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PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT Aff label here ‘Sarasota County acevcy eso Clseo Clee Clyro Clwreo Cliseo Clorer Bloricinat. C)surpementan SSOCRSEF—iesore [SSO [oats [REST ACENCVOASES 180071 [soe [rows [ures "ABUL ARREST LT WH WARRART “JOVENILE CT ARRESTED TDETANED Bd wrmour warn Ey ARRESTED RELEASED WITH REFERRAL Ey Now akaest CoMeuansr E] Noncansesr REFERRAL Heen court nerenna A RT REE RTET Ea aE RT | oerENoANT _ Bury, Kristen aus Lae Walsh, iar [Doe aS | SEX] RE ROT WoT] COLORFAR COLOR EVES F| "ewes | "Mae |e | w_| sos 480 | Blond Blue e 7 ie * | Avoness 217 Orduna Dive Nort Pot, Florida 34267 | PRONE SCARSMARRSTIATTOOS 2 | (oate00-8176 Unk. nib st SOLE ar og , HL mm [Puce oF RT" Now Jersey OCCUPATION oe None N EHPLOYER AODRESS FAKE N N Petes |' [pe |? [igen |t [Ree Bre BS Bi ‘ORTE WIE OF CRE] GRNE LOCATON ToS TRE] ORS outers 2317 Orduna Drive North Port, F134287 vee | os | ane | Sao ¢|fswror oR FELONY —CINGSD | SOND | raxoartfa)an | + Degas Felony Murder 4 [FS/ORDS CHARGE TOFELONY CISD | BOND u | FSORDF CHARGE CFELONY CMS | BORE & | RVESTIGRTIGTES: 7 v Det Ere Weain oa TSP rei NRE TER Fee =] flee « w _euen” au " " sontwme 3 oon Sinaia: i Sameas’ Soe s ‘ORES THE OF ARREST | ARREST CEOTOF ASST CEOION 1s | RRESTCOCETIN ZRE RG ay | CORRSTTARRANTT SORT ESTATE OF WARRANT EW § 1] BATE OOKED [THE ROGRED—[RETOHASLEOATE ‘BOOKING OFFICER RELEASED ERED TO CRETE RELERSED v | wer naw walsh, hance Lee PONE NW é ae —w —1 oo | a00ness 217 Ontuna rive North Port Fords 24287 PHONE NW + |b08 AGE [SER | RAGE | NOTFIED LY TRG rams ° w|w oe PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT ‘Sarasota County GIORIGINAL-PAOE 2 of 4 TSuPPLEMENTAL-PAGE ___ of DEFENDANT Ty ASENCY CASED Bury, Kristo L s6-65741 TST HORE DOB. HET RCE | CODEFENDANTNAME Walsh, Joseph D. sensrs__| "36 w Es or =H “| ADDRESS 217 Orduna Drive __ North Port, Florida 34287 5 To SST DOr KEE RACES FE | Co-DEFENOANT NAME F ar 7 7 ores TO BE COMPLETED BY THE L.£.0. FOR JUVENILE DEFENDANT TA FR LETT FONEF WORK MOTHER'S NAME Ny oF aE 0 | aooress v ETT TOnEw WORK | FATHER'S NAME x =F a 1 | aooRess ‘ FE ESET POET WORE E | cusnouws name ‘SCHOOL RADE TCOTVSTATE AST WAS TIVENLE WAS PARENTS WERE, [Gitomrres Denes _| Ficooperstive Cuncoorenave | [} COOPERATIVE [] UNCOOPERATIVE GlestirneeT —“y eecessen- TIVES TINS ioe ‘DEPARTHENT Ges Cno_| ey -TUVENTLE AUTHORITY CONTACTED NAVE OF PERSON CONTACT ‘Ove 1No. RELERSEDTO TI. RWENTE JUSTICE [RELEASED TO COPARENT OTHERRELATIONSH TDRTE AND THE RELEASED TONE PHONE BUS PHONE oF ae al ‘ADDRESS [NOTICE TO PARENT OR CUSTODIAN: THIS JUVENILE DEFENDANT !S BEING RELEASED TO YOUR CUSTODY PENDING THE DRBOSITION OF THS EASE. IF THE OFFENDER'S ADDRESS CHANGES YOU WILL NEED TO NOTIFY THE DEPARTMENT OF SUVENILE JUSTICE. YOU WILL/BE NOTIFIED OF A DATE AND TM FOR THE JUVENILE TO APPEAR BEFORE THE COURT TO BNSWER 70 THE ALLEGED OFFENSE (5) —SHATURE OF JOVENTE DEFENORNT ‘SIGHATURE OF PARENT/CUSTOOUN. PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT BLORIGINAL-PAGE 3 of 4 C1 SUPPLEMENTAL - PAGE F ‘DEFENDANT [SS0aKF AGENCY CASES Bury, Kristen s.08741 BIADULT case LE CASE ‘STATE W DETAIL WHAT THE DEFENDANT BID THAT YOU ALLEGE