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KV-20TR23/2 SERVICE MANUAL RMLY I60WR/2150R RM-Y116 US Model KV-20TR23 Chassis No. SCC-F78C-A Canadian Model KV-20TR23 Chassis No. SCC-F79B-A WP. Model KV-2160WR Chassis No. SCC-F81B-A E Model KV-2150R Chassis No. SCC-F80B-A BA [ 1 CHASSIS MODELS OF THE SAME SERIES KV-20T R23/21600R/2150 KV-207S29/20TS32 KV-21STR2/2170RS SPECIFICATIONS Television sytem Armsican TV standards Speaker output 2 (B ohms) Channel coverage VHF: 2-13 Speaker size Fall range 50%90 mm (2350. UAE: 14-69 Audi frequency SOE Okie a CABLE TV. 1.125 a Ce eee, Power requtements 120V AC, 60H: 2Disinch picture tube measured diagonally 110-127V or 220-240V AC, 50-60H2 Antenna 75 ohm external atenne (KV-216007R oni) terminal for VHF/UHF Power consumption 115W Input VIDEO Standby mode 4W ‘Video (phono jacks) : 1 Vp-p, 75-ohms: ‘5.5W (KV-2160WR only) unbalanced, sync negati Dimensions (w/h/d) 526X488X471.5 mm ‘Audio (phono jacks) (203/4X191/4%185/0 inches) 500 nV (100% meodation) Weight 722A tg (49 bs 6) Impedance: 47 kilohms Imicrorium| ~ Continued on next page ~ TRINITRONe COLOR TV SONY. KV-20TR23/21: 60WR/2150R Supplied accessories Remote Commander RM-Y1I6 (1) with 2 sie AA (RE) EVEREADY batteries Dipole antenna (1) ‘Antenna connector (1) Power cord plug adaptor * {(KV.21608 only) U/V mixer EACES Connecting cord ‘VMC:8105/8208, VC-720M YC-15V/S0V, RK-T4A Recommended * AC power cord connection the power cord plug cannot be inserted into the wall outlet, use the supplied power cord plug adaptor. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. WARNING! ANISOLATION TRANSFORMER SHOULD BE USED DURING ANY ‘SERVICE TO AVOID POSSIBLE SHOCK HAZARD, BECAUSE OF LIVE CHASSIS. ‘THE CHASSIS OF THIS RECEIVERS DIRECTLY CONNECTEDTO THE AC POWER LINE. SAFETY-RELATED COMPONENT WARNING (COMPONENTS IDENTIFIED BY SHADING AND MARK A ON THE ‘SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS, EXPLODED VIEWS AND INTHE PARTS LIST ARE CRITICAL TO SAFE OPERATION. REPLACE THESE COMPONENTS WITH SONY PARTS WHOSE PART NUMBERS APPEAR AS SHOWN IN THIS MANUAL OR IN SUPPLEMENTS PUBLISHED BY SONY. CIRCUIT ADJUSTMENTS THAT ARE CRITICAL TO SAFE OPERATION ARE IDENTIFIED IN THIS MANUAL. FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES WHENEVER CRITI- CAL COMPONENTS ARE REPLACED OR IMPROPER OPERA- ‘THON IS SUSPECTED. ATTENTION! [AFIND'EVITER TOUT RISQUE D' ELECTROCUTION PROVENANT D'UN CHASSIS SOUS TENSION, UN TRANSFORMATEUR D'ISOLEMENT DOMT ETRE UTILISE LORS DE TOUT DEPANNAGE. LE CHASSIS DE CE RECEPTEUREST DIRECTEMENT RACCORDE AVALIMENTATION SECTEUR. ATTENTION AUX COMPOSANTS RELATIFS ALA ‘SECURITE!! LES COMPOSANTS IDENTIFIES PAR UNE TRAME ET PAR UNE. MAPQUE A SUR LES SCHEMAS DE PRINCIPE, LES VUES EXPLOSEES ET LES LISTES DE PIECES CONT D'UNE IMPORTANCE CRITIQUE POUR LA SECURITE DU FONCTIONNEMENT. NE LES REMPLACER QUE PAR DES. COMPOSANTS SONY DONT LE NUMERO DE PIECE EST INDIQUE. DANS LE PRESENT MANUEL OU DANS DES SUPPLEMENTS. PUBLIES PAR SONY. LES REGLAGES DE CIRCUIT DONT LIMPORTANCE EST CRITIQUE POUR LA SECURITE DU FONCTIONNEMENT SONT IDENTIFIES DANS LE PRESENT MANUEL. SUIVRE CES PROCEDURES LORS DE CHAQUE REMPLACEMENT DE COMPOSANTS CRITIQUES, OU LORSQU'UN MAUVAIS FONCTIONNEMENT EST SUSPECTE, KV-20TR23/2160WR/2150R citat SAFETY CHECK-OUT (US Mode! only) After correcting the original service problem, perform the following safety checks before releasing the set to the customer: 1, Check the area of your repair for unsoldered or poorly-soldered connections. Check the entire board surface for solder splashes and bridges. 2. Check the interboard wiring to ensure that no wires are “pinched” or contact high-wattage resistors. 3. Check that all control knobs, shields, covers, ground straps, and mounting hardware have been replaced. Be absolutely certain that you Ihave replaced all the insulators 4. Look for unauthorized replacement parts, pat ticularly transistors, that were installed during 2 previous repair. Point them out to the customer and recommend their replacement. 