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Name: Valendez, Amelia T.


The Philippines within a Century

The Philippines within a Century is a writing of Jose Rizal that he predicts the
future of the country Philippines.
There are some agonies suffered by the Filipino people during this era. First, The
implementation of Military policies by the Spanish people which makes more difficult to
the Filipino to increase in population, also to the circumstances that they are facing,
Indigenous Culture were lost because Filipino people are frightened, lost off interest in
continuing their culture, and lastly the traits of the Spanish friars which brought the
Filipino people not to improve themselves, and submit themselves to the will of the
Spanish, But according to Jose Rizals prediction in the future, "mangingibabaw parin
ang katalinuhan ng bawat Pilipino". Filipino people would still awaken their minds not to
be under by the Spanish colonizer and the desire for a change in their way of life. Lastly,
to wipe out the country Philippines it needs thousands of troops to sacrifice to gain
Philippines and this is something that the Spain doesnt want to happen.
Therefore, Rizal writing tells us that, in every circumstance that the we are facing,
whether it would be difficult or not, we Filipino people can still stand and fight for our
rights, because intelligence open our heart not to be under by the foreign invaders. We
must learn to do something and don't let the greed people take our right's specially our

The Indolence of the Filipino

The Indolence of the Filipino tells us that during this era before the coming of the
Spaniards Filipino people were hardworking and industrious. The Spanish reign brought
a decline in economic activities because of certain causes:
Fist is the Galleon Trade which cut off all the connection of the Philippines from
other country. Second the force labour of the native Filipino, which turns out to the
Filipino to work in the shipyards, abandoning agriculture, etc. Third, the native were
killed with no arms to defend because Spaniards did not protect the Filipino from foreign
invaders, as a result Filipino become lazy, no interest in rebuilding the country, they
become nomads/ stroller. Fourth poor education, the teaching of the school are useless
which is not very useful in the country Philippines, there were no courses like
agricultural industry, etc. which is very useful. Fifth Spanish Rulers were bad example.
Sixth gambling is being propagated. Seventh Religious system, Spanish friars thought
the Filipino that when your poor it's easy to enter heaven, that is why some Filipino are
just satisfied with what they have, without knowing that it will affect or turn them down.
Eight, Taxes are extremely high.
It just shows that during this era Filipino people were so poor, no power to learn
education, have no right's to demand for their own good, and also some Filipino in this
time were Lazy, they are just contented with what they have.
Through this writing of Rizal, he emphasizes that we Filipino must fight for our
right and be educated, for us not to be under with the foreign people in our own country.

Education is very important, not only these days but also to the next

Letter to the Young Men of Malolos

Rizal's letter to the young men of Malolos tells that Education is the key for
women have the right to be free from ignorance, and women must open their eyes from
being slavery of ignorance. He also emphasize to his letter that women must treated
equally like with the men, and must have the opportunity of enjoying their life living in
the country with lot's or full of opportunities, being independent in mind and as well as
being liberated women. He also emphasize the responsible of the Filipino mother to
their children the Mother should show great responsible in teacher her children in a
good manner. Whatever a mother shows to her children is what the children will become
also. To the Unmarried woman, she must be wiser in choosing man not just in looks but
also in character, incapable of being satisfied with what he have.

Name: Valendez, Amelia T.


GENERAL LUNA the movie Reflection

General Luna the movie bought something in my mind which thought me to think
so much, at first I thought that only the Spanish who murdered the Philippines, but I was
As I watch the movie I felt very broken, I felt sad for those Filipino people who
suffered and died to fight for our country against foreign invaders, Especially General
Antonio Luna.
Antonio Luna was a great soldier, he sacrifice his life, his happiness just to fight
for our country. He always fined ways in every difficult or impossible ways."Hindi siya
nawalan ng pag-asa to win the bottle. He really is the man, a very strong man. It just
sad to know that during the bottle Philippines has a few soldier to fight against American
invaders, No armours, like in the other they have all the materials for the bottle. And
also while Filipino soldier are fighting against foreign invaders (nagpapakamatay), some
of the government officials were "Tridor", some didn't listen to General Antonio Luna's
plan, some Generals were jealous, ma pride, and other soldier's were so lazy. But I
salute General Luna, he was so amazing, unbelievable man, because even how difficult
and impossible to win the bottle against American's still he never surrender, he never fail
to fight for us, to fight for our country. "Mas mabuting mamatay na lumalaban kay sa
mamatay na walang ginagawa. Kung nag kaisa lang sana ang mga Filipino noon hindi
sana tayo naging alipin ng mga dayuhan sa sarili nating Bayan".

In the last part of the movie, I felt so sorry for General Antonio Luna, I felt so very
angry to those people who killed him. There were so selfish they only think for
themselves, they dont even think how big the contribution of gen. Luna to the bottle and
to our country. He was murdered by those people who are jealous to him. NO JUSTICE
for his death. The sad thing is that he was killed by our own Tribe. If only Gen. Luna was
no killed and all the Filipino have unity, maybe they win the bottle against American, I
felt very hopeless for him.

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