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1. Presentation of the device

DV6DTED engine

- Direct injection system HDI BOSCH EDC17C10

2. Location
Components of the pre-post heating system
Components of the fuel circuit
Components of the fuel additive system
Components of the air circuit
Components of the exhaust and particle filter circuit
Components of the exhaust gas recycling system
Components of the engine cooling system
Identification of air conditioning circuit components
Components of the lubrication circuit
Engine speed sensor
Cylinder reference sensor
Components of the vacuum circuit

3. Man/machine interface

The alert messages and warning lamps are displayed either in the instrument panel or on
the multifunction screen.
Refer to the document : "Principles of operation : Instrument panel ".

4. Description of operation : Sensor connection

Fuel gauge
Water-in-diesel-fuel sensor
Diesel temperature sensor (1221)
Diesel high pressure sensor (1321)
Air flow meter (1310)
Inlet air temperature and pressure sensor
Particulate filter upstream gas temperature sensor
Proportional oxygen sensor
Particle filter differential pressure sensor
Coolant temperature sensor
Linear pressure sensor for the air conditioning fluid (8009)
Engine oil pressure switch
Engine oil level sensor
Engine speed sensor
Cylinder reference sensor

5. Description of operation : Actuator

Pre-heater plugs (1160)
Electric diesel fuel heater
Fuel flow regulation valve (1208)
(1208) high pressure fuel pump
Diesel injectors (1131, 1132, 1133, 1134)
Diesel additive pump
Fixed geometry turbocharger
(With position copy sensor) (1374).

Turbocharger discharge valve control vacuum capsule regulated solenoid

Inlet air mixer unit with position repeat sensor
Electrically-controlled exhaust gas recycling module
(With position copy
sensor) (1297) .
Exhaust gas recycling exchanger by-pass all-or-nothing solenoid valve
Oil pump
Electric heater for oil vapour recycling
(blow-by) (1273).
Vacuum pump

6. Description of operation : Passive elements

Fuel filter
Fuel high pressure common injection rail
Diesel fuel cooler
Turbocharger air cooler
catalytic converter
Particle filter

7. Description of operation : Computer

Pre-post heat box (1158)
Engine ECU (BOSCH EDC17C10)


8. Flow chart
Direct injection system hdi BOSCH EDC17C10

(engine DV6DTED ).

9. Function
Pre-heating and postheating
Fuel supply
Fuel additive function
Air supply
Particulate filter regeneration
Exhaust gas recycling (EGR)
Fan regulation internal control (FRIC)
Cooling requirement for the air conditioning (BRAC)

10. Description : Back-up mode

Fault codes

- Back-up modes

11. Function : Diagnostic tool

Reading of the parameters
Downloading / Configuration
Operations specific to the particle filter




1. recommendations

CAUTION : The addition of additives such as fuel circuit cleaner/remetalliser, is


2. Safety recommendations (When carrying out work)

2.1. Foreword
All operations on the injection system must be carried out in conformity with the following
instructions and regulations :

Of the health authorities

For the prevention of accidents

For protection of the environment

The operations must be carried out by specialist personnel informed of the safety advice
and the precautions to be taken.

2.2. Safety recommendations

Bearing in mind the high pressures (1500 bars) which may exist in the fuel circuit, follow
the instructions below :

Do not smoke in the immediate vicinity of the high pressure circuit when work is
being carried out

Avoid working near flames or sparks

Do not carry out any operations on the high pressure fuel circuit with the engine

When the engine has stopped, use the diagnostic tool to check that the pressure
in the rail has dropped, before carrying out any work; this may take several

N.B. : The waiting time is necessary to allow the high pressure fuel circuit to return to
normal atmospheric pressure.
engine running :

Always stay out of range of a possible jet of fuel which may cause serious injuries

Do not place your hands near the site of a leak on the high pressure fuel circuit

2.3. Work area

The working area (ground etc.) must be clean and free from clutter; parts being repaired
must be stored away from dust.

