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Select carefully wh~nchoosingwhowill~ockkyourpond *- -

Asking the right stock sport fish to pro- summer, allow -species, catfish the small sunfish." F z d o u t if the com-
duce quality fishing rains or streams and grags carp," Neal said choosing a pany produces the fish
questions can help get o p p o ~ ~ t i e ~ ~ to fill them in Neal s a a . T h e sport fish supplier is an it sells or buys them
the best possible results Wes eal, fisheries the fall and then sunfish have a important decision, and from a third party.
By Bonnie Coblentz specialist with the Mis- stock them. chance to grow consumers should do Vendors who produce
~ V I S U A ~ C ~ ~ ~ M O D State
sissippi B Univerlsity "The majority over the winter their homework before their own fish are more
Extension Service, of sport fish and then repro- choosing who to do busi- likely to know their
Fall finds owners of said the best time to should be duce in early ness with. health history and
new and renovated stock fish is in the fall stocked in the spring. Bass are "Check their refer- pedig$ Also find out
filling them with
and preparing to
and spring. Many own-
ere build ponds in the
fall. This
includes sunfish Neal
stocked in the ences and see how satis- what species and sizes
spring and eat - ' ~opObrer customers of fish a company sup-
Neal ucheck plies to determine if
them out with the Better t h e fish being Pur-
Bureau in ~ i chased
~ - are appropriate
sissippi or e company's for a particular pond.
home state. Most compa- "Those kinds of ques-
nies do not show up in tions can tell you a lot
the Better Business about a producer,"
Bureau, but companies Neal said. "Also
with a poor recard of remember t h a t sport
customer satisfaction fish suppliers are in
may have records at the business of Selling
these bureaus." fish. People should not
Dennis Riecke, a fish- call Spa* fish s u ~ ~ l i -
eries/enviro-ental oar- ers to ask what kind or
dinator with the Missis- how many fish they
sippi Department of should stock in their
Wildlife, Fisheries and own pond. They are in
Parks, said his depart- the business of Selling
ment, the local Naturrjj as much as they can.
Resouze . w m a t i o f i They have the poten-
Service office and Exten- tial to overestimate
sion agents have the list stocking rates or rec-
of all firms that have ommend fish t h a t are
been issued a permit to not compatible with
sell game fish in Missis- the landowner's goals."
sippi for stocking ponds. The MSU Depart-
"We have received sev- ment of Wildlife and
era1 complaints in recent Fisheries offers a pub-
years concerning firms lication listing sport
advertising in newspa- fish suppliers for. Mis-
pers that they will sup- sissippi ponds. Among
ply free fish," Riecke t h e information Pro-
said. vided a r e tips on
"Once the pond owners selecting a supplier,
inquire, they are told species recommenda-
they pay for a certain tions for Mississippi
number of fish and get ponds a n d suggested
an equivalent number stocking rates per acre
for free. We have heard for the species.
from other pond owners Publications on farm
who are upset because a ponds are available in
firm required them to county Extension offices
pay in advance half $he and online a t http:llmsu-
cost of their order, and . cares.comlpubd.
no fish were ever
shipped or delivered."
Some businesses do
not ensure that no unde-
sirable fish are stocked
along with the requested
sport fish.
"If you have any
doubts about the deci-
sion you have to make,
get free advice from the
Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries
and Parks, the National
Resource Conservation
Service or your Exten-
sion agent: Riecke said.
?Don't take the advice of
friend& and family who
may not know, and don't
r e v' " w non
. w ' ~ . recommenda-
&us .f&&.'&~~
tive. stores or newspaper
ads.?. . . .

n selecting- a
sport fish supplier, the
MSU specialists urged
customers to ask about
the company's warranty
on the fish provided.
Fish can be delivered
alive but die days later
from hauling stress,
disease ox other fac-
tors. Aak for the fish
warranty in writing.