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Name of the teacher trainee

Standard : 8th

: Vivek Tom K

Name of the school

Strength : 26

: Sivagiri HSS

Duration : 45mts

: English
: Wings and wheels


: Marvellous Travel


: Issues related to travel.

Sub issue
much more than any

: Emphasize the importance of travelling


Curricular statement
importance of travelling .
Learning outcome

: Creating awareness about the

: The learner,
1.Develop reading skill with proper

stress & tone .

2.Understand poetic devices like
images, rhyming words,
rhyming scheme, alliteration and
3.Develop interest and curiosity in
travelling to explore new
Content analysis

: Ideational content
Joshua Fernandez is a Malaysian film

director, who shares his

Views on travel through the poem

Marvellous Travel ,here
the poet travels watching all the
people he comes across and
he believes that all travel are
Linguistic content
New words like
horoscope,races,laces,tribes,testimony were
mental and spiritual

: The learner may or might have get the

aspects of travelling.

Teaching learning resources

Class room process

:Source book, course book, dictionary,

Pupils response

Informal interaction
Good morning students, Have you
had your breakfast? What about your
Entry activity
Do you like poems ?
How many of them have the habit of
writing poems ?
Have you ever heard about the
poems which is related to travel ?
Yes, we can go through such a poem.

Link talk
Give some clues about the author
and write the title of the poem on the
black board.
He is a Malaysian film director.
He believes in creative
Teacher shows the profile of the
author in a laptop.

Pupils interact very actively.

Pupil answer in simple English.

Pupils listen to the teacher carefully.

And they understand the title and
author of the poem.
Pupils get the overall picture of the

Write the title and name of the writer
on the black board and also the
major characteristics. Then the
teacher shows the video related with

the poem Marvellous travel with the

help of a lap top.
Teacher shows some pictures of

Model reading by the teacher

The teacher reads the poem with
proper stress and rhythm and also
describes the theme of the poem.
Individual reading
Teacher asks the pupil to read the
poem silently and individually.
Corrections are made whenever
necessary .And asked them to make
accordingly, that to put () ,if there is

Pupils listen carefully

Pupils read the poem individually and

silently. And mark accordingly.

any difficulty and put (!) for what

they found interesting or surprising.
Glossary Reference
Students are asked to refer the
glossary to find out the meaning of
difficult words.
Horoscope birth chart.
Races - a group of people who shares
similar and distinct physical
Laces a fine open fabric of cotton.
Tribes a social division in a
traditional society consisting of
families linked by social, economic,
religious or blood ties with a common
culture and dialect, typically having a
recognized leader.
Testimony evidence.
Collaborative learning
Students are ask to form groups and
share their ideas in groups. They are
also ask to write down the words in
the personal word list.
Mega phoning the doubts
Give opportunity to each group to
raise their doubts to other group.
Example : Group A to Group B
What is the meaning of the word
Group B to Group A
The meaning of the word is
Facilitation by the teacher
Teacher helps to clarify the difficult
areas which no groups could
effectively tackle. Teacher also
explains the difficult area.
Scaffolding Questions
In order to make the content clear

Pupils understand the meaning of

difficult words.

Pupils form groups and share their


Both the groups actively participated

Pupils listen to the teacher very


Pupils write the answer in simple


scaffolding questions are asked to

the students. The students are asked
to write down the answers.
1) Why the poet does says that he
travels with his eyes eyes and
The poet keenly observes
and explores everything that
comes along during his travel
and enjoys them.
2) What does the poet mean by I
travel with my pen?
He records his travel
experience / to
Follow Up Activity
Write a short poem about the place
which you like to travel most.