2.4. Preliminary operations

URGENT : Before carrying out any operations on the system, it may be necessary to
clean the circuit concerned.
Sensitive components of the circuit :

Fuel filter

high pressure fuel pump

Fuel high pressure common injection rail

High pressure fuel pipes

Low pressure fuel pipes

Injector holders

URGENT : The operator must wear clean clothing.

CAUTION : Following removal immediately plug the high pressure circuit unions to
prevent entry of impurities into the high pressure circuit.
CAUTION : Safety torques: always observe the high pressure circuit tightening torques
(pipes, injector holder clips), using a regularly checked torque wrench.

3. Replacement of parts - Operations to be performed

CAUTION : Before carrying out any operations on the engine, read the injection ECU

3.1. Prohibited operations

Figure : E2AP02XD

"A" Assembly with CP3.2 diesel high pressure pump.

"B" Assembly with CP1H diesel high pressure pump.
Do not detach the high pressure fuel pump (1) from the following components :

(2) flow solenoid (diesel)

Sealing ring (3)

High pressure outlet union (4) (Malfunction)

Figure : B1HP2M4D

CAUTION : During the period of guarantee : Do not separate the fuel high pressure
common injection rail (6) from the fuel high pressure sensor (5) (Malfunction).
N.B. : During the warranty period, for removing-refitting the fuel high pressure sensor,
refer to the procedure for removing-refitting the fuel high pressure common injection rail.
N.B. : Outside the warranty period, removing-refitting the fuel high pressure sensor only
is authorised.

Figure : B1HP2M5D

Do not detach the diesel injector holder (10) from the following components :

Diesel injector (11)

Electromagnetic element (8) (Non operation)

Do not turn the nut (9) (Malfunction).

Do not separate the union (7) from an injector .
CAUTION : Cleaning of the carbon deposit on the diesel injector nozzle and diesel or
ultrasound cleaning is prohibited ; All work on the high pressure pipes requires systematic
replacement of these pipes.

3.2. Replacement of parts

When an injection ECU is replaced, the engine immobiliser system must be relearned.
To carry out the operation, the following conditions are necessary :

Possession of the analogue module access code (written on the customer's

confidential card)

Possession of a new injection ECU and diagnostic equipment

Carry out a learning process for the engine ECU (Engine ECU Learning)

Configure the ECU

3.3. Replacement of the injection ECU

CAUTION : Exchanging the injection ECU between two vehicles results in it being
impossible to start the vehicle.

4. Packaging for warranty return

Injection system parts return.
Before return to the technical inspection centre, the following components must be
plugged, placed in a plastic bag and packed in the original packaging of the replacement
parts :


high pressure fuel pump

Supply rail

High pressure fuel sensor




1. Main structure of the DV6DTED engine

Special features :

4 cylinders, 8 valves with overhead camshaft, driven by a synchronous belt

An inlet manifold integral with the cylinder head

A fixed geometry turbocharger with pneumatically-controlled waste gate

air/air heat exchanger (cooling of the turbocharged air)

A single electric air mixer

A turbo pressure regulation electrovalve

An exhaust gas recycling device (EGR)

An electric EGR electrovalve

An EGR cooler with pneumatically-controlled bypass

An oxidising catalytic converter mounted directly on the turbocharger outlet

Hdi direct injection system

Low pressure circuit in vacuum

A vacuum circuit without a vacuum reserve

A coolant pump driven by the timing belt

2. Direct injection system HDI BOSCH EDC17C10

Special features of the injection system :

Fuel injection managed as a function of engine torque

Fuel pressure in the high pressure common rail can reach 1700 bars

fuel pump incorporated into the high pressure fuel pump (vacuum low pressure

Single-piston high pressure fuel pump, type CP4.1

Air flow management incorporating the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation)

Complies with emission standard Euro 5

3. EURO 5 emission control standards

Objectives of emission standard Euro 5 :

Reduction of emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) to 500 mg/km

Reduction of the quantity of particles to 5 mg/km (-80 % / EURO 4)

Reduction of emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx) to 180 mg/km (-20 % / EURO 4)

Reduction of combined emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrous oxides (NOx)

to 230 mg/km

Extension of life of pollution checking devices to 160 000 km