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QA Induction (BIH MY)

1 a) BIH (UK/MY/SA/CA) operate with ISO 9001 & DD CEN ISO/TS 29001 & certified
ISO 9001:2008 QMS since 1992.Also Certified to ISO/TS 29001 on 2014 (UK/MY).
b) BIH (UK) also certified with PED. For supply pressure equipments (vessel & piping) to
EU country. Is a Legal requirement (statutory?)
c) BIH (UK) also certified with CPD/CPR EN 1090. For supply fabricated steel use in
building & construction (structural steel & aluminum) to EU country. Is a Legal requirement
d) Additional info:
-Show cert in manual or can be found K:\QA-QC\PED, EN1090 & ISO certs
- DD CEN ISO/TS 29001 specifically for Petroleum, Petrochemical & Natural gas
-BIH (MY) currently ongoing for CPD/CPR EN 1090 accreditation.
-BIH (UK) currently ongoing for accreditation ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001.
2 a) ISO 9000 evolving into an overall management system & now leaning towards service
b) ISO 9000 was developed from MOD standard then
BS 5750
ISO 9001, 2, 3
ISO 9001:2000
Now ISO 9001:2008
c) The overall philosophy of ISO is continued improvement
e.g. learn from mistake
Not to find mistake/false
Make our work easy/smooth if really followed
3 a) BIH QMS/PED accredited by BSi
CPD/CPR accredited by Llyods Register
b)Surveillance audit BSi ISO 9001 2 per year
- BSi DD CEN ISO/TS 29001 annually
- BSi PED annually
- BSi CPD/CPR 2 per year
c) If/when an auditor asks questions:
Answer the answer question only
Do not over elaborate
dont guess if dont know

BIH Quality System

1 a) From ISO 9001/TS 29001, BIH have developed.
- Quality Manual-new manual to cover QHSE
- Quality Procedures- new procedure to cover/include within existing for HSE
- Worksheets (DO & QA)
Soft Copy G:\Quality Manual and Quality Procedures Manual
Note: Once print out, Uncontrolled Copy shall apply.
-BIH MY Print copy QA Office & Director Office (Paul)
Project: Project Execution Project
Sales & Design c/W Process & Structural
Document Control
Drawing Office

all related between dept.

read, brief thru & understand the procedures all BIH staff responsible
always there for reference

2 Quality Manual
- Section 1
Scope & authorization.
- Section 2
QM revision sheet- General outlines what was change.
- Section 3
QM Index
- Section 4
General outline of system (QMS)
- Section 5
Documentation requirements
- Applicable for doc. Controller.
- If checking/reviewing docs. Ensure you sign it off.
- Technical Library- Contents of International for references
- Register to log out/in of any spec.
- Some in BSi Plus system (by Suzanne in UK)
- Section 6
Management Responsibilities
- Policy/Objective/Resource/Communication/Responsibility
-3 goals on quality objective.emphasis on QUALITY, COST, and
- All BIH staff should know the policy & working to it.
- Section 7
Management Review- Top management meeting (All HOD involve)
- Section 8
Resource Management
- HR/Competency, training & awareness & Office structure & environment
- Speak up & propose through HOD
- If going to site/shop visit (ensure minimum safety need meet i.e...PPE)
- Section 9
Product Realization- Project Planning with QA/Sales intervention
- Section 10 Design & Development- Structure & DO Planning-Model & Drawing
- Section 11 Purchasing- Procurement departments with QA intervention
- Section 12 Production & Services Provision- Project Control with QA/Sales intervention

- Section 13

Controls of Measuring & Monitoring Devices-Structural Software & QA

Inspections tools
- Section 14 Measurement Analysis & Improvement- QA regard to internal audit/customer
satisfaction/NCR/CAR/improvement with project/management intervention.
- Attachments Quality Policy & Objectives/Mission Statement/O-Charts/List of
Procedure/Certs/Flow Chart
a) CEN-European Committee for Standardization
b) TS-Technical Specification
c) ISO-International Organization for Standardization
d) DD-Draft for Development
e) PED-Pressure Equipment Directive (Council Directive 97/23/EC)
f) CPR- Constructional Product Regulation (305/2011/EU Regulations)
g) CPD- Constructional Product Directive
h) OHSAS- Occupational Health & Safety Management
i) BSi- British Standards Institute