WAS ILLEGAL INGLUDE EVENTS THAT LEADURTO. THEINCIDENT. ALSO INCLUDE WHY DEFENDANT ACTED AS HE DID IF TH [8 KiIOWN. HEARSAY IS PERMISSIBLE AND RELEVANT COMMENTS OF THE DSFENOANT OR WITNESSES INVOLVED SHOULD BE SUMMARIZED. (NCLUDE WHO, WHAT. WHERE, WHY, WHEN, HOW) |, Aint, Erie Wedin, am a Criminal investigations Detective for the Sarasota County Sheri’ fie (S50). On Cctober 4, 2015, Sally Surin contacted the $80 to report concern for her 8 week old grandson, Chance Walsh, An investigation was conducted and probable cause Was established to arrest Kristen Bury and Joseph Welsh for child neglect without grest badly harm, Arrest warrants were obtained fr Kristen Bury and Joseph Walsh, whom were “arrested In Ridgeland, South Carolina. Post Miranda Interviews ofriten and Joseph were conducted on October 14" ‘and 25", 2015, During the interviews, Kristen and Joseph both disclosed that Chance Walsh had ded inthe moring hours of September 16", 2015 in the residence of 217 Orduna Drive, North Port SS EATERS OTIS 77 ‘SWORN TO (OR AFFIRMED) AND SUBSCRI = ‘ow 2401 OEFOREME THIS 16" _ DAY 2015, BY Detective Ec Wedin i BIWHO IS PERSONALLY RNOWIN OR TI IDENTIFICATION ___sionarure Leo. + Ae7—_— SUPERVISOR STONATURE Z PRINT NAME CMe Donal x oe ULE Sku PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT ‘Sarasota County THORIGINAL-PAGE _4 of 4 CISUPPLEMENTAL-PAGE__ of DEFENDANT SORKF REENCY CASEW Bury, Keston ‘ss-6a7at Baapuir case CI JuvENtLe case ‘STATE IN DETAIL WHAT THE DEFENDANT DID THAT YOU ALLEGE WAS ILLEGAL. INCLUDE EVENTS THAT LEAD UPTO) ‘THE INCIDENT. ALSO INCLUDE WHY DEFENDANT ACTED AS HE DID IF THIS IS KNOW. HEARSAY IS PERNSSIBLE AND RELEVANT COMMENTS OF THE DEFENDANT OR WITNESSES INVOLVED SHOULD BE SUMIARIZED. (INCLUDE WHO, LWMAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, HOW) ‘on September 27", 2015 Kristen and Joseph lft the State of Florida, headed northbound without Chance (Walsh. Joseph and Kristen were involved in an automobile crash in Hardeevile, Seuth Carolina, When asked why they left Florida, Joseph said that they were going to start anew life somewhere ese ‘On October 15%, 2015, Kristen Bury directed Detectives to a gravesite located ner Eliot Court North Port, FL “The gravesite was excaveted by Sarasota County Sherif’ Forensics Unit anda fragment ofa blue surgical type glove ‘was found inside the covered Hole that was located, Further excavation revealed a smal human body consistent witha 22 month old child, The decomposed body was covered only witha caper. Probable cause exists charge Kristen Bury with 1" Degree Felony Murder to wit + 9 week old Chance Walsh i dead and the body of Chance Walsh was identified trough a descriptive location by Keston Buy andthe identifeation ofa bie glove fragment resembling that ofthe gloves worn by Joseph watsh ooth kristen Bury and the Joseph Walsh were ‘rinepals in the commission of the 1" Degree Felony Murcer. TER SE ATS TS RTEOT sovruncoreourrant <7 ane SWORN TO (OR AFFIRMED) AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME THIS 16" _ DAY OF October Detective Erle Wedin nn BE WHO IS PERSONALLY KNOWN OR L] WHO PRODUGED THE FOTLOWING ATION SIGNATURE = gece ee = ae) PRINT NAME “C.MEBonald losin Voge P? 09 HIO_