as follows
Travelers checks are the type of check the number of different nominal, with a
relatively small nominal amount.
Letter of credit (L / C), which is a letter that is used when a person is in need of
funds in large numbers during the travel, commonly used for the payment of large
amounts of business.
Credit card (credit card), which is issued by a bank card, in which the credit card
issuing bank to lend money to consumers. Can be used for payment of credit or when the
need for cash.