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Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome the honor students with
their parents, our graduates together with their parents for their
The entrance of the male candidates for graduation with their
The entrance of the female candidates for graduation with their
Ladies and gentlemen, the entrance of the moving force behind
Bonuan Buquig National High School,
The faculty members and administrative staff headed by our
schools division superintendent, our principal, Mrs. Maria Linda R.
Ventinilla and the department heads
The entrance of the PTA Officials headed by Mr. Danilo U. Paras,
our PTA President, our Brgy. Officials, and this years
commencement speaker, Mr. Timothy John E. Fernandez
Good Afternoon to each and everyone.
Today marks the 44th Commencement Exercises of Bonuan
Buquig National High School. It is a moment of victory and
accomplishment for all of us here gathered today.
To our graduates, this is an occasion to celebrate the
achievements of the past and the promises of a bright future. To
our parents and guardians, it is one hallmark of greatness despite
the economic difficulities and sacrifices.
You have continuously ensured our graduates proper
education and well-being.

To BBNHS, thru its administration, faculty members and staff,

it takes pride to be the backbone in the completion of our
graduates secondary education.
Indeed. Graduation is a celebration of endings interlacing
with beginning. Often, we find that an end ushers in another
beginning. Hence, this years commencement exercise is in itself
the end of what had begun and the beginning to an end.
To formally start this beginning, may we all rise for the
singing of the Phil. National Anthem thru an AVP. After which
follows the doxology to be led by a selected student from Grade
This school year could not have been successful without the
support of the stakeholders. To represent them , may I call on our
ever-supportive PTA President, Mr. Danilo U. Paras.
Thank you sir for that warm and wonderful welcome.
Overwhelming happiness is an inevitable feeling right now,
especially to our proud parents. Witnessing their child receive
his/her diploma gives an incredible pride and joy as well as a
great consolation for all the struggles and sacrifices made. (I think
the parents deserve an awesome thank you clap. Graduates,
please give a warm round of applause to your parents.)
Ladies and gentlemen, here is a ______________ as tribute to
the parents and the graduates.
Meanwhile, may I give the floor to our very able and
indefatigable principal, Mrs. Maria Linda R. Ventenilla for her
inspirational message and presentation of candidates for
graduation. Following immediately is the acceptance and

confirmation of the graduation by no less than the hardworking

Education Program Supervisor, Dr. William E. Macob
(After Confirmation.. To read the message of Bro. Armin A.
Luistro, our Department of Education Secretary, may I call on Dr.
William E. Macob, our Education Program Supervisor.
Thank you very much sir for gracing our occasion.
Congratulations to Class 2015! You are now confirmed graduates!
Among all students graduating today, there is one who
emerged to be the best of the best! Here she is ladies and
gentlemen, the Special Science Class Valedictorian 2015
Stephanie A. Landingin in her valedictory address.
Thank you Stephanie for that encouraging message.
Congratulations for graduating with honors, in the truest sense of
the term is a personal victory.
To convey to us her thoughts for also becoming the best of
the best, here is Shaira Mae M. Mejia, our Regular Class
Valedictorian 2015, for her valedictory address.
Thank you so much Shaira, and again, congratulations.
Our commencement exercises would never be in its
absolution without our commencement speaker. Tasked to
introduce to us our Guest of Honor and Speaker is no other than
our English Department head, Mrs. Elena C. Ramos.
Thank you so much sir. Your message is truly inspiring and

At this juncture, the administration, the faculty members and

staff of BBNHS take pride as it express its grateful appreciation to
our guest speaker.
To lead us in the presentation and awarding of Plaque of
Appreciation to our speaker, may we call on Mr. William E. Macob,
Education Program Supervisor, with the assistance of our
principal, Mrs. Maria Linda R. Ventenilla. (read text of plaque)
The significance that a graduation ceremony holds in any
students life cannot be described in words. It is the vision of
every student to walk up the stage one day upon announcement
of his or her name, and receive his or her diploma in front of all
his friends and classmates, and most importantly, his or her
Today is the realization of that dream.
For the distribution of diplomas, may I call on the fourth year
class advisers to present the graduates. (Graduates please get
. Once again congratulations and mabuhay to class 2015
Now that you are about to say goodbye to BBNHS, I am sure
the memories and the significant lessons you gained here will
always be treasured. To lead you in reciting the oath of loyalty to
your alma mater, here is Princess E. Pangan, the SSC Salutatorian
To follow immediately is the singing of the BBNHS loyalty
song to be led by Angelica J. Rama, Regular Class Salutatorian
2015, trained by Mrs. Joy U. Ceralde, Filipino Department Head.

Thank you very much graduates. Please continue to make
your alma mater proud.
And speaking of students who make not only their school but
also their parents proud, they will be given now the recognition
and award they deserve as fruits of their hard work,
determination and meritorious performance.
To do the honor of presenting the academic and nonacademic awardees, may I call on the vibrant adviser of the fourth
year class, Mrs. Salvacion S. Malanum and Mr. Louie U. Ubanddo

Indeed graduation is one memorable and emotional
moment, filled with happiness, laughter, pictures, hats thrown in
the sky, tears of joy and sadness of parting with their friends.
Ladies and gentlemen, this time, lets make way for our
graduates as they sing their graduation song.
To formally end our commencement exercise, may I call on
Mr. Alfred B. Gonzales, our TLE Department Head for his closing
On behalf of the faculty and staff of BBNHS, we thank all of
you once again for taking part in our 44th Commencement
exercises! We Love You All!