5. Look for parts which, though functioning, show obvious signs of deterioration. Point them out to the customer and recommend their replace- ment. 6. Check the line cord for cracks and abrasion, Recommend the replacement of any such line cord to the customer. 7. Check the condition of the monopole antenna (any) Make sure the end is not broken off, and has the plastic ap on it. Point out the danger of Impalement on a broken antenna to the customer, and recommend the antenna’ replacement. 8, Check the Bt and HV to see they are at the values specified, Make sure your instruments are accurate; be suspicious of your HV meter If sets always have low HV. 9. Check the antenna terminals, metal trim, “metallized” Knobs, screws, and all other exposed metal parts for AC leakage. Check leakage as described below. LEAKAGE TEST ‘The AC leakage from any exposed metal part to earth ground and from all exposed metal parts to any. exposed metal part having a return to chassis, must not exceed 0.SmA (500 microampers). Leakage ‘current can be measured by any one of three methods. 1. A. commercial leakage tester, such as the Simpson 229 or RCA WT-S40A. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions to use these instru- ments. 2. Abattery-operated AC milliammeter. The Data Precision 24S digital multimeter is suitable for this ob. 3. Measuring the voltage drop across a resistor by means of 2 VOM of battery-operated AC volt- meter. The “limit” indication is 0.75, so analog meters must have an accurate low- voltage seale. The Simpson 250 and Sanwa SH-63Trd-are examples of a passive VOM that is suitable. Nearly all battery operated digital ‘multimeters that have a 2V AC range are suitable, (See Fig. A) HOW TO FIND A GOOD EARTH GROUND ‘A cold-water pipe is guaranteed earth ground; the cover-plate retaining screw on most AC outlet boxes is ‘also at earth ground. If the retaining screw is to be ‘used as your earth-ground, verify that itis at ground by measuring the resistance between it and a cold- ‘water pipe with an ohmmeter. The reading should be zero ohms. If a cold-water pipe is not accessible, connect a 60-100 watts trouble light (not a neon lamp) between the hot side of the receptacle and the retaining serew. Try both slots, if necessary, to locate the hot side of the line, the lamp should light at ‘normal brilliance if the screw is at ground potential (See Fig. B) To Exposed Metal Parson Set Trouble Light Y Onmmeter AC Outlet Box ac ee o on5ur 15ks. eayr a Coldwater Pipe + Earth Ground \Fia. A._Using an AC voltmeter to check AC leakage. Fig. 8. Checking for earth ground. KV-20TR23/2160WR/2150R RMYIG Section GENERAL ‘entitying Your TV Locating to Convols Using the ON-SCREEN Menus “Turing tho Cable Mode ON or OFF Presetting TV Channels Connecting Otner Equipment. Watching TV Programs Using Convenient Features... ‘Adjusting Pictur and Sound Quality Using Ciosod Caption (U.S.A. models ont) Using the Timer-Actvaled Functions. Customizing the Sereen Display .. Troubleshooting DISASSEMBLY Far Cover Removal. Service Position Picture Tube Removal ‘SET-UP ADJUSTMENTS. Boar Landing Convergence FOCUS nnn ‘Screen (G2). Method of Seting the Service Adjustment Mode - White Barance Adjustments ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Section Title 4. SAFETY RELATED ADJUSTMENTS 5 6 5. CIRCUIT ADJUSTMENTS 8 541. Electrical Adjustment by Remote Commander 10 10 “13 a 1“ “ 5 6 ar) 20 at 21 22 2 24 26 26 28 26 52 6 61 62 63. ms ‘ABoard Adjustments... DIAGRAMS Block Diagram Ciroult Boards Location Printed Wing Boards and Schematec Diagrams RBar ven + G Board (k-20TF29/2150R) + G Board (KV.2160WWR) *C Board = : +S Board (KV-20TR29(US Mode!) Semiconductors. EXPLODED VIEW Chassis ELECTRICAL PARTS LIST 35 39 29 a QRS SECTION 1 ‘This section is extracted from’ 1-1, IDENTIFYING YOUR TV instruction manu GENERAL a te Ip 6 1-2, LOCATING THE CONTROLS: Sp8-8 ee poe nee bye ented becchoe , aida mae Dkctoas@ urn uten@ {Ls POWER Due ®.0. © TED ben — sleEPann® mm 4g]nme